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Speedo Pool Party Orgy

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I have been thinking a lot, maybe fantasizing a lot, about attending a speedo only party, or organizing one this summer here in Australia.  It reminded me that back in 2016 (yes, this blog has been around for ages) I was invited to a Speedo Pool Party down in Sydney.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it and I really wish I could have.  The guy who organized the party seemed like a really cool guy and he was respectful about my own privacy and discretion.  Since I couldn’t make it, I asked him if he would like to share what happened at the Speedo Pool Party.

Here is his account of what they got up to…..

Dave, I’m happy to contribute the below details of the meet (unfortunately now that autumn is here – the speedo concept / pool party is likely to be put on hold until we hit spring again).

Will change the names / location so that the group and members of the group are not identified.

The afternoon went as follows…

Sorry guys, this is for members only.  It is only $5 to join and then you won’t see these annoying messages.

August 19th, 2023

Sydney Pool Party/Orgy

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Last year, pre-covid of course, one of my members reached out to me asking me if I’d like to attend a gathering that he has regularly with a bunch of guys at his place (he mentioned a beautiful pool).  The group of guys are are ‘speedo friendly’ and he thought I would fit in. Yes, it is a regular Speedo Pool Party / Orgy. It is only a couple of hours from my house but I couldn’t make it (I was in Colorado at Kip’s place having my share of Speedo Hottub Parties / Orgies). I asked the host, ‘K’, if he’d like to go into some detail of what happened at his pool party and this is what he got back to me with….

Dave, I’m happy to contribute the below details of the meet (unfortunately now that autumn is here – the speedo concept / pool party is likely to be put on hold until we hit spring again).

The names and exact location are changed so that the group and members of the group are not identified.

The afternoon went as follows…

Sydney Orgy

As the host of this little gathering, I sent an email to all the guys who had confirmed their attendance to the Speedo Party on the morning of the meet. Proceedings kicked off with us all meeting in the beer garden of my local pub (let’s say it is the Bondi Pub)… as some of the guys are not out, the pub of choice is a straight pub to avoid any anxiety such a meet might bring on.

Two o’clock (afternoon) rolled around and the guys turned up one by one at the designated meeting spot in the pub. Some had been to previous meets so were more comfortable than the newbies attending for the first time. Thankfully the sun was out and it was warm enough to enjoy a beer with each other to put everyone at ease.  Of the regulars, Kenny, Ben and Stewart were there along with Michael, Pete, Mark and myself (I can go into more detail about each fellow perhaps in another edition). Brett, Brad and Kyle were the newbies. I knew this party would be one to remember, this collection of guys were hot!

Brad was the last to show up and the boys were we excited to meet him, Brad is a surf lifesaver at a local beach and had the perfect Aussie beach body; tanned, blond hair, rippled, big smile. I had seen pics of him in speedos prior to the meet so knew the other boys would be excited to meet him. Kyle was also a hit with the lads, tall, olive complexion with a gym-toned physique. No doubt each of the guys were sizing up each other and wondering what might be under each of their shorts.

We agreed to leave the pub around a half hour later as the guys had a drink or two under their belts. The last member to join us was Johnny – he was too shy to meet us in the pub so he met us in the street up the road from the pub. Being twenty-five, he was the youngest member of the group, Johnny was very anxious about how the afternoon would go. My apartment was a short five minute stroll from the pub. On arrival at my pad, we stripped down to our speedos as the sun was shining and the boys were keen for a splash around in the pool in my apartment complex. Some guys had their speedos on already under their shorts, some of the other guys changed in to them in my apartment, just about all the guys looked gym-toned to various degrees. This was going to be fun.

Brad had a bod to die for. He looked so chiseled in his blue surf lifesaving speedos. He filled them out well too… I gave him a playful tap on the backside as we were about to head poolside. Johnny was the only one to wear boardies, he was scared of the water temps impacting on the size of his manhood, hehe. Kyle looked hot in his black Adidas speedos (white stripes on side). Stewart wore a pair of red speedos (stitching down the middle of his bum crack) and was a keen swimmer so looked great with his swimmer build. Ben, Pete and myself all wore traditional black Endurance Speedos, mine with the drawstrings neatly crossed outside of my speedos (don’t particularly like tucking them inside).

