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Horny Day in the Office

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Monday morning here in Australia, just after 6am.  I’ve got the car loaded up and I’m headed off for a morning of writing.  Writing about a pretty amazing waterpolo experience I have been having over the last six weeks or so.  I haven’t mentioned it here so far for discretion but now I think it is safe to write about it.

My theory on the ‘working from home’ thing is, it doesn’t mean you have to be ‘home’, it means not working from an office.   Since I have never had an office, I am pretty experienced with this idea so I’m headed in to the hinterland behind the coast here to spend a few hours (the life of the laptop battery) working in a beautiful place.

Hope there isn’t too many people because I get REALLY horny when I’m writing about my naughty experiences for you guys.

Enjoy your day guys and check back here this time tomorrow to learn about my first ever waterpolo experience.

This is how horny I get….

Red Speedo BonerBoner in SpeedosSpeedo CummingSpeedo Bulge

March 20th, 2023

Bulge at the Pool

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Bulge… that doesn’t look like it is spelt correctly but I checked and it is.

I just got back from the pool and it was a nice day out.  It was pretty quiet being mid afternoon and with the sun out I feel like I’m working on my speedo tan as well as on my fitness.

When I was done (1,000m warm up, then sets of 50m kicking on my back, 50m brest stroke and 50m freestyle sprints) with a warm down to bring it to 2,000m which takes me about 40 minutes or so), I got out of the pool and had to check some stuff on my phone.  I was sitting at the end of the pool with a towel wrapped around me and I noticed two guys who had been swimming out of the pool as well.  One guy had a towel wrapped around him but the other guy was sitting there, legs spread giving me an eye full of his speedo bulge.

He wasn’t hard, it was just a beautiful bulge.

The guy was early 20’s and to be honest… he looked a little ‘gay’.  Hopefully he is reading this and will reach out and say hi, maybe give me a closer look at that speedo bulge of his.

Here are some speedo bulges just in case you weren’t sure what I was talking about.

February 26th, 2022

What a package

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Last weekend I shared with you guys a pic of a super hot Asian guy taking a speedo selfie at his pool.  The speedo was tiny and I asked what is the smallest speedo you would/could wear in public?

Thinking along those lines… do you think this speedo is too small or the cock is too big?

Looks like a mouthful and probably not appropriate at the pool (or even beach).

Speedo Package

October 2nd, 2021

Speedo Bulges

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I love both of these speedo bulge photos but for different reasons.  This first one is a pair of AussieBum’s which in the past I didn’t think looked very good but from this photo, they look amazing!!!  Does anyone know what kind of material they are made out of?

AussieBum Close Up

This photo I don’t like the speedo as much, but I love that the guys is wearing something so skimpy.  Just imagine taking a guy home, undoing his jeans and seeing these!!!  I would be in heaven.  Tonight Kip and I are going out and town has been bopping with people on Spring Break.  I think Kip is going to wear my Aussie flag Turbo speedos and I’m going to wear my red Arena speedos.

Nice Speedo

March 19th, 2015

Stretching Lycra

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I really am horny as all hell today!!!

I suppose after Alex being a cock tease on Friday night it could be expected.  I’m going to get on Grindr and see if anyone wants to have a Sunday evening shag.  Two guys would be even better of course….

And since I didn’t wear my white speedo solar to the pool last week – I’ll be wearing them tonight.

Speedo SolarBlack Speedo Close UpADIDAS Boner

May 10th, 2014

Well Endowed

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I don’t know about you guys but I’ve never considered myself well endowed.

I’ve seen bigger cocks, I’m seen smaller cocks.  To be completely honest I might even be slightly below average from the cocks that I’ve seen (yes, I have seen a few cocks in my time).  Not to say I’ve ever had any complaints and my quickness to hardness has been positively commented on many times.

When I pack my speedo using a cock ring or a device that does the same thing (lifts my balls) I can have an impressive bulge and I wonder if the guys pictured below are using something like that.

Today is kind of overcast so instead of the usual beach and chilling out the boys wanted to go spear fishing.  This sounds great and it is less than a kilometer up the beach from where I swim every day BUT the next beach to the north has a reef in the middle and people tell me it is a Tiger Shark breeding ground.  So bobbing around with dead fish on a stick doesn’t sound very good.  Anyways, it was fun and we were in the water for longer than I thought on a day where I would have just spent the day in front of the laptop.

What does this have to do with ‘well endowed’?  One of the guys, in his wetsuit had an amazing package!!!  After a couple of hours in the water, not being able to adjust myself because I was wearing a wetsuit too I didn’t have too much of a bulge but this guy did.  I was impressed.  Shame he is 100% str8 but it might explain why he is so popular with the ladies…..

Huge PackageLow Cut SpeedoSpeedo BulgeSpeedo Pouch

March 1st, 2014
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