Super Bowl Sunday

Today is Super Bowl Sunday here in the US, I have to admit that I only found out about it this morning.

Kip and I are off to some mates of his to watch the game which should be fun.

Now correct me if I’m wrong that NFL/American football seems kinda gay, there is lots of lycra and those tight pants are very very tight.  Saying that, I believe there has only ever been 1, yes one, openly gay player and he didn’t last long.  I’ve got a feeling there are at least a couple of gay guys playing in the NFL and I’d even go as far to guess that there are some gay guys playing in today’s Super Bowl.

I don’t really have a team to barrack for but I think that Tom Brady seems like a bit of a douche (that is an American word I’ve added to my vocabulary) so I’m going to be going for the Falcons.  In that spirit I am wear my red Arena speedos under my jeans…. you just never know what we might get up to.

Red Speedo in the Pool

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Dr. Phil said,  

This is a lovely photos, thanks for it, Dave! (It snowed here today, which means schools were cancelled, and since I work at one that meant I got to stay home, which was nice because I’m also sick, so this was a day-brightener!)

Tom Brady is one of those classic examples of “looks aren’t everything.” He is very cute, but a mega-douche. I am not a football fan, but I’m pissed that they won, and did so by coming from so far behind. I mean, let’s face it, no one likes that…if you’re going to come from behind, come up close, right? 😉

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