Speedo Sunday by the Pool

It feels like an classic Aussie Summer Sunday.

It is 29C but ‘feels like’ 36C (84F to 97F), probably because of the humidity.  There is lots of sport on and I’ve got a cold drink in my hand.

I am about to duck down to the building/complex pool.  My landlord will be joining me and we’ll listen to some footy on the radio.  Drink some beers and I’ve got a feeling that we will both get horny and end up doing naughty things later this arvo.  His wife is away so that is the least I can help him out with.  We will both be wearing speedos of course, which will end up being the cause of us getting horny.

I promise I will let you know what happens.

Now, what speedos will I wear?

Budgy Cock

If you are a new reader, my landlord and I have been fucking on the side for a few years now.  Click here to read about the first time I blew him.

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Anonymous said,  

Sounds like a Great Afternoon

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