Boners and Cocks

Some mornings I just wake up horny and unless I do something about it (ie jerk off) I am just horny all day long.

Being a Sunday morning and the weather being great, the boys arrived at my place early for a surf.  A few of them have young families and real jobs so Sunday morning is probably the only time they get to themselves.

Everyone stores their surfboards at my place so that is why everyone meets at my place.

It was one of the guys walking in my front door that woke me up in my horny state so I didn’t really have time to finish myself off.  I threw a pair of dork shorts on over my black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.

Ended up being four of us surfing this morning for a few hours.  Water is just warm enough for me to wear dork shorts but two of the other three were wearing wetsuits.

Now here I sit in my kitchen, dork shorts have been removed and are drying on the clothes line and I’m sitting here in my black speedos feeling rather horny…. what should I do about it?

I thought you guys might want to get a closer look at what is inside those speedos.  Enjoy the speedo cock!!!

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