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Speedo Pool Party Orgy

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I have been thinking a lot, maybe fantasizing a lot, about attending a speedo only party, or organizing one this summer here in Australia.  It reminded me that back in 2016 (yes, this blog has been around for ages) I was invited to a Speedo Pool Party down in Sydney.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it and I really wish I could have.  The guy who organized the party seemed like a really cool guy and he was respectful about my own privacy and discretion.  Since I couldn’t make it, I asked him if he would like to share what happened at the Speedo Pool Party.

Here is his account of what they got up to…..

Dave, I’m happy to contribute the below details of the meet (unfortunately now that autumn is here – the speedo concept / pool party is likely to be put on hold until we hit spring again).

Will change the names / location so that the group and members of the group are not identified.

The afternoon went as follows…

Sorry guys, this is for members only.  It is only $5 to join and then you won’t see these annoying messages.

August 19th, 2023

Speedo Party

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I only just found out that it is a long weekend in the US.  Juneteeth… I had never heard of it so had to look it up.

I wish I was in the US right now, weather is getting warmer and two public holiday weekends close together (Juneteenth and July 4th coming up).  There should be some fun speedo weather coming up for my American friends.

Has anyone here been a speedo party like the one pictured below?

It looks fantastic!!!

If anyone is have a speedo party please send me an invite.

Here are two old posts that might interest you:

Speedo Party

June 19th, 2023

Wandering Hand

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Over the years I have found some speedo pics that have really turned me on, but not because of their x-rated’ness, or a VPL (visible penis line), but because of their suggestiveness.

Maybe I have an active mind but this pic below is one of those speedo photos that really get my mind wandering.

Weather is pretty good here today so I’m off to the pool in my new ADDICTED speedos….. darn I get horny when wearing new speedos.

Speedo Handjob

May 18th, 2023

Butt Sex in the Pool

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I’ve never had a private pool myself…. just imagine what I would get up to if I did!!!

It would be “Speedo Only” of course, but there would be weekly Pool Parties/Orgies…. Lord have Mercy!!!

Maybe I need to find a speedo friend who has a private pool that I can hang out at this coming Australian summer.

Anyone here had a private pool either now or in their past?

Enjoy this latest addition to the Movie’s of the Week….. as usual, guests get a sample clip and members get the full 22 minute version (just another perk of being a member).

November 9th, 2021

Porn Star Pool Party

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Life has been busy this last month… turns out I get to move again so that is a bit of a pain but could be exciting as well.  There is a nice unit that I’m going to look at on Monday but it in unfurnished and I don’t have anything that didn’t fit in my car for the drive up here from New South Wales so that could be a fun challenge.

The weather has been fantastic and the water is a little warmer (it is 800kms north I’m guessing?). I have been getting some random hookups (one planned for later tonight) and the two Aussie Bears that I spoke about a few weeks ago catch up weekly to plow my arse.

I have half a dozen of my recently sexual exploits partly written and this week I’ll be publishing some more.

But in the meantime,  here is a little treat for the weekend, a bonus movie for members.  It is a Porn Star Pool Party, yes, 8 gay porn stars just hanging out around the pool one afternoon.  What do you think happens?

Great to see all 8 of the guys wearing speedos.

The sex is pretty hardcore as you would expect from such experts.  Enjoy guys.

If you aren’t a member, it is only $5.  Click here to join now.  The $5 is worth it just for this movie alone I think.

Porn Star PartyGay Porn Stars in SpeedosBareback Pool Orgy

August 23rd, 2020

Nice Thongs Guys!!!

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Happy Thong Thursday everybody!!!

I’m wearing my black thong today to keep in the spirit (I don’t know how much spirit is involved but I like using Thursday’s as an excuse to wear my thong.

I still need to order a new thong, I’d like a lycra one with a drawstring so I could actually wear it in the ocean swimming.  Any suggestions?  Looks like the ‘Speedo’ brand one is no longer made.

August 7th, 2019
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