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My Favourite Speedos… for now

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Today I was just surfing around and one of the speedo guys I follow on the Twitter just bought a pair of Addicted speedos, they happen to be my favourite speedos right now too.

Ben is a 20yo Kiwi guy who loves swimming, and taking speedo selfies.  If you are a member, click here to see his profile (if not, click here to join so I can share this with you).

Yellow Addicted Speedos

Here are some of my speedo selfies…. since I am wearing these to the pool ever couple of days I’ll post some more personal selfies for members next week.


And here is a ‘real’ speedo model wearing these.  Do you guys like these?  If you would like to buy a pair, email me and I’ll let you know where to get them.

November 1st, 2023

Red Speedo Day

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Does anyone else feel like their horny levels follow the weather?

Weather here has been a bit hit and miss over the last 10 days or so and I haven’t been feeling all that horny.  I often post and write more when I am horny.

My week so far, woke up very hungover on Monday morning so dragged my sorry ass to the beach, fell asleep listening to tennis on my phone and woke up a little bit sun burned but nice top up for my speedo tan.  I did jerk off at the beach but I haven’t since.  Tuesday, spent all day in the office but managed to walk to the pool for a swim.  Wednesday (yesterday), spent all day in the office and didn’t even leave the house.  I was exhausted though and fell asleep watching TV in bed before 9am.

Today, Thursday, I am up early, already nailed 4 hours of work (running a porn empire is mostly paperwork and programming).  The weather is OK, not good enough for a day at the beach, so I’m going to go for a nice long walk and swing by the pool on the way home.

Tomorrow, it is supposed to rain all day so another boring office day.  But, there will be some goodies for you guys to enjoy over the weekend (I’m not telling, you’ll have to check back).

I am wearing red speedos to the pool today and if I run in to this guy at the pool…. I would probably get a little bit less work done and be a lot hornier.  Darn he is hot isn’t he?!?!?!

He is today’s Speedo Photo of the Day on my site

Red Speedo SwimmerSwimmer in Red SpeedosCo Ed College Swimmer in Red Speedo

September 8th, 2022

Horny at the Pool

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Just back from the pool and settling in to a long afternoon editing video content.  For you guys, that means a new Movie of the Week tomorrow.  How does a carwash that turns in to an orgy sound?

Red Speedo Car Wash

As I got to the pool today as I was dropping my shorts, this very hot young guy (mid 20’s) jumps out of the pool right in front of me wearing red speedos.  We smile and say hello, which I’m amazed I could with my tongue hanging out.  I’ve never seen him before but I’d like to see him again.

Red Speedo Guy

So I bang out my usual swim routine (takes me about an hour) and of course, the entire time I’m thinking about the cute red speedo guy.

After my swim I head to the change rooms, get a shower cubicle and jerk off.  Picturing the red speedo guy knocking on the door of course.

Don’t know what it is, but there is just something naughty about jerking off in a public place.

Speedo Horny

June 20th, 2022

Showers at the Pool

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Here is a little bit of background for my experience a few weeks ago at the Surf Life Saving Championships.  This experience happened about 9 months ago and while I see these two guys around at the pool every now and then, this was the only time we fooled around.

The ‘swimmer’ that I talk about, is my friends son.  He is completely in the closet, has a smoking hot girlfriend but likes to do some ‘gay’ things on the side.

This was originally for members only, but I’ve decided to share it with everyone just so you know how I first met the ‘Str8 Son’.

Last night I went to the pool late and ended up having a threesome in the showers.

Usually, I go to the pool during the day.  It feels warmer, I get some work on my speedo tan and in the middle of the day the pool is generally quiet.  Yesterday (Friday) I was busy with work all day and time just got away from me.  The pool closes at 9pm and just before 8pm I decided to go for a late night swim.  I really wanted to get out of the house and had nothing else planned.

The pool was quiet at that hour.

I banged out a 2km swim and felt great for making the effort.  Takes me about 40 minutes.

