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Two New Speedo Movies

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Good morning guys, quick post letting you know there are 2 new movies I just published over on my site

The first is a bit of old school poolside porn.  Two very hot young guys fucking poolside, no speedos unfortunately but I thought it was so hot, I would add it to the archives.

Gay Twinks Poolside

The second movie is one I have been blowing load after load watching all week.  Usual poolboy story line but far out these guys are hot.  I was thinking, in the past I would picture myself as the poolboy getting my ass just destroyed by an older guy.  However, as I’m getting older I see myself as The Man in Red Speedos more and more.

Who do you picture yourself as?

I have made up some promo clips of both of these movies, go to, bottom of the page has the sample clips.  As always, no pops up or rubbish like that.  I hate those things so never put them on my sites.

July 19th, 2023

Hottest green speedo picture ever!!!

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Today I was working on some promo stuff for my site and I was looking for an old speedo photo.  It is weird how some speedo pics just stick in my memory, I do kind of look at guys in speedos all day, just the photos archive on has 6,500 photos.  I did find the pic I was looking for and followed it to see when I first posted it on this blog.  It was back in December 2007!!!

Pretty sure Facebook didn’t exist back then… but the Aussie Speedo Guy did.  Hahaha.

Here is the post I wrote all that time ago:

This guy looks like a guy called Adam I went to primary skool with.  The guy I knew was a twin and about 4 yrs ago I ran into his twin sister at a night club on the Gold Coast.  She looked fantasic (tall, tanned, fit and blonde) and all I could think about at the time was I wonder what Adam looks like these days.

Green Speedo

July 3rd, 2023

Speedo Photo fo the Day

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Guess who made the cut for Speedo Photo of the Day over on my site

I am going to wear these speedos to the pool later to celebrate.  Think you can make the cut and be the Speedo Photo of the Day?  Feel free to email me your speedo pics (be in high definition).

My ADDICTED speedo swimwear

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April 30th, 2023

Horny in Speedos

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Quick blog post before I head to the beach to work on my speedo tan. Summer has reared its head again here in Australia, it is mid 30’s (C – that is 95F). It is actually too hot in my unit today so looks like I’ll just have to head to beach until it cools down a little bit.

Share in the comments what the temp is where you live….

Pic here is today’s Speedo Photo of the Day, I have just finished adding new movies over on as well if you are interested.

Horny in Speedos

March 17th, 2023

Solo Valentines

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Happy Valentines day guys, unfortunately, I had a solo Valentine’s Day (I’m writing this the morning after).

It was sooooo exciting I have to tell you guys about it.  A storm rolled in during the afternoon so I poured an adult drink and sat on my patio and enjoyed the lightening show,  it actually got a little cool so had to put on my slippers and a light sweater/jumper.  After two drinks I cooked up some dinner and watched the last episode of Andor (yeah I am a nerd at heart) and after that I went to bed.  I was probably asleep by 8am.

Life isn’t all about hardcore gay fuck sessions for Aussie Speedo Guy…..

This morning I woke up early, funny how that happens when one goes to bed early, went for a morning coffee and swim at the beach and then settled in to a nice long day of work.  I have a handful of new movies to add to, one of them featured Lan, a thirty year old, 6’3″ and 200lb of stud who looks perfect in his green speedo.  I thought I would share this clip with you guys (sample clip for everyone, full 10 minute cumshot clip with members) of Lan jerking off.

Unfortunately he removes his speedos but it is pretty hot.

If you like Lan, let me know, there is a second video clip I have of him fucking another speedo stud.

Hope your Valentine’s Day was more naughty than mine, but if not, I hope I helped stretch your speedo for you.

February 15th, 2023

Hooking up with a gay couple

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I have a bit of a list of gay experiences that I have had since the Xmas/New Years holidays that I want to share with you guys.  When I write about my experiences, they take a surprising amount of time.  Writing the first draft is hard because I am usually super horny recollecting what happened.  When I finish the first draft, I usually let it sit for a couple of days and return to it to edit it, preferably I do this a second time (I am amazed at how many errors I miss).  Often I have to run the story by the other people who were involved to make sure they are OK with it being published, considering their discretion/privacy.  Then I have to post it in the archives, everything gets published there first and it takes a little time to link images and categorize things.  Once that is done I will post it here for members and usually limit some of it as a ‘reward’ for those guys who support this blog by being a member.

If I had to guess, maybe 10 hours of work?  Maybe more.  But I do love it and it is me sharing my experiences which caused me to start this blog.

With a bit of a backlog I have written down some notes (not that I need anything to jog my memory of naughty experiences) but I am working through them.

First up, I’m writing about a local gay couple that invited me to join them for a swim and to see where it went…. it went great.

Hopefully I will have something for you guys to read tomorrow afternoon (my plan is to find a quiet spot on the beach, take my laptop and finish writing).

In the meantime, I think a new Movie of the Week is over due.  Why not a threesome movie?  The morning before I met the gay couple I did watch this in bed, I couldn’t watch too much of it because it was too horny.  Full 20 version available for members, short sample clip for everyone else (hopefully it will convince you to become a member),

February 2nd, 2023
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