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Budgy Smugglers

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I do feel like speedos are becoming more popular every year….

I think the brand Budgy Smuggler is really part of the cause getting guys to drop their dork shorts.  They are making a bit of fun which is great all round.  I’m surprised at the positive response I have had from chicks over the last few years to me wearing speedos in public (pool doesn’t count because most people wear speedos at the pool).

Just yesterday I was at the big shopping center up here and was in a Surf Shop, they had a section of Budgy Smugglers there which was the first time I have really seen them out in the mainstream.

Budgy Butt

I have only ever owned one pair of them myself (I think they were given to me by the company way back).  They were a nice lycra speedo which I loved wearing.  No selfies of me wearing them in the archives but here are a couple of pics of them from when I lived on the Central NSW Coast.

If anyone from Budgy Smuggler would like to touch base with me, please drop me an email anytime.

My Budgy SmugglersBlue Budgy Smugglers

Here is a collection of straight couples wearing Budgy Smugglers together…..

May 20th, 2023

Speedos Everywhere

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Morning guys (edit – it is afternoon now that I’m finally hitting ‘publish’ on this blog post, but I did start it at about 9am this morning).

Being Easter my little beach town is an absolute zoo, people everywhere so I am hibernating a little bit.  This morning I did manage to go for my morning walk and I was very impressed by all the guys wearing speedos.  The weather is great (a little windy but not a cloud in the sky) so it is speedo weather.

  • On my walk I saw two clubbies (life savers) in their twenties get out of the water with some paddle boards wearing their club speedos, they looked fantastic!!!
  • I saw a Dad (maybe 40yo) with wife and two kids and he was wearing a very colourful speedo which was pretty hot.
  • Right at the end of my hour walk, I usually go for a quick dip at the spot that is closest to my place and right there was what I assumed to be a gay couple frolicking in the water.  One was wearing a pair of AussieBum’s, the other a pair of Budgy Smugglers.
  • I was wearing my red Resqme speedos (I took a selfie for you guys when I got home).

When I got home I took a speedo selfie for you guys, jumped in the shower, put on my hot pink AussieBum’s and I’ve been sitting on my little patio just working and enjoying watching the world go by.

I did turn Grindr on and I think I have arranged for a young gay couple (late 20’s) to come over for some fun tonight.  Their profile said one is 100% top and the other is 90% top, looks like I will be 190% bottom.  Whoohooo!!!

Promise I will let you guys know how I go.

I am Horny in Red Speedos

April 9th, 2023

Couples with Matching Swimswear

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Yesterday I had to help out a friend of mines Dad go to some medical appointments (my friend is travelling so out of town).  I picked the old boy up and we had a little time to kill between appointments so headed to the beautiful Maroochydore Surf Life Saving Club for a quick lunch.

This building is right on the beach and on the ocean side is completely windows.  It is a nice spot.

While we had lunch we saw the usually array of chicks in g-strings (seems like the new normal here this summer) and the old boy and I joked that we both might need our hearts checked seeing some of the young ladies beach attire.

There were a few guys in speedos about as well (which I kept the comments to myself).  Most looked like life saving guys.

Just before we were about to leave this couple (maybe 30yo) walked out from the equipment sheds with surf skis (paddle boards). They were both wearing their Surf CLub uniforms, hers a two piece athletic bikini and him wearing speedos that looks like they were spray painted on they were so tight.

It really was a beautiful sight….

January 13th, 2023

Sexual Tension @ The Pool

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Last Tuesday afternoon, I posted on my blog (and Twitter and the Speedo Forum) asking if anyone reading had been at their local pool earlier in the day, wearing a pair of Budgy Smuggler speedos.

I asked because there had been a guy at the pool, in the lane next to me, and there was some sexual energy between us.  Unfortunately, in the lane next to me on the other side, was an older female friend of mine so I had to play it cool and wasn’t able to act, explore or even show any real interest in the mystery swimmer next to me.

Alas, there was no reply to my online inquiries. That would have made things really simple and far less intimidating than trying to discover if a very straight acting/looking guy might not be so straight deep down. So the next day, at the same time, I went back to the pool, my female friend wouldn’t be there to cock block me this time and I would find out for sure.

Before I get to that, let me start at the beginning.

This is the first week that the schools have been back in after holidays. Why that is important?  During the final school term of the year, the local high school uses the lap pool that I swim at. It is a total pain in the ass because they take over most of the pool. There is a time window in the afternoon when the school has left, but before the afternoon swimming lessons begin. So Tuesday, I arrived at the pool just before three o’clock and I had timed it perfectly. The school group was just leaving, there was lots of spare lanes and I had an hour before the afternoon chaos would begin.

I made my way to the shallow end of the pool (which has a little shade), put down my backpack and started to strip down to my swimming attire, a pair of red AussieBum speedos.

Pretty much completely naked (maybe that is why I love speedos so much), I turned around towards the pool and caught this guy checking me out. He had just arrived and was walking up the other end of the pool still fully dressed. We caught each others eye and he looked down, I think I caught him perving.

