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Itsy Bitsy, Teeny, Weenie Asian Speedo

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What is the smallest speedo you would/have worn in public?

For me, the classic speedo solar is pretty revealing without being too naughty and I wear it maybe once a month to the pool I reckon.  My black Arena speedos (the one I’m wearing in the speedo selfie on the right hand side) is as skimpy as I would wear to the beach.

You can see a bunch of my personal speedo selfies of me wearing those speedos, click here (most pics are for members only, they are a bit revealing).

My Arena Speedos

Here is someone elses speedo selfie of them wearing the same Arena speedo just in blue:

Cummy Arena Speedo

I think I need to order some more of those Arena speedos, they are super sexy.  The guy who is the Australasian distributor for Arena is a fan and member of this blog so I might have to get some.  Early Xmas present for myself.  If you’d like to order a pair direct, shoot me an email and I can pass on the details.

Back to the topic at hand, how skimpy a speedo would you wear in public?

This guy pictured below, is it real?  Is it really a public pool?  If I saw him in the pool or the change rooms I’m pretty sure I’d just get on my knees and open my mouth.  I love the speedo confidence!!!

Tiny Asian Speedo

September 26th, 2021

Alex Ropped into a Threesome

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For those of you who follow my blog will know all about Alex, but for those of those of you who don’t, let me give you a quick run down of how we became fuck buddies.

I live in this coastal town an hour or so north of Sydney, I didn’t grow up here but have a group of friends who are awesome.  None of these friends know about my gay (or bi) activities and at this point in time, I have no interest in sharing my sexual habits with them.  So it came as a surprise when one night while partying at the local Beer Garden this guy Alex, who I knew but didn’t know that well, came up to me and said he knew about my blog and my naughty adventures.

At the time I was shocked and a little scared that he would ‘out’ me to the rest of the crew here on the coast.  Alex seemed one hundred percent straight to me, he had a typical Aussie beach chick girlfriend who he had been dating for a couple of years.  Turned out that Alex was even more in the closet than I was/am.

Despite sharing my speedo fetish, Alex had never been with a guy.  Zero, guy on guy contact but that all changed and I feel like I did a pretty good job introducing him to the world of gay sex.

Now, Alex is completely out of the closet and has a boyfriend, Adam, that he lives with.  He has been pretty cool and not ‘outted’ me to anyone and I get to join him and his boyfriend for some naughty fun every now and then.

Alex and I have had some threesomes (and foursomes and moresomes) but only ever with guys.  Since Alex broke up with his long time girlfriend, he hasn’t had sex with any women.

I hope that explains who Alex is and what our story is.

Fast forward to last Wednesday.  I’m sitting at home just working when I get a message from Alex saying he wants to come over for a drink after work and he is bringing a fan of mine.  I like Alex’s taste in men (his boyfriend Adam is hot) so I thought this sounded interesting.  I replied saying I look forward to it.  Sounds like a threesome to me.

The rest of the day I was pretty horny in anticipation.  I was so horny that I had to brave the cold water and went for a surf for an hour just to calm myself down.

Five o’clock finally approached, I actually lit a fire in my little fireplace, it is winter in Australia and while it isn’t that cold, it is cool enough.  Warmer temps inside the house would make it more comfortable to be wearing less, which is what I was expecting to happen once Alex arrived.  I stripped down to my new black Arena speedos which I just love.

Dave Evans Hottub

A little after five, there was a knock at the door.

Picture this, I’m somewhere between half and full hard in these tiny black speedos with nothing else on.  I open the door and there is Alex but he isn’t the first thing I see.  The first thing I see is this cute brunette who is a little shorter than Alex and I (we are both just over six foot I suppose).  My heart stopped!!!

In that split second I had a few thoughs; Did I read Alex’s message wrong? Who is this chick?  OMG, I feel naked.

Both Alex and the brunette chick were smiling while my brain was melting, overloaded trying to figure out what was going on.

“Hi Dave, I’m Marika, one of your biggest fans.”

Sorry guys, the rest is for members only.  It is only $5 to join.
Please login to access or click here to join now.

July 13th, 2019

Back in the USA

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I figure it was 38 hours of travel from the time I left my place in Australia to sitting in Kip’s hottub in Colorado.  It is a long trip but well worth it.

