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More Speedo Porn

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Which of these guys would you like to see in a speedo porn movie?

It is actually a trick question…. if you are a member of my site, you’ll be seeing all of these guys in various combinations in a bunch of new speedo porn movies over the next two weeks.

Just some new movie content which I am working on and I have to admit to you guys, sometimes my work is ‘hard’.

If you haven’t seen it, swing on over to, it is a mega porn site with 100’s of hours of HD speedo porn.

May 26th, 2020

Old Speedo Pics

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?The first website I ever created was  Although, it wasn’t called at the time.  It started as, then, then and now it is

The main reason for those name (domain name) changes has been the Evil Speedo Corporation taking legal action against me but it really has never been that big a deal…. there are lots of speedo names out there and I have some more that I’ve thought of if they decide they want to steal the current site name off me.

While I’ve been in Colorado, the biggest project I’ve been working on is redoing a whole bunch of stuff on and this morning we finally got it all online and I’m super excited about it.

During the process of updating/redoing things, I stumbled across some old promotional material.  These three photos below are pics that I’ve jerked off to many times, hence why I chose them for some of the promotional stuff.

Swing on by and check it out and let me know what you guys think.

February 25th, 2020

Speedo Car Wash

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Today I’ve been working on a new movie that will be published on my site

I features two speedo clad men washing a car and then they end up fucking and sucking right there with the hose still running.  Sometimes this part of my job is ‘hard’.  So hard that I think I’m going to grab my fleshjack and watch it a little more closely.

I’ve heard of bikini car washes, why haven’t I heard of a speedo car wash?

Red Speedo Carwash

August 22nd, 2019

Porn stars in speedos

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Could you imagine hanging out with half a dozen gay porn stars in speedos?  My brain melts (and my cock stiffens) at the thought of it.

The picture below is just that scenario.  The guy I know the most about is Allen King, the cutie in the fluro yellow speedo.  There are some of his movies on my site  It seems like he loves wearing speedos because the movies I have of him are him in speedos and he has an amazing speedo tan.

I also think that he won some Adult Film Award for best ‘bottom’ so he can take an arse pounding.

Well, I’m going to login to and watch some of his porn… I doubt I will last long.

Note: I originally created as a place to store my favourite speedo photos.  From there it evolved into movies and because of the server costs I had to start accepting memberships.  It is the only place you can see the entire archive of my writing about my naughty speedo experiences.  Ow, and the movies archive is now over 100 hours of HD footage!!!  When I feel like watching speedo porn, I login and use the site, so there is no pop-ups or that kind of crap.  If you are interested, there is a trial membership of $4.95 which gives you full access.  Might be worth a try.

Gay Speedo Porn Stars

June 8th, 2019

Everyone Loves Blowjobs

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The last few days you guys have been reading about Jeff and his blowjob experiences when he was in college and with me last Friday night in the hottub.

Time for some visual blowjob porn I think.

This is a page that I made up for some promotional stuff for my site – as usual it is a free movie and some of my favourite blowjob photos.  There are no popups or crap like that, instead of trying to make half a cent per click on an ad which annoys everyone (including me because this is where I watch all of my porn), I rely on people loving the site and joining.

If you like it, consider joining.  If you have any questions about joining, just drop me an email (

Gay Blowjobs

February 15th, 2019

Movie of the Week Update

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Just a quick post giving you guys a new ‘Movie of the Week’.

One of the new members pointed out that some of the old ‘Movies of the Week’ weren’t available.  Kip and I have just run through them and fixed a couple of mistakes so they are all available.

The idea of the ‘Movie of the Week’ is to give you guys a sample of what is available on my site  High quality, full length speedo movies.  I hand pick these from the porn that I am watching.  Kip and I watched this last night, he got on his knees and sucked my cock while I watched it….

Enjoy the movie guys.

Gay Speedo Porn

February 5th, 2019
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