Speedo Perv

My mind was ticking, and it was then that someone right in front of me, called out my name. I looked down and there was my neighbors wife (who is also my neighbor). It startled me and I muttered something about not recognizing her in a swimming cap and goggles. I jumped in the pool in the lane next to her, had a quick chat and started my routine.

On my third lap, as I tumble turned at the deep end of the pool, I got a glimpse of a guy in the lane next to me and he was wearing a pair of Budgy Smuggler speedos. I only got a glance but I was sure it was the guy I caught checking me out a little earlier. Two more lengths of the pool and just after my tumble turn I breathed on my right side and the guy was swimming right next to me. I got more than just a glance and soaked it all in. He was tanned, pretty fit, dirty blonde hair, not shoulder length but not cut too short and he had more of a board short tan on his legs. We swam side by side for two hundred and fifty meters. He was a little less than a body length quicker than me per length but my turns were quicker and I made up that distance, or maybe he was letting me make up that distance.

This was no coincidence so maybe he was letting me make up the distance.

I’m not a quick swimmer, I enjoy longer distances so usually my swimming mates are much quicker than I am. So I’m leaning towards this mystery swimmer setting his pace intentionally. The other thing to keep in mind, he could have started his laps at any time, he was in the pool while I swam at least two lengths and decided to start right when I was at his end.

Do you guys think this was a coincidence?

He pulled up for a rest after two hundred and fifty meters and he stopped at the shallow end (my end so really 275m). I considered stopping and getting a introduction but when I approached the shallow end, I could see my neighbour was up that end as well. She would have wanted a chat so I just kept to my routine, which is a fifteen hundred meter warm up.

The mystery swimmer would get back doing some laps for a short stretch but we didn’t end up swimming side by side again.

Finishing by set, I stopped at the shallow end and sucked in some deep breaths. My neighbor had finished and was getting out of the pool and we had a little chat. When I turned my attention back to the pool, I was just in time to catch the mystery swimmer getting out of the pool. I got a great look at his butt and his speedos were a little loose and I even caught a glimpse of some butt crack. His shoulders looked strong and of course, his butt looked tastey.

I figured that was him for the day so I got back to my routine. I spent the next twenty minutes doing some sprints, breast stroke, kicking on my back and some deep breath exercises. This is why I love having the pool to myself, I can do these kind of exercises and not worry about anyone else who is sharing the lane. Total time of just under one hour and I jumped out of the pool as the start of the swimming lesson people were entering the complex. Perfect timing.

Towel wrapped around my waist, t-shirt on, I started walking out and was chatting to one of the pool staff that I know. We were walking past one of the secondary pools and right there was the mystery swimmer. The water he was in, was thigh deep and he had on of his legs up out of the pool doing some stretches and I got an awesome view of his package in those speedos of his. This time he caught me checking him out.

Swimmer Stretching

Fifteen minutes later, I’m back home and I post on my blog, and everywhere else I can think of, trying to see if this mystery guy might be floating about the speedo fetish online universe.

By nine o’clock that night, having had no reply I finally succumbed and jerked off thinking about being on my knees with the mystery guys cock in my mouth.

October 15th, 2022

It is a dude…

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Don’t worry if you are confused from these photos and this post, it took a few minutes to ‘get it’ (blond moment on my part).

These are some pics from a recent Budgy Smuggler photo shoot and at first glace I though, wow that is hot, I love chicks who love guys in speedos and the whole matching speedos thing is an even bigger turn on for me (remember my friends Rachel and Taz?).

Courtney Act in Speedos

Some great photos featuring a new pair of speedos that have the logo of my local beer here on them and then I read the blurb…..

So when XXXX brought up the idea of the same person repping both the Smugglers and Smugglettes XXXX range we weren’t quite sure where they were going.

Then the penny dropped, Shane and Courtney… are the same person.

Now it seems pretty hot.  Go to bed with Shane and wake up next to Courtney or the other way around….

What are your thoughts?  Some more pics for members.

December 14th, 2021

Valentine’s Day Threesome

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Yesterday I was joking around that since I was running solo on Valentine’s Day, I’d be more than happy to be the third wheel if any couples out there (male/male or male/female) wanted to have a threesome I’m happy to volunteer.

Last night, lying in bed (alone) I was thinking about where I am usually on Valentine’s Day and it hit me that usually I’m in North America visiting Kip in Colorado snowboarding.  Then it hit me that I was once on my way back home here to Australia and I had a two night stay in Vegas and had a threesome.

I dug through the archives and found what I had written about that.

Did anyone here have a Valentine’s Day threesome?

I was going to sit down, maybe on the flight home and write up what happened and share it with you guys, because it was soooo darn hot!!!

As the three of us were chilling out post threesome, the wife asked me what I do for a living and I told them.  They looked it up straight away and the husband had to admit that he is a fan of mine but had no idea at all and wasn’t really a daily follower.

What the husband does for work isn’t important but the wife is a budding author and after cruising my blog (this blog) she asked if she could write up about our experience.  I said sure why not.

This is what she ended up writing.

My husband, Mike, is bisexual.

It came up in conversation early in our relationship and I’m completely fine with it.  We are monogamous and neither of us have ever cheated on each other.

