Bulge at the Pool

Bulge… that doesn’t look like it is spelt correctly but I checked and it is.

I just got back from the pool and it was a nice day out.  It was pretty quiet being mid afternoon and with the sun out I feel like I’m working on my speedo tan as well as on my fitness.

When I was done (1,000m warm up, then sets of 50m kicking on my back, 50m brest stroke and 50m freestyle sprints) with a warm down to bring it to 2,000m which takes me about 40 minutes or so), I got out of the pool and had to check some stuff on my phone.  I was sitting at the end of the pool with a towel wrapped around me and I noticed two guys who had been swimming out of the pool as well.  One guy had a towel wrapped around him but the other guy was sitting there, legs spread giving me an eye full of his speedo bulge.

He wasn’t hard, it was just a beautiful bulge.

The guy was early 20’s and to be honest… he looked a little ‘gay’.  Hopefully he is reading this and will reach out and say hi, maybe give me a closer look at that speedo bulge of his.

Here are some speedo bulges just in case you weren’t sure what I was talking about.

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phltanner said,  

Nice bulges!! — Giving me one too right now!

The guy in the Addicted ‘stained glass” suit & in the red speedo, both with cocks out are the same great looking guy!! (Same background too)

Who is this guy?

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