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Super Bowl Sunday

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Today is Super Bowl Sunday here in the US, I have to admit that I only found out about it this morning.

Kip and I are off to some mates of his to watch the game which should be fun.

Now correct me if I’m wrong that NFL/American football seems kinda gay, there is lots of lycra and those tight pants are very very tight.  Saying that, I believe there has only ever been 1, yes one, openly gay player and he didn’t last long.  I’ve got a feeling there are at least a couple of gay guys playing in the NFL and I’d even go as far to guess that there are some gay guys playing in today’s Super Bowl.

I don’t really have a team to barrack for but I think that Tom Brady seems like a bit of a douche (that is an American word I’ve added to my vocabulary) so I’m going to be going for the Falcons.  In that spirit I am wear my red Arena speedos under my jeans…. you just never know what we might get up to.

Red Speedo in the Pool

February 5th, 2017

NFL Speedo Fans

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Although I don’t understand all the nuiances of American Football (NFL) I have come to enjoy watching it and I think I’ve got most of the rules down pat.

One rule which I wasn’t aware of is that you can’t watch a game while wearing speedos.

These two guys striped down to their speedos during the weekends Miami Dolphins game (it must be a lot warmer in Florida than it has been up here lately).

Good on these guys for speedo’ing it up, what a shame that they were told to put their shorts back on.  And that guy with the full beard has a smoking body!!!!

Where is the weirdest place you’ve speedo’d it up?

NFL SpeedoFootball SpeedoSpeedo NFL Fans

November 19th, 2013

Big Weekend

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How was your weekend guys?

Mine here was fun and busy.  Kip and I have a bunch of work that we are trying to get on top of and we had some catching up (aka fucking) to get sorted out between the two of us.

We were mostly just at home, there was a bunch of college football on Saturday, we went out on the town on Saturday night (we didn’t leave the house until 10:30pm and we had a few drinks under our belt before we went out).  The dance floor was torn up but we didn’t pick up although we did go back for an early morning hottub shag.

Sunday there was a bunch of NFL on and the Denver Broncos beat the Pittsburg Steelers – I’ve spent enough time in the US over the years that I actually enjoy the NFL.  I think AFL (Aussie Rules) has much better looking guys – there is no question about that.

This week we have a bunch more work to get done.  Today we are going for a mountain bike ride somewhere, I’ve got to post out the DE Swimwear to all the new and old members of and hopefully we’ll tick off a 14’er at some point this week – maybe Quandry.

Being a Monday I’ll pick a speedo colour – I never pick ‘black speedos’ so here is some black speedo eye candy.  Hope you guys had a good weekend and you’re looking forward to this week as much as I am.

September 10th, 2012
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