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Too Cold to Speedo it up?

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Winters here in Australia can be beautiful, low 20’s (70F) blue sky days.  The days get short, but not too bad, it is dark around 5:30pm right now.  I think because I’ve spent a bit of time with Kip (my server admin and tech guru) in Colorado I am a little bit accustomed to cold and I find the water is warm enough all year round.

But, the last week or so it has been colder here.  This morning it was 10C in the house here.  Again, it is a gorgeous day without a cloud in the sky, there is just a little bit of a southerly wind (coming up from Antarctica).

It is also a great time of the year at my pool because there is nobody there.  Maybe three out of the last four times I’ve been there, I’ve been the only person.  Which means zero potential for any naughty speedo action, or even some speedo eye candy, but it is nice not having to share lanes or cancel because there is a school swimming carnival on.

Around this time of year I start to plan my trip to see Kip in Colorado for a snowboarding trip in January.

With all the covid travel restrictions I really can’t see that being possible.  We talk pretty much every day but I really miss that guy, and his hottub.

OK, I should get off to the pool.  One thing I’m working on today for you guys is one of my favourite speedo threesome movies.  It is nearly ten years old but it is really hot.  I’ll have it ready for you guys to watch on Friday.

For those in the northern hemisphere, enjoy the warm weather, and for my mates in the southern hemisphere, be brave.

May 18th, 2021

Speedo Twink Gets Slammed

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Little bit overcast this morning and I’ve been working (it is Saturday, jeez I work hard keeping you guys horny).

When I woke up this morning I was horny… I remembered a hot speedo movie that I haven’t watched for a while. I found it, and enjoyed it.

I love how the twink is all cheeky and naughty just knowing how hot he looks.  And when that Daddy/Bear starts fucking him that grin changes to a grimace….

Cheeky Twink Pre Anal


Bear Cock inside Twink Twink Fucked by Daddy Twink and Daddy


Want to watch the movie yourself?  Click here to join now and watch the full 23 minute movie.

October 31st, 2020

Hottub Ornament

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It is Sunday morning here in Aussieland and I’m up early and about to drive down to Sydney to spend the day being a ‘hottub ornament’.

The weather is supposed to be OK this morning before turning to custard later today with a bit of a winter burst from the south.

You don’t care about my weather report though, I feel you asking, what is a hottub ornament?

Earlier in the week one of my new members here (I love my members) emailed me asking if I wanted to come down to Sydney and hang out in his hottub.  Since things are getting colder I thought why not.  It also helps that this guy is early 30’s and super super super hot and loves speedos.

He is recently single and feeling a little down and I told you guys I love my members.  So off I go.

Keep an eye on this space to hear what happens.

He really is hot… like this hot!!!

Speedo Perfect

May 10th, 2019

Hottub Blowjob Movie

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This is a little bit of an automatic blog post since I am in transit back to Aussie.

Some of those highlights of my Colorado trip involved hottubs and blowjobs (and speedos).  So I thought it was appropriate to share with you guys one of the hottest new blowjob movies I’ve seen in a while.

Here is a 4 minute sample…. it is the blowjob part of the movie.

If you want to see the rimming, anal and cumshots (just under 23 minutes) then you should join my site  There are hundreds of hours of HD speedo porn just like this.

March 6th, 2019

How horny are you?

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I find it strange how sometimes I’m super horny, like jerking off half a dozen times a day horny.

Then other times I’ll go two or maybe sometimes three days without cumming.

I think the factor for me is how busy I am.  Lately I have been busy (hence a lack of blog posting) and I have not been horny.  So today, I am dedicating myself to working here on the blog.  My first task was to setup a new Movie of the Week.

How I choose the Movie of the Week is by going through the movie archive on my site and finding something that I like.  Usually it is something I haven’t watched for a while, there is over 100 hours of speedo porn there.  Today I starting watching a movie I added earlier in the year titled Hottub Bear.  It is really fucking hot!!!

Very cute twink and a old bearish guy in the hottub. Twink is wearing a cute pink speedo, bear is wearing classic red speedos.

The bear is a top and after sucking his fat cock, the twink bends over and takes an arse pounding for the ages.

I got two minutes and forty-three seconds into this movie (where the last screen shot of the bear with his hand sliding down the front of the twinks speedo) and I was 100% horny again.  Since I haven’t jerked off for a couple of days I know I have a huge load building up and I want to share it.

So I texted my Married Guy “Wanna fuck me?”

His reply came through in seconds “I thought you’ve never ask, I’m knocking off early today, will be at your place around 1pm.”

I think my non-horny spell is over.  I’m going to see if I can make a run from my place to the ocean with my cock straining the front of my speedo and cool down a little bit.

If you are feeling not very horny, I can guarantee that looking at the movies on will help you out.

And for blog members, I’m feeling horny and want to share it with you so here is full twenty-two minute movie for you guys.  If you want to watch this click here to join now or swing over to

Hot Tub Bear and Speedo Twink

October 25th, 2018

My liver hurts

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This morning I woke up to a blemishless blue sky and everything was white after nearly 10″ of snow over the weekend.

It was Thursday since we had a clear sky, and it was Thursday since I woke up with a clear head.  Man did we party this weekend.  Nothing too naughty just one after another.  Friday night was just hottub and went out for a few beers which turned into a session that didn’t finish until 4am back at the hottub – just Kip and myself.

Then Saturday night some neighbours of Kip’s came around after dinner.  There were thoughts of going out but I looked at the clock and it was already 2am.  Later, much later, it ended up myself and this couple that live down the street.  At one point I thought that things were going to develop into something x-rated but they didn’t.  I saw the couple the next day and everyone was feeling a bit rough.

But, all that is behind us and Kip and I got first tracks this morning and I’m looking forward to getting some boarding in this week and not drinking as much, or actually maybe not at all until Friday.

Any of you guys get up to anything naughty?

November 12th, 2012
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