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Speedo Porn Star – Allen King

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Do you know who Allen King is?  He is a cute gay porn star, I read once that he got an award for being ‘Bottom of the Year’, so he can take cock like a champ.  And he loves speedos!!!

My kind of guy.

Lucas Films Gay Porn StarsAllen King - Gay Porn Star

Here is a movie featuring Allen in his speedos… taking cock in the ass, like a champ!!!

Here is a sample clip of this movie for you guys.  Members, if you are reading this, please login so you can watch the full 20 minute movie.

If you would like to become a member, click here to join now and you can watch it properly.  You know, it is only $5 to join.  Just being able to watch this movie is worth the $5 I reckon.

November 9th, 2023

Nude or Speedo?

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Which do you prefer?


Nude Gay Porn Actor

Or a guy in speedos?

Gay Porn Actor in Speedo

I personally prefer a guy in speedos but keen to hear your thoughts.  Leave a comment (you don’t have to leave your email address or real name).

June 28th, 2022

Porn Star Pool Party

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Life has been busy this last month… turns out I get to move again so that is a bit of a pain but could be exciting as well.  There is a nice unit that I’m going to look at on Monday but it in unfurnished and I don’t have anything that didn’t fit in my car for the drive up here from New South Wales so that could be a fun challenge.

The weather has been fantastic and the water is a little warmer (it is 800kms north I’m guessing?). I have been getting some random hookups (one planned for later tonight) and the two Aussie Bears that I spoke about a few weeks ago catch up weekly to plow my arse.

I have half a dozen of my recently sexual exploits partly written and this week I’ll be publishing some more.

But in the meantime,  here is a little treat for the weekend, a bonus movie for members.  It is a Porn Star Pool Party, yes, 8 gay porn stars just hanging out around the pool one afternoon.  What do you think happens?

Great to see all 8 of the guys wearing speedos.

The sex is pretty hardcore as you would expect from such experts.  Enjoy guys.

If you aren’t a member, it is only $5.  Click here to join now.  The $5 is worth it just for this movie alone I think.

Porn Star PartyGay Porn Stars in SpeedosBareback Pool Orgy

August 23rd, 2020

Porn stars in speedos

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Could you imagine hanging out with half a dozen gay porn stars in speedos?  My brain melts (and my cock stiffens) at the thought of it.

The picture below is just that scenario.  The guy I know the most about is Allen King, the cutie in the fluro yellow speedo.  There are some of his movies on my site  It seems like he loves wearing speedos because the movies I have of him are him in speedos and he has an amazing speedo tan.

I also think that he won some Adult Film Award for best ‘bottom’ so he can take an arse pounding.

Well, I’m going to login to and watch some of his porn… I doubt I will last long.

Note: I originally created as a place to store my favourite speedo photos.  From there it evolved into movies and because of the server costs I had to start accepting memberships.  It is the only place you can see the entire archive of my writing about my naughty speedo experiences.  Ow, and the movies archive is now over 100 hours of HD footage!!!  When I feel like watching speedo porn, I login and use the site, so there is no pop-ups or that kind of crap.  If you are interested, there is a trial membership of $4.95 which gives you full access.  Might be worth a try.

Gay Speedo Porn Stars

June 8th, 2019

Red Speedo Cuties

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Happy Independence day to all of my American mates.  All year when ever I see pics of guys wearing the stars and stripes speedos I thing “That will be great for ath of July gallery” and then I just post those photos anyway.

Here is a pretty hot speedo movie courtesy of my site  Enjoy this sample of the amazingly hot Allen King in a pair of speedos with stars on them – that is kinda close right?

If you want to watch the full length movie – swing on by

And I’ll also post a bunch of pics of guys in red speedos, tomorrow will be white and then blue.  IF you email me your speedo selfies I promise to include them in the gallery.

July 4th, 2018

Speedo Porn Star

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A few months ago I posted this photo mentioning how cute this guy is and how he kinda looks like Justin Bieber:

Justin Bieber Speedo Photo

When I posted this, one of my readers/fans commented that the guy is a porn star called Allen King.  So I looked him up and it turns out Allen King likes speedos and is renowned for his bottoming skills – ie. being pounded in the arse.  He is only a little guy but he routinely gets fucked by big masculine men.

I did manage to find and purchase the rights to one of his recent movies feature him and his boyfriend poolside in speedos.

Gay Speedo Movie

What I think is awesome about this movie is that the speedos Allen is wearing, he actually wears out in public.

Porn Star in Speedos

And here are two movies for you guys featuring Allen.  The first one is his latest with his boyfriend.

If you are not seeing the movies or the full sized photos, it means you aren’t a member.  I would join just for these pics and movies alone.  
Give it a try – click here to join now.

Allen King Speedo Movie

This movie is Allen in the pool being fucked by a masculine bear wearing a suit.  He can definitely take some cock this guy.

Allen King in Speedos

August 19th, 2016
Check out