Kip was excited to see me, so much so that he fucked me hard in the hottub last night and blew me this morning before we hit the hill for some Sunday morning turns.  Not a bad welcoming.

I just got back from the grocery store, I’m cooking a Sunday Roast for Kip, his sister (who is now single) and his new neighbors (male/female couple from Denver).  I don’t think anything naughty will happen but you just never know.  This isn’t the infamous ‘Speedo Only Party’ that Kip likes to host every time I’m in Colorado, that will be in the coming weeks.

There was one other surprise waiting for me here… my new favourite speedos.  These are amazing!!!  I took them for a quick trial at the Rec Center (aka pool) here and I love them.

Will tell you guys more about them tomorrow but here are some speedo selfies I took in the change rooms (of course members see the unblurred versions (click here to join now).

Arena SpeedosMy Japanese Arena Speedos

January 27th, 2019

White Speedos

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Today I’m wearing white speedos, so I thought I’d post some pics of these white Arena speedos that look like that fit just perfectly!!!

I’ve owned a few pairs of Arena speedos, red, black and navy.  They were a great fit and I pretty much wore them all out surfing and swimming.  I’ve never had a white pair though.

I have been meaning to share a little more about the ‘Married Guy’ with you guys and I’ll having something for you guys tomorrow so stay tuned.  Kinda cold here so I’m off to the pool (heated pool) for some laps, I will have to change out of my white AussieBum Coolabah’s…. what should I wear instead?

White Arena Lycra Speedo

July 11th, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday

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Today is Super Bowl Sunday here in the US, I have to admit that I only found out about it this morning.

Kip and I are off to some mates of his to watch the game which should be fun.

Now correct me if I’m wrong that NFL/American football seems kinda gay, there is lots of lycra and those tight pants are very very tight.  Saying that, I believe there has only ever been 1, yes one, openly gay player and he didn’t last long.  I’ve got a feeling there are at least a couple of gay guys playing in the NFL and I’d even go as far to guess that there are some gay guys playing in today’s Super Bowl.

I don’t really have a team to barrack for but I think that Tom Brady seems like a bit of a douche (that is an American word I’ve added to my vocabulary) so I’m going to be going for the Falcons.  In that spirit I am wear my red Arena speedos under my jeans…. you just never know what we might get up to.

Red Speedo in the Pool

February 5th, 2017

Amateur Jerk Off Movies

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Over the last couple of months I’ve had some guys send me selfie videos of them jerking off in speedos.  Two of the videos came from members and two of the videos came from guys wanting membership which I did grant them because I loved their videos.

Since I received the movies I haven’t really been sure what to do with them, I have permission to put them online so I’ve finally decided to create a new part of my site as somewhere for guys to submit their speedo jerk off movies.  If the movies are of good quality I will give the submitter a free months membership.  What do you guys think?

When submitting I require proof of age, nobody under 18yo of course.  I’m OK if the videos don’t disclose your face and I can help with the video editing if that helps you out.

As blog members I’m going to share with you the first 4 speedo selfie movies.

This is the only ‘couples’ movies submitted so far.  These guys are members of and I gave them 2 pairs of speedos from Mensuas (online swimwear store – check it out as a gift for letting me publish this movie.  The guys are wearing a pair of classic Ice Blue AussieBums with the logo on the back and a pair of Speedo Endurance speedos.  They are pretty worked up and pretty horny as they dry hump each other.  They told me this is pretty average for them – hehehe.

Speedo Couple Dry Humping

This movie was submitted by Than, 22yo speedo fan from Hong Kong  I have to get myself a pair of those Arena speedos with the logo on the front, they look perfect.  Thanks Than for your submission and I’m sure you will be jerking off while enjoying your free months subscription to

Asian Jerking Off in Speedos

This movie is actually one of my mates.  He asked me not to share who it is so I’m going to have to play Mum.  I tell you what though, since I first learnt to jerk off, I have re-enacted this movie thousands of times.  Me on my back, wearing black speedos, cock in hand and cum on my stomach.  I actually did it this morning.  This is the longest of the jerk off movies at 10 minutes.

Wanking in Speedos

This movie is of a past member who video’d this about 5 years ago when he was 20yo.  The submitter was on a college swim team at the time and has a classic swimmers body and is shaved smooth, all over.

Red AussieBum Jerk Off in the Shower

August 22nd, 2016
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