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Speedo Check

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Grey day here but I’m just about to head off to the pool.

I wish there was someone at the pool to check my speedo like this lucky guy.

Speedo Check

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August 7th, 2023

Last Day to Order

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Hey guys, this is the last day to order some Arena speedos from a speedo fan who happens to have the Asian Arena distribution licence.  These are my favourite speedos right now, darn they are hot!!!

If you are interested, click here to see the directions in a post from last week to order some.

I’ve taken a bunch of selfies of me wearing these over the last week or so.  I would love to take a selfie video for you guys…. interested?

This movie (again, members get the full version but I’ve given a sample for everyone to watch), is a guy who is a little slimmer than I am but he is wearing the exact same black Arena speedos.  There are currently 8 orders and I’m going to order a red and navy pair.

February 6th, 2019

Back in the USA

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I figure it was 38 hours of travel from the time I left my place in Australia to sitting in Kip’s hottub in Colorado.  It is a long trip but well worth it.

Kip was excited to see me, so much so that he fucked me hard in the hottub last night and blew me this morning before we hit the hill for some Sunday morning turns.  Not a bad welcoming.

I just got back from the grocery store, I’m cooking a Sunday Roast for Kip, his sister (who is now single) and his new neighbors (male/female couple from Denver).  I don’t think anything naughty will happen but you just never know.  This isn’t the infamous ‘Speedo Only Party’ that Kip likes to host every time I’m in Colorado, that will be in the coming weeks.

There was one other surprise waiting for me here… my new favourite speedos.  These are amazing!!!  I took them for a quick trial at the Rec Center (aka pool) here and I love them.

Will tell you guys more about them tomorrow but here are some speedo selfies I took in the change rooms (of course members see the unblurred versions (click here to join now).

Arena SpeedosMy Japanese Arena Speedos

January 27th, 2019
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