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Homemade Speedo Porn

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As usual, I woke up feeling pretty horny this morning.  I went for my usual morning coffee, walk along the beach and jumped in the ocean.  Back home, I was still pretty horny and figured I would have to deal with my horniness before I could get stuck in to a day work.

Thankfully, one of my online friends (hopefully a real life friend in the future) has recently published some home made speedo porn.  His name is ‘S’ and I have posted a bunch of his pics and a fictional story about him on my site, click here to see those pics.

S’s new home made speedo porn was filmed with a guy who used to be a porn star.  I thought his name looked familiar and turns out I have some of his old movies in the archives.

This new home made speedo porn would do the trick helping relieve me of the boner in my speedos….

Watching Porn in My Speedos

For members, I have shared the links to the video as well as the Twitter addresses of both S and the porn star who had his ass plowed in the video.  If you aren’t a member, you should think about it.  It is only $5.

Pictured below…. me feeling a lot more relaxed….

Really Horny in Speedos

November 16th, 2023

Doctor Gives Me a Handjob and a Rectal Exam

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When I walked in to the doctors room, I recognized the doctor as a guy who lives in the building next to me.  My cock immediately starting stirring and I knew I was in trouble.

The Doctor is a thirties, fit, Asian guy who hangs out at his pool in speedos all the time.  From my patio I can see the pool in his building and I perv at him all the time.  OK, I will be honest,  I have jerked off MANY times watching him and thinking about him.  All year round The Doctor hangs out at his pool, primarily on weekends and he wears speedos all the time.  While I haven’t documented it, he has an extensive speedo collection because he rarely wears the same speedo more than once.

Over the past twelve months we have passed each other on the street and shared pleasantries but never more than a casual g’day.

Now I was about to strip down to my speedos in his office and I knew there was no way to keep my pending erection under control.

Walking in the door of his doctors office, we both recognized each other, even though he was wearing more clothing than I had usually seen him wearing.  Shaking hands we both laughed that we could finally put a name to the face next door.  He told me to sit up on the examination table and we began my skin cancer check.  Ow yeah, I was there for just a run of the mill annual skin cancer check and The Doctor is a dermatologist I had been referred to, but had no idea who he was before walking in to his room.

He got down to business and we chatted about medical stuff for five minutes or so.  All the while my cock was stirring.  Usually at these kind of appointments I have to strip down to my underwear, which for me is always speedos.  Doctors in the past have never said anything, I figured I’d just say I was on my way to the pool or beach if they asked.  My tan lines give away that I wear speedos anyway.  Despite all the small talk, all I was thinking about was that I would be stripping down to my new ADDICTED blue and maroon speedos that I have been sharing a bunch of selfies and dick pics of lately.

The Doctor began the examination on my head/face.  I remained sitting and he wore some weird glasses.  His hands were touching me and he was definitely up in my business, so much so, I could feel his breath.  Face done, The Doctor told me to remove my shirt and stand up.  He was all business, using a gel on different freckles/moles and then he would press this magnifying thing on it and look closely.  Again, he was very close to me and there was no way he hadn’t seen the bulge in my shorts.

Top half done, The Doctor stepped back a little bit and asked me to remove my shoes, and shorts just down to your speedos.  He must have picked that up from the drawstring that was just visible on my belt line.

By now, my cock was fully erect.  Up and to the right, which is how I pack in my fully erect cock inside the lycra of a speedo.

I kicked my shoes off, undid my belt, took a deep breath and slid my shorts off.  I kicked my shoes and shorts to the side and stood up in all my speedo glory, The Doctor was looking at my crotch and my hands instinctively covered my bulge.  I mumbled some kind of apology and The Doctor said it was completely normal, he said he has the same reaction when he wears a speedo in public.  I’m not sure what took over me, but I said “I might have noticed that.”  The Doctor laughed but got on his knees and started examining the freckles/moles on my legs.  Same proceedure as before, lots of touching, the gel and then his nose nearly touching me as he looked through the magnifying glass thingy.  At least three times, he brushed the front of my speedo, and each time I flinched a little bit.  The Doctor didn’t apologize or even acknowledge the touch.

