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Horny Day in the Office

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Monday morning here in Australia, just after 6am.  I’ve got the car loaded up and I’m headed off for a morning of writing.  Writing about a pretty amazing waterpolo experience I have been having over the last six weeks or so.  I haven’t mentioned it here so far for discretion but now I think it is safe to write about it.

My theory on the ‘working from home’ thing is, it doesn’t mean you have to be ‘home’, it means not working from an office.   Since I have never had an office, I am pretty experienced with this idea so I’m headed in to the hinterland behind the coast here to spend a few hours (the life of the laptop battery) working in a beautiful place.

Hope there isn’t too many people because I get REALLY horny when I’m writing about my naughty experiences for you guys.

Enjoy your day guys and check back here this time tomorrow to learn about my first ever waterpolo experience.

This is how horny I get….

Red Speedo BonerBoner in SpeedosSpeedo CummingSpeedo Bulge

March 20th, 2023

Hooking up with a gay couple

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I have a bit of a list of gay experiences that I have had since the Xmas/New Years holidays that I want to share with you guys.  When I write about my experiences, they take a surprising amount of time.  Writing the first draft is hard because I am usually super horny recollecting what happened.  When I finish the first draft, I usually let it sit for a couple of days and return to it to edit it, preferably I do this a second time (I am amazed at how many errors I miss).  Often I have to run the story by the other people who were involved to make sure they are OK with it being published, considering their discretion/privacy.  Then I have to post it in the archives, everything gets published there first and it takes a little time to link images and categorize things.  Once that is done I will post it here for members and usually limit some of it as a ‘reward’ for those guys who support this blog by being a member.

If I had to guess, maybe 10 hours of work?  Maybe more.  But I do love it and it is me sharing my experiences which caused me to start this blog.

With a bit of a backlog I have written down some notes (not that I need anything to jog my memory of naughty experiences) but I am working through them.

First up, I’m writing about a local gay couple that invited me to join them for a swim and to see where it went…. it went great.

Hopefully I will have something for you guys to read tomorrow afternoon (my plan is to find a quiet spot on the beach, take my laptop and finish writing).

In the meantime, I think a new Movie of the Week is over due.  Why not a threesome movie?  The morning before I met the gay couple I did watch this in bed, I couldn’t watch too much of it because it was too horny.  Full 20 version available for members, short sample clip for everyone else (hopefully it will convince you to become a member),

February 2nd, 2023

Those Blue Speedos Again

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There is a famous blue dress (the one President Clinton stained) and it feels like The Landlords blue speedos are becoming famous.  I’ve had three dozen emails regarding these blue speedos.

There isn’t anything special about them, they are a standard Speedo Endurance speedo, probably one size too big for me and I’ve owned a few pairs of these over the years.  They are great to swim train in because they last for ever and don’t fade from my experiences.

Note to Evil Speedo Corporation: see, I endorse your products.

Due to the overwhelming response I’ve taken a short movie with my phone of me jerking off in to The Landlords blue speedos.

The video is for members only guys.  Stop seeing these messages and join now, it is only $5.

Speedo Masturbation

May 1st, 2021

Horny From Typing

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I’m finishing up writing about Dan and Tim and Jesus I am horny!!!

They are coming over this afternoon at 3pm which is making me horny. I want to finish writing about what happened last Friday which is making me horny but I don’t want to jerk off because I want to save it for them.

Things I do for you guys.

Here are some dick pics I just took to prove to you guys how horny I am.

July 3rd, 2020

Plans Thwarted

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My plan for today was to drive up to Birdie Beach, strip down to my tiniest little pair of speedo Solar’s, finish writing about some recent speedo experiences, then jerk off on the beach in the beautiful sunshine.

That was my plan… my fantasy would be to get caught jerking off by someone… anyone….

Unfortunately, as I sit here at 9am, it is a grey looking day outside and even seems/feels a little bit cold.  So no working on my speedo tan for me today.  I am wearing those speedo solar’s though and will be finishing up writing about some experiences.  Should make for some interesting reading tomorrow.

If you haven’t see it already…. the current Movie of the Week is one that was suggested by a member and it features a hot young guy in a red speedo, like the guy below.  Be sure to check that out.

Cutie in Red Speedos

April 7th, 2020

Couple at the beach

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Earlier today I was up at Birdie Beach (nude beach a little north of where I live) and the beach was really quiet.  I walked away from the carpark area to find a quiet spot to work on my speedo tan and probably jerk off.

I stripped down to my new red speedo and after five minutes or so walking along the beach I came across this couple wearing matching Budgy Smuggler swimsuits (he in a speedo, her in a bikini).

Budgy Smuggler Couple

I figured I’d walk for another five minutes or so to get out of their space but then the girl waved me over.

What happens next?

Sorry guys, that was just my mind going wild when I saw that picture above…. it is a hot idea though!!!

When I write about my sexual experiences they are based on what happened with some minor changes regarding names and some personal physical characteristics in order to keep identities secret but I think they are pretty close to the truth.  I do go back and read about my previous experiences and love how it reminds me of some details that I had forgotten.

I have had one attempt at writing fiction but it was based on something that happened.  Alex enjoys me being tied up and one day he asked me to be tied up to a chair and blindfolded.  He then arrived at my house, played with me then left.  If you’d like to read about that click here.  The fantasy/fictional story I wrote was extrapolating on that experience was me writing that my neighbor (Emily) walked in on Alex and I mid bondage/speedo/fuck session.  Click here to read that version.

Unfortunately, that fantasy hasn’t come true but I did enjoy writing about what I would love to happen.

If you guys would like me to write more fictional stuff, I’d love to…. I have a very creative mind.

Here are the links to those erotic stories if you are interested.

October 9th, 2019
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