Some of the lads were quickly in the pool, fortunately there were no neighbours out in the pool area so we had the space to ourselves. Some of the lads were just keen to sit poolside and work on their tans with their feet in the water, the sun was out and the temp would have been around twenty-five celsius (77F), the pool temp was actually a little bit cooler given that we had just moved into autumn.

Classic Speedos

Might leave it there for now and keep the rest of this description for members.  C’mon, they are the ones who keep this blog running and I have to give them some of the goodies.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting some pics of me speedoing up in waterfalls… they will not be ‘public’ so just another reason you should think about joining.  It is only $5.  I think you’ll get your monies worth.

After an hour or so, we headed up to my apartment with the anticipation high that the speedo party was going to go up a notch in terms of excitement. We pulled out a few beers and put the footy on the big screen. Some of the guys already had hard-ons in their speedos so I knew it wasn’t going to take long for things to heat up. Stewart had been to an earlier party and took it upon himself to offer to go sans speedo, in the hope that everyone would follow. He was hard and hard a nicely-tuned athletic body. The rest of us did take the cue, and stripped off our speedos. Stewart took a liking for Mark and started straddling him on the seat he was sitting. Wow things were heating up very quickly! Full-on French kissing was there to be seen and was getting the rest of us pretty horned up. Mark had a huge boner, his uncut cock a thing of beauty. Stewart started to work on Mark’s member and Mark was moaning in absolute delight.

While this was happening, some of the boys had taken up seats on the two sofas, it didn’t take long for the lads to pair off and engage in similar activities to that of Stewart and Mark. If only we had a camera filming all the XXX activities! On one sofa, Kyle and Brett were seated next to each other and in front of both on their knees were Brad and Ben, each were working over Kyle and Brett’s cut cocks. Brad couldn’t get enough of Kyle’s tool, he was taking all of it down his throat almost gagging. Not to be outdone, Ben was working overtime on Brett’s member, a few of the lads were enjoying just watching the action unfold.

By this stage, Mark had grabbed a condom and some lube and had Stewart sitting on him and riding him up and down. Mark could not contain his excitement, a bottle of beer that was near him accidentally got knocked over due to the banging on the side of the kitchen bench. It didn’t take Mark long to cum, Stewart rode him vigorously to the that stage and Mark let out a funny yelp as he came and his face contorted into some weird pattern. Stewart then started jerking himself and soon after came all over Mark’s stomach. Peter couldn’t help himself as he was watching Stewart and Mark go at it that he chose to lick up Stewart’s cum off Mark’s sweaty chest.

Not to be outdone, the lads on the couch had taken things up a gear, both Brad and Ben were now pounding into the arses of Kyle & Brett. Kyle was certainly enjoying the moment. Michael was leaning over him and feeding his cock to Kyle who was slurping on this fine tool while being pounded by Brad. Brad’s nice, firm butt cheeks were delightful to watch as they tightened and loosened on each thrust penetrating Kyle. Kyle started stroking his own cock and it wasn’t long before he beat out a splash of cum that landed on his chest. This pushed Brad over the edge and his whole body spasmed as he ploughed into Kyle’s tight hole and filled up the condom with a load of cum. Ben and Brett were similarly going at it like hounds and it didn’t take long for either to cum soon after.

Some of the guys who had been involved in the early XXX activities showered up and chose to say their goodbyes and leave the party, that left the rest of us to go jump in the pool and recharge.

When all the lock down stuff finishes, I think I should go along to this little gathering in Sydney don’t you?

June 19th, 2020

My Day…..

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The weather here lately has been kinda crappy.  There are strong westerly winds blowing off the middle of Australia and there are some bush fires out there so the sky is super dusty/smokey.

