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Speedo Model

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Someone sent me a link to these Arena speedos on Amazon.  I followed the link as I was curious to see the price…. holy cow they are $55.

While disappointed in the price, I was very happy with the cute brunette speedo model.  He looks delicious and I bet they sell more of these speedos because of him.

Anyone own a pair of these?  I have owned Arena speedos in the past and from memory they were good.  Nice fit, lycra, they did tend to fall apart and elastic goes on them but that happens with most speedos when you wear them ALL the time.

Members, click here for the Amazon link.

Boner in Arena Speedos

November 24th, 2023

Like my new speedos?

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In my last speedo order I got these green ADDICTED speedos, I’m not 100% sure if I like them or not.  What do you guys think?

New Speedos

August 3rd, 2023

Too Many Speedos

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A few weeks ago I received my first pair of green speedos (click here to see some speedo selfies of me wearing them).  Those green speedos complete my ‘solid’ speedo collection.

Now, I have completed my ADDICTED speedo collection and here it is…..

Addicted Swim Briefs

My latest two are the black/yellow and the orange/white ones, which should I wear to the pool today?

Here is a collection of some very hot guys wearing these speedos which obviously caused me to buy them.

If any members are interested in where I bought them (they are pretty cheap), just drop me an email.

May 25th, 2023

Guys Wearing My Speedos

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If I look back of time, my speedo purchases have definitely been influenced by seeing hot guys wearing them.  Either models or amateur guys.  Right now I have a few pair of ADDICTED speedos and it is definitely because of all the pics popping up of real guys wearing them.

My Turbo speedos that I wear to waterpolo, that purchase (they are pretty expensive) was influenced by some very hot guys (often the header image on the blog here).

How about you guys?  What influences your speedo purchases?

First up, these are the speedos I’m going to wear to the pool today.  Adidas 3-stripe, with red stripes.  These just fit perfect and I love the lycra material….

ADIDAS Speedo Selfie

I have these in black and I often wear them when I am working on my speedo tan in private because they are a little smaller.  Still suitable for the pool for lap swimming but only just.  The ‘Arena’ on the front of them does crack and is falling apart.

Red Speedo Selfie

I don’t have as many AussieBum’s in my collection as I used to.  I bought four pairs of just classic AussieBum’s for lap swimming but they don’t seem to last very well colour wise.  I just checked, I have a navy pair that are nearly as faded as the pair below, and a hot pink pair which the colour runs so I have to be really careful where I wear them.

Tight AussieBums

I own a pair of these Arena speedos in the exact same colour.  They are too small to be worn at the public pool but they feel amazing.  I think they are in a box of my things at Kip’s place in Colorado….

White Speedo Cock Shot

April 26th, 2023

Aronik Speedos

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I shared with you guys my experience with Christian on Friday night (scroll down or click here).

I mentioned that he was wearing a pair of Aronik speedos.  These are the ones he was wearing.

Aronik Speedo

While I am familiar with the brand Aronik, I had never seen a pair of these speedos in the flesh.  Their model shoots featuring amazing looking guys and from what I can tell, the company is based in Salt Lake City in Utah… weird place for a male swimwear brand.

The reason I don’t own a pair of these yet… they are US$95 a pair!!!

Maybe some one from Aronik will read this and maybe send me a demo pair?

Any readers own a pair?

February 21st, 2022

Black and White Speedos

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It was in late December that I finallly received my first pair of ADDICTED speedos and I really love them.  Sometimes a speedo brand won’t fit no matter what size you choose but other times, a speedo brand fits perfectly and that has been my experience with these new speedos.

I also love the way they look, colourful without being too ‘gay’ and I really do wear them everywhere.  Local pool swimming laps, the beach and my building pool.

These same speedo I can get in white as well and I think I’m going to order a pair.

Might be fun for my Landlord and I to be wearing matching speedos, one in black, one in white.  What do you guys think?

Click here to see the full gallery of me wearing mine:

New  White Speedos

February 9th, 2022
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