It felt like this went on for ages and I was standing there practically naked and rock hard.  Finally The Doctor stood up and told me that everything looked fine and I went for my shorts.  The Doctor stopped me, he said “Before you go, would you like me to help you with that?”  Looking down at my crotch which had even started to ooze precum through the lycra.

“I would love that.  What did you have in mind?”

The Doctor told me to turn around and put my hands on the examination table.  I did what I was told and behind my back I heard him going through things on his desk.  Looking over my shoulder I saw The Doctor with one of those blue rubber gloves on and squirting the gel stuff over the index and middle fingers.  He came up on my right side.  His rubbered and lubed up left hand slipped down my butt crack and started rubbing my butt hole, his right hand started stroking my cock, keeping it inside my speedo.

This was the last thing I had expected at my Doctors appointment.

The Doctor then started wispering in my ear:

“I’ve watched you in your pool in your sexy little speedos.”

“Are you fucking that property manager who hangs out in the pool with you.”  Yes.  That is the manager of my complex and my landlord, I have written extensively about our sexual experiences.  He is a little older but fit and while he is married and outwardly completely straight, he had some gay experiences as a younger man and has definitely rekindled those with me recently.  We often hang out at the pool in speedos drinking beer and usually end up back at my unit fucking out brains out.  Interesting that The Doctor had picked up on that.

“Does he fuck you hard?”  Yes he does.

“I want you to go home and have him fuck you this afternoon.  And then when I get home, I’m going to come over and fuck you just as hard.  You up for that?”  Yes Doctor.

“And I want you to wear these cummy speedos of yours all day, don’t change them until after I have fucked you tonight.”  Yes Doctor.

By now I was on the edge of orgasm as The Doctor’s fingers were deep inside me.  As my hips started trusting he told me not to be too loud.

Then, I exploded in my speedo.  I do this probably once a week on my own, and it feels amazing.  The lycra all over the head of my cock adds sensation while also feeling a little restrictive.  As not to get my cum on his right hand, The Doctor gently squeezed by balls while I cock pulsed out cum.  It was going to be a mess.

“Well Dave, you can get dressed now.  On your way out be sure to make an appointment for twelve months time with the receptionist.  And I will see you at six o’clock out the front of your building.”

And with that, The Doctor pulled off the rubber glove, threw it in the bin by the door and walked out of the room like it had been just another appointment.  I was standing there with a speedo full of cum.

The rest of my day was pretty horny as well which I have written about as well, if you are interested.

Once outside the medical practice I messaged My Landlord “Hey mate, that darn oven of mine has been playing up.  I’ll be home in fifteen if you want to swing by.”

Writing about this has got me all worked up, I need to go jump in the ocean and cool down a little bit.  Let me know in the comments if you’d like to continue with what happened at 5pm.

October 9th, 2023

Speedo Check

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Grey day here but I’m just about to head off to the pool.

I wish there was someone at the pool to check my speedo like this lucky guy.

Speedo Check

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August 7th, 2023

Three Speedo Boys on the Beach

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Right now I am lucky enough to have two speedo friendly fuck buddies…. Matt who I met at the local pool and S (yeah that is what I call him) who is a fan of mine from Twitter.  These two guys couldn’t be more different.

Matt is an Aussie bloke, early thirties, who works in the mines so is home for two weeks, then away for two weeks.  He is broad shouldered, bronze tan although he is working on his speedo tan (right now it is a bit of a boardies tan), dirty blond, shoulder length hair that he has had to start wearing a swimming cap when doing swim training.  He isn’t ‘out’ and even had an on again, off again girlfriend.

S on the other hand is early twenties, moved to Australia from Japan in his mid teens.  He is a diver and I don’t think there is anyone who can make speedos look so good.  I’ve never had a fuck buddy who has a body as fit and tight.  S is out and proud, living in the city and sounds like a little gay slut, which I’m jealous of.

