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Good Morning

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Morning guys.  Saturday morning here on Australia’s Sunshine Coast and I am up early and working hard on speedo porn, I am also hard… hehe.

I’m still sitting in bed (it is 9am) but I’m about to setup some movie uploads and while that is going on I’ll go for a swim at the beach.  I am wearing my new ADIDAS speedos, I don’t think I’ve shared any photos of them with you guys yet, I promise I will, remind me if I don’t.

Even though it is a Saturday I have lots of work to do.

  • Morning routine, check servers, check server logs, update speedo photo of the day.  Reply to member emails. DONE
  • Finish writing about an experience I had at a gay massage course a few years ago.  I was just given permission to write about it.  If I finish it today, I will share it with you guys tomorrow.
  • Get two new movies ready for publication.

That should get me through to about 4pm this arvo and I have some friends coming over for a BBQ on my roof at 5pm.  Probably no speedo sex on the cards for me today but writing about my massage experience will have me pretty horned up so that could get messy.

Anyone have anything awesome happening this Saturday?

Here is a screen grab from the new movie I’m working on…. I think you guys will like it.

Double Blowjob

February 12th, 2022

Cock on my Mind

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You guys know I run the site, it predates even what I started this blog.  During the last make over of it I created the Speedo Photo of the Day which is something I really enjoy picking.

There are over 6,500 photos in the galleries and I’m adding to it a fair bit so the Speedo Photo of the Day is something I hand pick.  It really is a collection of the hottest speedo photos anywhere.  That is what I think anyway – haha.

Today I posted the 417th Speedo Photo of the Day (there are 500 in the last set) and it is sensational.  A tight black Speedo Solar with a visible penis line (VPL) that looks very suckable.

Looking at some of the recent Speedo Photos of the Day, it seems like I have cock on my brain.

It is funny going through the archive, I can tell what kind of mood I’m in.  Sometimes there are more threesome photos, sometimes there are more of my selfies (which I sneak in there), sometimes there are more beach photos which is when I’ve been hanging out at the beach more.

Hope you guys are enjoying me being in a cock mood.

Speedo Cock

July 29th, 2021

Hot Speedo Selfie

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For years I’ve run the

Forums are an old internet thing (like blogging I suppose) and they can be hit and miss.  They need to be moderated a little bit so that conversation doesn’t spiral out of control or people get nasty on them.  And the forum needs a critical mass of contributors otherwise it gets stale.

Somehow, the has been able to keep both of those things in order over the years.  It is a great place to go and talk speedos and ask any speedo related questions.  The group of guys in there are great.

Often if I’m looking to find out what a speedo is or speedo shopping questions I swing over and ask in there.

If you haven’t seen it, swing on over.  It is free to join, you just have to email me your username so I can activate your account (that is what has kept spammers and haters off the forum).

Here is a pic posted last week by one of the forum members…..

Speedo DIck Pick

November 2nd, 2020

250th Speedo Photo of the Day

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I hope you didn’t miss the 250th Speedo Photo of the Day over on my site

Technically it isn’t the 250th, I reset it at 1,000 so I suppose it is the 1,250th Speedo Photo of the Day.

The Speedo Photo of the Day is something I had wanted to add to for a while and built it into the last redesign (which I did all by myself – hehehe).  I was afraid that maybe I would run out of awesome speedo pics but that really hasn’t been the case.

Each of the photos are hand chosen by me and I wanted something meaningful for the 250th. As long time readers will know, my first threesome was in a sauna. It was with a male/female couple but these two guys below would have made a fine threesome as well I think.

What combo was your first threesome?

Speedo Photo of the Day

April 25th, 2020

Old Speedo Pics

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?The first website I ever created was  Although, it wasn’t called at the time.  It started as, then, then and now it is

The main reason for those name (domain name) changes has been the Evil Speedo Corporation taking legal action against me but it really has never been that big a deal…. there are lots of speedo names out there and I have some more that I’ve thought of if they decide they want to steal the current site name off me.

While I’ve been in Colorado, the biggest project I’ve been working on is redoing a whole bunch of stuff on and this morning we finally got it all online and I’m super excited about it.

During the process of updating/redoing things, I stumbled across some old promotional material.  These three photos below are pics that I’ve jerked off to many times, hence why I chose them for some of the promotional stuff.

Swing on by and check it out and let me know what you guys think.

February 25th, 2020

Speedo Car Wash

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Today I’ve been working on a new movie that will be published on my site

I features two speedo clad men washing a car and then they end up fucking and sucking right there with the hose still running.  Sometimes this part of my job is ‘hard’.  So hard that I think I’m going to grab my fleshjack and watch it a little more closely.

I’ve heard of bikini car washes, why haven’t I heard of a speedo car wash?

Red Speedo Carwash

August 22nd, 2019
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