Red Speedo Cuties

Happy Independence day to all of my American mates.  All year when ever I see pics of guys wearing the stars and stripes speedos I thing “That will be great for ath of July gallery” and then I just post those photos anyway.

Here is a pretty hot speedo movie courtesy of my site  Enjoy this sample of the amazingly hot Allen King in a pair of speedos with stars on them – that is kinda close right?

If you want to watch the full length movie – swing on by

And I’ll also post a bunch of pics of guys in red speedos, tomorrow will be white and then blue.  IF you email me your speedo selfies I promise to include them in the gallery.

3 Users Responded in " Red Speedo Cuties "

Tiffani Lyn Love said,  

While that hottie wearing the stars is sucking off the other hottie wearing the white, I’d be sucking off the stars-wearing hottie to the stars and back. <3
xoxo Tiff



I know what goes in your mouth, but I didn’t realize what poetry could come out of it.

Thanks for the comments.


Tiff ~ xo said,  

Why thank you, sweetie!
xoxo Tiff

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