This morning I woke up to probably the worst dust/smoke I have ever seen.  Imagine the opposite of this photo.

Beautiful Speedo Beach

I was thinking maybe I wouldn’t go to the pool for a swim today because of the air quality.  But then I saw this photo which looks absolutely delicious and it motivated/inspired me to get off my arse and get to the pool.

Swimmers Body

After banging out a quick 2,000m I felt awesome!!!

Speedos Are Awesome

December 3rd, 2019

Coach is Cumming Over

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Sunday morning here on the Central New South Wales Coast (that is 90 minutes north of Sydney for those of you who aren’t familiar with where I am).  It is a gorgeous looking morning as I sit here in my kitchen looking out as the sun is rising.

I’m up early because I have been working was too much this week and over the weekend Kip and I have been working closely on some projects and instead of partying, I’ve been working.  Things I do for you guys.

Here is my rough plan for today:

  • Write this blog post for you guys.
  • Surf with the boys.
  • Put on breakfast for anyone who is hanging around.
  • Do some more work.
  • Have a nap.
  • Do some more work.
  • Go for a little walk along the beach (pick up milk and eggs).
  • Strip down to my speedos and go for an afternoon swim.
  • Do some more work.
  • Wait for the swim coach to arrive and fuck his arse!!!

Ow yeah.  The Swim Coach (click here to read about the first time we hooked up) texted me late last night (he might have been out partying) asking if I’d be interested in hooking up late this afternoon.

I’ll wait until a little bit later today to message him but hopefully he wasn’t just drunk texting and will show up and allow me to plow his arse again.

I did have one naughty idea/thought…. I wonder what Alex and his boyfriend are doing later today?  They might just happen to be here at my place when the Swim Coach gets here and we could just see what happens?  My only concern with that is just how discrete the Swim Coach is and that might upset him and just might not be something he is interested in.

Boys will be here any minute for our morning surf.  Leave a comment on what you think I should do regarding asking Alex and his boyfriend to come over.

Surfing in SpeedosSurf Speedo

May 25th, 2019

Hottub Ornament

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It is Sunday morning here in Aussieland and I’m up early and about to drive down to Sydney to spend the day being a ‘hottub ornament’.

The weather is supposed to be OK this morning before turning to custard later today with a bit of a winter burst from the south.

You don’t care about my weather report though, I feel you asking, what is a hottub ornament?

Earlier in the week one of my new members here (I love my members) emailed me asking if I wanted to come down to Sydney and hang out in his hottub.  Since things are getting colder I thought why not.  It also helps that this guy is early 30’s and super super super hot and loves speedos.

He is recently single and feeling a little down and I told you guys I love my members.  So off I go.

Keep an eye on this space to hear what happens.

He really is hot… like this hot!!!

Speedo Perfect

May 10th, 2019

Non Speedo Weekend

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The weekend weather forecast isn’t looking that good which is OK since I have a bunch of work to catch up on.

It is funny that my weekends are generally a quieter time for me sexually/speedo’ly.  During the week all my mates are working and I’m at the pool where I could get a random blowjob from the Married Guy (like I did on Thursday).  But on the weekends my mates are constantly dropping by or hanging out watching sport or playing back yard cricket (I don’t have to mentioned drinking because both of those activities involve drinking).  I love it, and I also love it on Sunday evening when things get quiet and I wonder to myself…. “What sort of naughty speedo fun can I get up to this week?”

It is only Saturday morning and I’m writing this quick blog post before I go for a surf with the boys (half of whom store their surfboards at my house which is why they drop by all the time).  With little to zero change of any speedo fun until next week, I will enjoy the quiet time.

I see that the past blog members have been enjoying their free membership to in celebration of my 3,000th post.  The server bandwidth has gone through the roof as those guys are all watching a fair amount of speedo porn.  Don’t pull too hard guys!!!

Here are the Speedo Photos of the Day from last week.  I hand pick these photos, perhaps my hand is involved in other ways and hopefully your hand is too.

December 14th, 2018
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