I jumped out of the pool and started drying off.  Usually, I just towel down and throw shorts over my speedos and go home.  Little bit of a wet bum but it dries out pretty quickly.  I’ve only used the showers/locker room once when I had a meeting after my swim and needed a shower.

There I was drying off and I noticed out the corner of my eye one of the lifeguards and a very hot swimmer going in to the locker rooms.  The lifeguard was in his yellow and red lifeguard shorts and shirt, the swimmer was wearing black speedos and had his towel over his shoulder.  Both guys in their early twenties.  It got my attention and I thought I’d go and see if there was anything going on in there.

The change rooms are pretty big.  The first room I walked in to is a place for people to get changed.  It has bench chairs around the walls and some lockers.  On one of the chairs was the lifeguards uniform and next to that, the towel that the swimmer was carrying.

Now I was getting excited.  I dropped my gear on one of the chairs.  I was now wearing a pair of red speedos and nothing else.

I walked in to the shower area.  It is a big space as well.  One wall is open with maybe 8 or 10 shower nozzles on the wall.  The opposite site has cubicles with showers for more privacy.  I couldn’t see anyone but I could hear the shower at the very last cubicle running.  That must be where the two guys were.

I walked down to the last shower nozzle and turned it on.  I turned around and had a view in to the last cubicle.  There was the lifeguard on his knees sucking off the swimmer.  To be honest, they had stopped because I had surprised them but I smiled, gave them nod of approval and started rubbing my cock through the red lycra material of my speedo.  The lifeguard was also wearing a red speedo.  His hand was down the front of it jerking his cock while his mouth worked the swimmers cock.  It was a beautiful sight.

Shower Blowjob

My cock had stiffened and with the water of the shower cascading over me I undid the drawstring on my speedo and released my cock.  Tucking the speedo under my balls I started stroking my cock slowly while I soaked in the view of the two young guys.

Here is a dick of mine just so you can see exactly what I am talking about, hehehe.

My Cock in a Red Speedo

The swimmer waved me over, inviting me to join them in the shower cubical.

As I stood next to the swimmer he started stroking my cock.  My left hand slid down the back of his black speedo and started playing/fingering his butthole.  We started making out.

Swimmer Gets Blowjob

It wasn’t long until he started moaning and then we broke off our kiss and he let out the all familiar moans of orgasm.  The lifeguard didn’t miss a drop and kept his lips wrapped around his cock.  Once he had gotten every last drop, the lifeguard moved his lips from one cock to mine.

Double Blowjob

Now that the swimmer had free hands he repeated what I had done to him and slipped his hand down the back of my speedo and started fingering me.

It was too much, I started cumming.  The lifeguard swallowed it all.

I figured it was my turn to service the lifeguard and started to get on my knees but the swimmer stopped me.  He told me that they were going home and the swimmer was going to let the lifeguard fuck him.

I wasn’t invited back for the fucking, but the guys said that they might do the same thing next Friday night.  Sounds like I have a date next Friday.

This week I’ll be sharing with you guys what happened when we met in other in ‘public’.

Guys, most of what I’ll be sharing will be for members only.  When I created the Members Area of this blog a few years ago the idea was to allow me to publish details and experiences that I don’t want to be 100% public.  So far it has worked well (before the members area I didn’t publish any of my speedo selfies).

If you want to find out what happened with the swimmer, please consider joining, it is only $5 and nothing ‘adult’ or porn related comes up on your statement.  If you have any questions about membership, please shoot me an email (

May 15th, 2022

Bottom Types

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Happy Thong Thursday guys….

This is a nice collection of different types of swimwear bottoms.  What would you call them?

Please leave a comment with the answer (from left to right).

Swimwear Bottoms

November 4th, 2021

Young Couple Speedo Shopping

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This is a story I posted over on but since it is so hot I thought I’d share it with members here.

After our encounter over the weekend (you can read that on my blog), Jess and I were spending a lot more time around one another outside of class. One particular afternoon in mid May we were once again going to meet up at the mall after I had spent some more time at the library.

