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Package Enhancer

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Some of the new ADDICTED speedos I’ve bought lately have package enhancers.  They are actually pretty comfortable but I think maybe a little ‘too enhancing’…

Great Speedo Package

September 14th, 2022

Peek a Boo

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Earlier today I was at the beach working on my tan.  I had my laptop and was lying on my tummy.

I was writing about one of my speedo sex experiences that I’ll share with you guys next week and Jesus I was horny.  I seriously thought I was going to cum without any friction or touching or rubbing.  After I waited for an old couple to walk past me, the coast was clear and I walked down to the water to cool down (in more ways than one).

Looking down at the front of my speedo my cock was straining so hard against the lycra material I had to undo the drawstring and let it peek out a little.

Every happen to you?  These guys below know what I mean.  (Note: all the pics below are Speedo Photos of the Day from my site

June 25th, 2022

Bulge at the Pool

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Bulge… that doesn’t look like it is spelt correctly but I checked and it is.

I just got back from the pool and it was a nice day out.  It was pretty quiet being mid afternoon and with the sun out I feel like I’m working on my speedo tan as well as on my fitness.

When I was done (1,000m warm up, then sets of 50m kicking on my back, 50m brest stroke and 50m freestyle sprints) with a warm down to bring it to 2,000m which takes me about 40 minutes or so), I got out of the pool and had to check some stuff on my phone.  I was sitting at the end of the pool with a towel wrapped around me and I noticed two guys who had been swimming out of the pool as well.  One guy had a towel wrapped around him but the other guy was sitting there, legs spread giving me an eye full of his speedo bulge.

He wasn’t hard, it was just a beautiful bulge.

The guy was early 20’s and to be honest… he looked a little ‘gay’.  Hopefully he is reading this and will reach out and say hi, maybe give me a closer look at that speedo bulge of his.

Here are some speedo bulges just in case you weren’t sure what I was talking about.

February 26th, 2022

What a package

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Last weekend I shared with you guys a pic of a super hot Asian guy taking a speedo selfie at his pool.  The speedo was tiny and I asked what is the smallest speedo you would/could wear in public?

Thinking along those lines… do you think this speedo is too small or the cock is too big?

Looks like a mouthful and probably not appropriate at the pool (or even beach).

Speedo Package

October 2nd, 2021

Cock on my Mind

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You guys know I run the site, it predates even what I started this blog.  During the last make over of it I created the Speedo Photo of the Day which is something I really enjoy picking.

There are over 6,500 photos in the galleries and I’m adding to it a fair bit so the Speedo Photo of the Day is something I hand pick.  It really is a collection of the hottest speedo photos anywhere.  That is what I think anyway – haha.

Today I posted the 417th Speedo Photo of the Day (there are 500 in the last set) and it is sensational.  A tight black Speedo Solar with a visible penis line (VPL) that looks very suckable.

Looking at some of the recent Speedo Photos of the Day, it seems like I have cock on my brain.

It is funny going through the archive, I can tell what kind of mood I’m in.  Sometimes there are more threesome photos, sometimes there are more of my selfies (which I sneak in there), sometimes there are more beach photos which is when I’ve been hanging out at the beach more.

Hope you guys are enjoying me being in a cock mood.

Speedo Cock

July 29th, 2021

Is that a VPL?

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I’m just about to duck down to the beach and I saw this looking back at me from my bathroom mirror…. is that a VPL I see?  I think that is the blokes version of a camel toe.

VPL - Visible Penis Line

And for members, here is a collection of Speedo VPL’s.

Here is a gallery of VPL’s for you guys.  Also, I am finished my experience teaching the Speedo Students about anal and I just want to read through it and check it again and will publish it tomorrow for you guys.

However, I have finished writing about my time in Hotel Quarantine.  Click here to read that (it is for members only and next week I will be posting a sample for the public.

Thank you again for your support.

February 12th, 2021
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