Hottest green speedo picture ever!!!

Today I was working on some promo stuff for my site and I was looking for an old speedo photo.  It is weird how some speedo pics just stick in my memory, I do kind of look at guys in speedos all day, just the photos archive on has 6,500 photos.  I did find the pic I was looking for and followed it to see when I first posted it on this blog.  It was back in December 2007!!!

Pretty sure Facebook didn’t exist back then… but the Aussie Speedo Guy did.  Hahaha.

Here is the post I wrote all that time ago:

This guy looks like a guy called Adam I went to primary skool with.  The guy I knew was a twin and about 4 yrs ago I ran into his twin sister at a night club on the Gold Coast.  She looked fantasic (tall, tanned, fit and blonde) and all I could think about at the time was I wonder what Adam looks like these days.

Green Speedo

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always said,  

The real Dave Evans exposed. Come see what he doesn’t
you to see on

Dave Evans said,  

I’m not sure what you mean there Always?

That top pic isn’t the twin I went to skool with but when I saw the pic posted on the forum (which I maintain along with the other moderators) I thought I’d share it with the readers here.


TonyLawrence said,  

Dave! I love you! OMG! I just adore the surfboard/boogieboard/the blond hair, the neckchain, the tan that goes from here to there, and then add in the small but well suited….speedo! YOWZA!! It’s a mere 9 degrees here tonight but I’m sure I raised the temp in my computer room to well over 120 degrees! You are Superlicious, Dave! Made me a Happy Man and now I can write to Santa Claus with what I want for Christmas and include the said picture! Hee Hee Hee (or is that HO HO HO?). Glad to have you back Stateside where you cute Aussies belong in the first place-no roo’s here nor tasmanian devils…or can you become one at the next full moon? Thanks Dave! =))

Dave Evans said,  


I couldn’t agree with you more mate. That guy is the perfect beach boy.


Tiffani Lyn Love said,  

That cock in the green speedo is what I like to call “big and tasty”.

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