I’ve really only been hanging out with these guys for a few months.  I did tell both the guys about the other and they both sounded keen for maybe a three way catch up.  That got my mind thinking and I hatched a plan.  Half way between where S lives (city) and where Matt and I live (Sunshine Coast) there is an island where you can drive up the beach.  It is pretty and during the week there is usually nobody there so you can find a quiet stretch of sand dunes all to yourself.  Matt has a flash new red 4WD and knows that beach, S had never been up there but was keen so we made a date.

Nine am Wednesday morning Matt and I pulled in to the carpark area and S was there waiting for us.  He was wearing shorts but was shirtless, showing off his rippled stomach which got Matt’s attention.

Greeting all around, handshakes which I always think is funny.  Guys shaking hands in a formal greeting when they know full well that they are doing to be doing some incredibly intimate things to each other in the next few hours.  I tried to get S to sit in the front passenger seat but I couldn’t get it to happen.

We started driving on the track that leads to the beach and Matt pulled over to deflate the tyres.

Matt knew what he was doing and showed S and I what to do, this was S’s first time doing a 4WD trip on the beach.

Before getting back in the 4WD ute, Matt declared that this is a speedo day so he dropped his shorts.  S and I did the same and jumped back in.

S was wearing a classic black speedo that looked like it was spray painted on they were so tight.

Asian Guy in Black Speedos

Matt loves going through my speedo collection and earlier in the day he had picked out a pair of my Addicted brand speedos which have a zipper on each hip.  They are stripper speedos for sure.

Stripper Zipper Speedos

I was wearing my current favourite multi coloured Addicted brand speedos.

My Speedos

I had dreamed of getting three pairs of matching speedos for the day, something to look forward to next time.

From the carpark area there is a two kilometer drive down a sandy, rutted, track before hitting the beach.  It is slow going, bumpy and I had moved my hand over and was rubbing Matt’s cock and balls through the lycra of his speedo.  Otherwise, conversation flowed like three normal blokes going on a 4WD trip.

Matt’s cock got full hard quick and was straining to be freed.  There was a comment from Matt about the driver getting some benefits so I readjusted he my position, I slid the zipper on Matt’s left hip up and the front of his speedo just popped open.  The zipper/stripper speedos were kinda handy giving good access.

I bent over and went to work on Matt’s cock.  This was the first time I had ever performed fellatio on a guy while driving.  From memory a girl did it to me back when I was eighteen or nineteen, I am pretty sure I have better skills that she had back then.

Matt and S kept up a conversation while my lips and tongue slobbered over the head of Matt’s cock.  A couple of times he warned me of a bump coming up and I was surprised how the rough track/road didn’t really effect my technique.  I was working Matt’s cock but I wasn’t trying to make him cum.  After maybe ten minutes the road smoothed out and we were on the open beach.  Matt asked S if he wanted to drive (and get the driver benefits).  At first S declined saying he can’t drive a manual (stick for my North American readers), but Matt said it was the perfect place to learn.

The 4WD came to a stop and so did my blowjob.  Looking up at the beach for the first time it was beautiful, I think it is thirty kilometers of beautiful beach, could see two vehicles parked in the far distance and the water was blue and flat calm.

All three of us jumped out of the 4WD, Matt was trying to do up the zipper on his left hip but with his cock at full mast he had no hope.  He gave up, ditched them and put on a pair of my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.  I got a glimpse of the front of S’s speedo and he was hard as a cock as well.  S has mentioned to me in the past that he isn’t ‘hung’ but I think he is more than adequate and with such a tiny speedo, he was filling it out very nicely.

Matt handed everyone a beer and ordered me to the back seat.

S got in the drivers seat and had to pull the seat forward a little.  A little bit of coaching and S got us under way.  He didn’t even stall it.  Up in to fourth gear and S had us rolling along smoothly doing fifty.  Matt asked if S would like his ‘driver benefits’ now which S thought would be lovely.