Once we were at the mall and had found a place to sit and eat, Jess brought up bathing suit shopping again. I asked her why she needed another new bikini (as if you can ever have enough, right? but I was young and foolish…)

She said, “Not for me this time, for you.”

“Oh,” I said. I knew where this was going. This was back in the 90s and Speedo had a chain of retail stores. There was one in the mall. I’d never been in it, I’d never needed to. The swim club where I swam had a store where you could buy your suits, goggles and anything else you needed, so I’d always just gotten my speedos from there.

It was late in the evening, so the mall was not crowded and stores would be closing in about an hour and a half, so I didn’t think the chances were high that we would be seen by people we knew, and trying on speedos for Jess sounded like fun.

“Ok, sure,” I said.

“You didn’t really have a choice.”

We got up and walked over to the store front. The store was deserted except for the one sales clerk behind the counter. The store wasn’t very big, with women’s suits on the left wall, two tiers high. The middle of the store were displays of goggles, caps, bags, sweats, etc. On the right side were the men’s suits.

This was the glory days before jammers and all the suits were speedo briefs. There were all kinds of prints, colors, and cuts. It was a sight to see.

“Wow,” she said, “there’s so many! This could take awhile.”

The sales clerk noticed us and started walking over. He was a few years older than us, probably a senior in college.

“Can I help you find something?” he asked.

Jess jumped right in, “We’re looking for a suit for him,” she said, pointing to me.

The guy looked a bit surprised for a second, but quickly smiled and said, “Sure, all of our men’s suits are over here. Is there something in particular you are looking for?” as he was looking me up and down.

Jess said we weren’t sure yet. The clerk said he tried on speedos all the time and could help make some suggestions. He went over to a rack about midway down the sidewall of the store and picked up a blue square cut suit with a small zipper pocket on the front right hip.

“I think this suit would rock on him.”

Jess considered and said, “Let’s start with that one.”

He led us over to the fitting room, which was all the way in the back on the right, and opened up right next to the men’s suits racks. I walked in and took the suit from Jess and closed the door.

I pulled off my pants and shoes and then pulled the suit up. It did feel pretty good. It didn’t have a lot of room up front, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. I was starting to get a little hard, though. After a minute or two, Jess knocked on the door.

“Are you ready yet?”

I reached for the doorknob and opened it a bit. Her face was right there in the door and she pushed it open. The clerk was standing there too.

I must have hesitated to come out for a second too long, because they both prompted me to get my ass out of the changing room.

Looking me up and down, Jess said to the clerk, “You’re right, I do like that. But let’s try some others to compare.”

She handed me a brief with a three or so inch side. I went back into the dressing room and stripped off the square cut. I pulled up the briefs. I was still semi-hard, but not too obvious yet. I adjusted myself as best I could and opened the door again.

“That’s more like it,” said Jess.

“Oh yeah, that’s heading in the right direction,” agreed the clerk.

Jess looked at me with a smile, “We’re not done yet, though. Here’s the next…”

This continued for three more suits. The last two were both solars (they are the smallest suit speedo makes). The first was black. By now my cock was more than just semi-erect from all this attention. I pulled the black solar up and again adjusted myself before opening the door.

Jess and the clerk were waiting. “Come on out,” said Jess. “We want to see.”

Speedo Shopping

“Wow,” said the clerk. “Don’t you think that shows off the package too much?”

“Not at all” said Jess.

I stepped out of the change room but didn’t venture far from the door.

“No, I mean come all the way out here to where the big mirror is” said Jess.

I looked over to where she was pointing and it was out practically in the middle of the store, easily within view of the mall outside. I was simultaneously terrified and turned on. I walked out into the middle of the store and stood in front of the mirror, as ordered.

Sorry guys, the rest of this is for members only.  If you would like to read more experiences like this, scoot over to  There are some pretty hot bisexual movies there.

January 28th, 2021
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