After five years of marriage we are great, sex life is great, we love having sex outdoors in particular and we have a long list of places that we’ve been ticking off.  Recently, we had been talking about having a threesome, with an extra guy.

I’m not bisexual at all, I love men and I’m not comfortable with seeing Mike with another girl.  So, I’m impressed that he has told me that he is one hundred percent fine watching me with another guy.  Assuming it is purely sexual and the guy is a random nobody that we will never see again.

Mike seemed a little concerned that maybe I would be freaked out seeing him do ‘gay things’ with a guy but to be honest, I’m pretty turned on by the idea of watching two guys get freaky with each other.  And, I have a strap on and use it on Mike probably once a month or so which counts as a ‘gay thing’ and I love it.

We didn’t know how or if we’d ever have a threesome with a guy but we had been thinking about it.

Last week, we are in Vegas (of course) for Valentine’s Day.  I had a work thing there and we were staying at the Paris Hotel.  We arrived on Wednesday afternoon, the weather was nice out so we decided to head to the pool.  I put on a black bikini, Mike put on his shorts but I stopped him…. I had a present for him.  A pair of speedos I had ordered from the Australian company Budgy Smuggler.

I don’t think Mike has ever worn a speedo, not that I had ever seen.

He didn’t like the idea but I can be convincing and I might have told him it would help us pick up a guy….

Mike put the speedo on, then put his shorts over the top.  He said we’d see.

The pool at Paris is gorgeous and there were a few people around but being a Wednesday, it wasn’t too busy.  First stop was getting a drink at the bar then we looked for a spot to put down our towels and kit.  First guy I noticed there was sitting on the side of the pool, looked like a coffee mug in his hand and he was wearing a red speedo.

Mike was definitely not getting out of speedo’ing it up if someone else was.

He did try and keep the shorts on, but like I said, I can be convincing.  I might have told him my holes would be closed for business the rest of the trip if he didn’t speedo it up.

Reluctantly Mike slid down his shorts and I could see how uncomfortable he felt walking to the pool.  He couldn’t get in the water quick enough.  Mike is thirty four, has been doing some triathlons so works out a bunch and he looked fantastic.  I was quietly proud that my husband looks so good.

We get in the pool, with our drinks of course, not that far from the red speedo guy.  We looked over at him and he gave us a nod and raised his coffee mug in a ‘cheers’ motion.  Showing his appreciation for another speedo guy is how it came across.

The red speedo guy slipped into the water and came toward us.

“Nice work on the Budgy Smugglers mate.” He said with an Australian accent, of course the only other guy wearing a speedo had to be Australian.

Mike mumbled something about it being my idea but the Aussie (in red speedo) said that he and Mike were just ahead of the fashion curve.

The Aussie in the red speedo introduced himself as Dave.

He was a bit of a Chatty Cathy but in a good way and the three of us were chatting away.  I sat on the edge of the pool but the two guys were standing in waist deep water.

After a while Dave said “What are you guys drinking?  My shout.”  It couldn’t have sounded more like Crocodile Dundee if he tried and I don’t think he was putting it on at all.  His accent was soooo hot!!!  If I was a single girl I would have definitely taken him up to my room then and there.

We gave Dave our drink order and he jumped out of the pool and walked towards the bar.

Mike and I were both enjoying the view of his bum in those red speedos.  I elbowed Mike in the ribs and joked that he should be careful not to pitch a tent in his speedos.  We had a quick discussion and came to the conclusion that we should definitely ask Dave to join us for a threesome.  Neither of us have a gaydar (gay radar) so had no idea if he was gay/bi, he seemed pretty straight but he was wearing a red speedo.

When Dave walked back to the pool Mike and I had to try and not be too obvious perving at him.  I was really impressed with his confidence.  Wearing a red speedo and he owned it.  It seemed like it was no big deal.  Particularly compared to Mike and his twenty foot sprint to the pool when he dropped his shorts.

Three of us got back in to some fun chatting.  Dave had just spent a month in Colorado and my folks have a place near where he was so we had that to talk about.

Some drunk twenty year old girls came over and joined in the conversation for a bit, nobody mentioned the speedos which surprised me.

Our drinks were getting low, I elbowed Mike in the ribs (I do that a lot) and told him “It’s your shout mate” with my pathetic attempt at an Aussie accent.  Mike didn’t want to walk all the way over to the bar and stand there just wearing his speedo, but he didn’t really have a choice.

He manned up, jumped out of the pool and did the ‘speedo walk of shame’ to the bar.

Mike did look like he had a little more confidence than before which was good to see.  While I was enjoying the view of my husbands bum, Dave directed my attention to the twenty year old girls who were enjoying the view of my husbands bum as well.

Dave knew that I caught him looking at my husbands bum, that was my first indication that perhaps Dave was not completely straight.

It turned in to a bit of an afternoon session at the pool and the drinks were flowing.  As it was getting close to sunset two young ladies joined us and they were rather smitten with Dave and his red speedos. They were probably mid thirties

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G’day members, I have to find the last chapter of this which I’ll do this afternoon for you guys.

February 15th, 2021
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