I shuffled over trying to get a better view as Matt undid he seatbelt, undid the white drawstring on S’s speedos and popped his cock out the top of his speedo.  S shuffled his butt forward giving Matt better access, his speedos were tight so it took a bit of man handling but this wasn’t Matt’s first speedo blowjob and he managed.  He went to work on S’s cock.  I really didn’t have a very good view of what was going on.  S was enjoying it and put his hand on the back of Matt’s head, I told him he really should keep two hands on the wheel.

We passed two 4WD’s going in the opposite direction, S kept his game face on and waved.  Would have looked a little weird this hot young asian guy driving shirtless with nobody visible in the passenger seat but a shirtless guy (me) sitting in the back seat.  People can wonder.

S had told me how excited he was for the day and it was only five kilometers or so of receiving car head that he started approaching climax.  I wondered if Matt would take him over the edge or not, S gave him fair warning that he was getting close and if Matt kept doing ‘that’ with his tongue S would not be able to hold back.  S started moaning and the 4WD started slowing down.  Matt kept his lips around S’s cock and we slowed right down to under twenty kilometers per hour, if his orgasm lasted any longer S would have stalled the ute.

When S regained his composure, he downshifted and got us back up to speed.

Matt drank half his beer can and I congratulated him on taking the full load of S’s seed.  Usually Matt doesn’t take a load in the mouth, let alone swallow it all.  His excuse today was that he didn’t want to get cum on his car seats.

The next ten kilometers or so driving up the beach was one of the horniest times of my life.  Matt had one hand on S’s thigh, Matt had full boner, I had a full boner and the three of us were talking about sex.  At the northern end of the beach there are some camp sites, Matt knew the lay out of the land and we parked up about five kilometers short of the camp sites.  We really did have a lot of beach all to ourselves.  There was a 4WD parked up just in view to our south but it had to be a couple of thousand meters away and we couldn’t see anything to the north.  Matt directed S to park up in a spot that looked like it had some dunes for us to play in complete privacy (there were still 4WD’s driving past every now and then.

With fresh beers in hand, raging boners in our speedos, the three of us headed down to the water.  The tide was coming in and for the next six hours we would be stranded here.

For now, the rest of this is for members.

I love writing about, and sharing, my experiences.  There are some things that I need/like to keep discrete and the members area allows me to do that.  It is also membership fees that allow me to spend so much time on this blog and why there are no pop-up ads or crap like that.

November 9th, 2022

Aussie Asian Speedo Guy

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Some Asian guys look so darn hot in speedos.

I am working on a new area on my site to showcase more asian guys and I am starting to get a pretty decent movies collection in there.  There are some weird things about some of the Japanese content that I’ve looked at buying, it is super hardcore gay action, but then they blur out any cock images.

Don’t worry, I’m finding lots of asian speedo porn so if you like Asian Speedo Guys then I’ll keep you guys posted when I have that ready.

In the mean time, check out this Aussie Asian Guy.  He loves speedos and I wish I lived in his building where he loves wearing the tiniest of tiny speedos in his building pool.

Asian Speedo CockBoner in the Pool

I’m not going to disclose his name or any other details for his discretion but here is a link to his discrete Twitter account if you are interested:

Here are some of my favourite speedo pics of him.

Asian Speedo Guy

September 1st, 2021

A Great Speedo Butt

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Just a quick blog post this morning, it is a rainy old winters day here and I have a huge list of work to do today (no distractions like going to the pool or the beach).  I started at 6am this morning (I worked in bed for two cups of coffee and I’m expecting to be working until 7:30pm tonight.

There is a football game on later and my landlord is going to come up to watch it.

I hope he is horny because I need a good fucking.

I think my speedo butt is pretty tight but not as tight as this one…. what do you guys have lined up for the weekend?

This photo is today’s Speedo Photo of the Day over on my site

Asian Butt in Yellow Speedos

July 9th, 2021
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