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Twink Threesome

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Finally I’ve got a new Movie of the Week ready for you guys.  I have the next three ready to roll so I hope you have some happy tissues ready for the next few weeks guys.

Looking through the previous Movies of the Week I love what a diversity of videos I have chosen.

If there is anything you guys would like to see in particular, please leave a comment and I’ll see what I have in the archives.

This week’s movie is hot.  It features two 18yo guys and a 19yo guy.  They are having a fun summers day in their speedos when things turn x-rated. I love how one guy is enjoying watching the action before he decides to join in.

I was going to publish a free sample but there have been a bunch of new members lately so I’m going to keep the video footage just for them.  The entire movie is 39 minutes long and if you want to watch it, it is only $5 to join.

Now that I finally have this published, I’m off to the pool for a quick swim and then this afternoon I have to sit down and write about what happened two nights ago when I got back from house sitting out in the country.  Yeah, my 3 day load of cum was put to use and I actually came twice more I was so horny.  I’ll share the details with you guys tomorrow or Friday.

Enjoy the movie guys.

August 29th, 2023

Beautiful Speedo Blowjob

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This morning I woke up with a throbbing hard on.  You know the kind of erection that is so hard it hurts.  My laptop was at hand, so I opened up my site, went to the movies page and started playing one of my old favourites…..

It is an old one from the archives (see the watermark is which is a domain name that the Evil Speedo Corporation stole from me – joke is on them because I renamed my site

Since this speedo porn movie helped me out this morning, I thought I would share it with you guys as the Movie of the Week.

Short clip for everyone, the full 26 minutes for members.

August 14th, 2023

Hardcore Young Gay Guys

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Good morning everybody, I hope the weather is warming up for those of you in the northern hemisphere, it has been a little chilly down under.  When I woke up today, was 9C (48F).  The days do warm up though so it is lovely, just a little cool first thing.  I still get in the ocean most days so isn’t that cold.

I am head up the beach today but have been meaning to post a new ‘Movie of the Week’ for you guys.

This speedo porno is one of my favourite from the archives.  Couple of cute young guys are hanging out working on their speedo tans and they get boners and go downstairs and fuck like rabbits.  Love the guy in the blue speedos, and they fit him just perfect.

What reminded me of this movie (there are 100’s in the archive over on my main site was the guy I met at the beach a few weeks ago.  The real life guy was a hairdresser and had earings and tatts (not usually my thing) but was wearing a speedo (which is my thing).  Click here to read that post.

Enjoy this movie guys, I even decided to let non members see a little (3 minute) snip of the full 17 minute movie.

May 30th, 2023

Hooking up with a gay couple

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I have a bit of a list of gay experiences that I have had since the Xmas/New Years holidays that I want to share with you guys.  When I write about my experiences, they take a surprising amount of time.  Writing the first draft is hard because I am usually super horny recollecting what happened.  When I finish the first draft, I usually let it sit for a couple of days and return to it to edit it, preferably I do this a second time (I am amazed at how many errors I miss).  Often I have to run the story by the other people who were involved to make sure they are OK with it being published, considering their discretion/privacy.  Then I have to post it in the archives, everything gets published there first and it takes a little time to link images and categorize things.  Once that is done I will post it here for members and usually limit some of it as a ‘reward’ for those guys who support this blog by being a member.

If I had to guess, maybe 10 hours of work?  Maybe more.  But I do love it and it is me sharing my experiences which caused me to start this blog.

With a bit of a backlog I have written down some notes (not that I need anything to jog my memory of naughty experiences) but I am working through them.

First up, I’m writing about a local gay couple that invited me to join them for a swim and to see where it went…. it went great.

Hopefully I will have something for you guys to read tomorrow afternoon (my plan is to find a quiet spot on the beach, take my laptop and finish writing).

In the meantime, I think a new Movie of the Week is over due.  Why not a threesome movie?  The morning before I met the gay couple I did watch this in bed, I couldn’t watch too much of it because it was too horny.  Full 20 version available for members, short sample clip for everyone else (hopefully it will convince you to become a member),

February 2nd, 2023

Tall, Hard and Handsome – Full Length Speedo Movie

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This is a movie I published over on my site a few months ago.  Last night I was a little horny and opened up the site and watched this movie, I only lasted about 5 minutes (the full movie is nearly 19 minutes long).

I am totally in love with the tall brunette, and he looks fantastic in those blue speedos.

Since I enjoyed watching this so much, I thought I’d share it with you guys as the Movie of the Week.

I’ve even allowed non-members to view a short clip.  Of course, members get the full 19 minute version, although I don’t think you’ll last the full 19 minutes, hahaha.

October 11th, 2022

Old Skool Speedo Porn

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Sorry for lack of posts over the last week guys, just been super busy with general ‘life’ stuff.  Nothing fun or bad to report, just lots of random stuff popping up (for example: yesterday I drove some friends to the airport which was a 5hr round trip which took a chunk out of the day).

Good thing is, now I have five, or six days, in a row to myself to get back on top of things.

I always have a backlog of movies to publish and one that I thought you guys might enjoy is an old porno from 1992 called Malibu Pool Boys.  When I first saw the movie I couldn’t believe how the quality has improved over the years but it is 30 years old!!!  Half of the guys I fool around with weren’t born when this was made, and I was only made just before it myself.

Compared to modern day porn there is more public hair, lots of speedo tans (that is kinda similar), zero tattoo’s (don’t get me started on that again), more cut cocks, more bareback…. anything I missed?

I’ve only ever published a few old school porno’s but if you guys like them, let me know and I can easily buy the rights to publish more.

Malibu Pool BoysOld School Gay Porno Movie

Here is a sample for the public.  I’ve made the full length movie available to members, it is 1.2gig and 1hr and 21minutes long.  If you want to watch it all, click here to become a member.  This is worth the $5 membership fee alone I reckon.

August 11th, 2022
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