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Speedo Model

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Someone sent me a link to these Arena speedos on Amazon.  I followed the link as I was curious to see the price…. holy cow they are $55.

While disappointed in the price, I was very happy with the cute brunette speedo model.  He looks delicious and I bet they sell more of these speedos because of him.

Anyone own a pair of these?  I have owned Arena speedos in the past and from memory they were good.  Nice fit, lycra, they did tend to fall apart and elastic goes on them but that happens with most speedos when you wear them ALL the time.

Members, click here for the Amazon link.

Boner in Arena Speedos

November 24th, 2023

Speedo Check

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Grey day here but I’m just about to head off to the pool.

I wish there was someone at the pool to check my speedo like this lucky guy.

Speedo Check

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August 7th, 2023

Guys Wearing My Speedos

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If I look back of time, my speedo purchases have definitely been influenced by seeing hot guys wearing them.  Either models or amateur guys.  Right now I have a few pair of ADDICTED speedos and it is definitely because of all the pics popping up of real guys wearing them.

My Turbo speedos that I wear to waterpolo, that purchase (they are pretty expensive) was influenced by some very hot guys (often the header image on the blog here).

How about you guys?  What influences your speedo purchases?

First up, these are the speedos I’m going to wear to the pool today.  Adidas 3-stripe, with red stripes.  These just fit perfect and I love the lycra material….

ADIDAS Speedo Selfie

I have these in black and I often wear them when I am working on my speedo tan in private because they are a little smaller.  Still suitable for the pool for lap swimming but only just.  The ‘Arena’ on the front of them does crack and is falling apart.

Red Speedo Selfie

I don’t have as many AussieBum’s in my collection as I used to.  I bought four pairs of just classic AussieBum’s for lap swimming but they don’t seem to last very well colour wise.  I just checked, I have a navy pair that are nearly as faded as the pair below, and a hot pink pair which the colour runs so I have to be really careful where I wear them.

Tight AussieBums

I own a pair of these Arena speedos in the exact same colour.  They are too small to be worn at the public pool but they feel amazing.  I think they are in a box of my things at Kip’s place in Colorado….

White Speedo Cock Shot

April 26th, 2023

My Personal Speedo Selfies

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It has been a little while since I updated the ‘My Speedo Selfies‘ page on here.

So I did something about it….. had to add a bunch of photos of my Q-Swimwear speedos and my new Addicted speedos.

I have a brand new pair of ADIDAS three stripe speedos (red stripes, not white this time) but I haven’t had a chance to take any selfies of me in them yet.  Any nice weather/beach day we have had, the beach is super busy because of bloody school holidays – which has been extended for 2 more weeks because of COVID.

Usually this entire gallery is for members only but since I just updated it I’ll leave it open for the public for a few days.

Might convince you to consider becoming a member… it is only $5.

The link to the gallery of My Speedo Selfies is on the right had navigation under Members Links or you can click here.

My Speedo Selfies

January 22nd, 2022

Itsy Bitsy, Teeny, Weenie Asian Speedo

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What is the smallest speedo you would/have worn in public?

For me, the classic speedo solar is pretty revealing without being too naughty and I wear it maybe once a month to the pool I reckon.  My black Arena speedos (the one I’m wearing in the speedo selfie on the right hand side) is as skimpy as I would wear to the beach.

You can see a bunch of my personal speedo selfies of me wearing those speedos, click here (most pics are for members only, they are a bit revealing).

My Arena Speedos

Here is someone elses speedo selfie of them wearing the same Arena speedo just in blue:

Cummy Arena Speedo

I think I need to order some more of those Arena speedos, they are super sexy.  The guy who is the Australasian distributor for Arena is a fan and member of this blog so I might have to get some.  Early Xmas present for myself.  If you’d like to order a pair direct, shoot me an email and I can pass on the details.

Back to the topic at hand, how skimpy a speedo would you wear in public?

This guy pictured below, is it real?  Is it really a public pool?  If I saw him in the pool or the change rooms I’m pretty sure I’d just get on my knees and open my mouth.  I love the speedo confidence!!!

Tiny Asian Speedo

September 26th, 2021

Blowing Strangers

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When I wrote about last weeks experience with the two Slave Boys, I had to finish writing after I recounted how after they had sucked and rimmed me, I got on my knees and blew them both. After that I ended up just fucking them both, slowly, taking my time and they were begging me to fuck them hard and I just didn’t. I thought I could write more but, that was really it.

I did cum three times that evening, I was so horny, but often these experiences give me orgasms for weeks to follow. When I wrote about it my cock was so hard.

During that evening, between orgasms, it came up in conversation that the New Slave Boy has a spot at the beach a little north of where I live where he hangs out during the day in the dunes and blows random guys. This intrigued me as I knew the location he was talking about but had never heard of anything naughty going down there.

The New Slave Boy said he usually hangs out on the beach in a speedo near the dunes and when a guy starts approaching him, he walks in to the dunes and the guys follow him up there and he gobbles on their cock.

It is usually around midday and he said he gets a few tradies who stop there during their lunch break.

So, today I am up early doing some work and about 10am I’m going to head up to that beach. I’m going to take my surfboard and catch some waves and see what happens. I have checked and New Slave Boy will be there. Should be interesting.

I’ve just gotten home from spending a few hours at the beach and I thought you guys might like a report on what happened.

I was a little earlier than the New Slave Boy said he get there but I knew the exact spot and it was a nice quiet stretch of beach.  It was a little bit of a walk from the carpark to the spot but that is why it is secluded I suppose.  I dropped my towel, and my shorts and went for a surf wearing just my black Arena speedos.  Usually I wouldn’t surf just in speedos but I couldn’t see another person in the water and thought why not.

The Arena speedos I wore are super hot and I have some speedo selfies of me wearing them that I use as my profile pic on my blog as well as my online hookup apps.  I get them from the asian distributor in Singapore and they are more of an Asian cut but a bit smaller.  I get horny just putting them on let alone wearing them in public.  If you would like the details of the supplier I’m happy to share them.

There wasn’t much swell to surf but it was a beautiful day and it was nice just sitting out the back and getting some sun.  It might have been about an hour before I saw the New Slave Boy walking down the beach.  He had stripped down to a pair of AussieBum speedos and behind him I could see two guys following him about one hundred meters behind.  The New Slave Boy is nineteen years old, skinny, clean cut with a couple of discrete tattoos that weren’t not hidden by his speedo and kinky as hell.  And very outwardly gay.  Much different to the straight acting married guys I’ve been fooling around with lately.

I waved to the New Slave Boy, and he waved back.

When he got to where I had left my clothes and towel he laid his towel out but instead of lying down to work on his speedo tan, he just stood there looking at the two men walking up the beach.  Eventually they all exchanged waves and then the New Slave Boy disappeared up in to the dunes.  The two guys followed him and disappeared as well.

I wanted a piece of whatever was going on up in those dunes.

The next wave couldn’t come fast enough, I walked up the beach, dumped my surfboard and walked in to the dunes.  Nothing about my attire had changed, I was only wear my little black speedos.

Just out of sight from the beach I saw what was going on and it was a beautiful, erotic sight at that.

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May 27th, 2021
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