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Aussie Asian Speedo Guy

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Some Asian guys look so darn hot in speedos.

I am working on a new area on my site to showcase more asian guys and I am starting to get a pretty decent movies collection in there.  There are some weird things about some of the Japanese content that I’ve looked at buying, it is super hardcore gay action, but then they blur out any cock images.

Don’t worry, I’m finding lots of asian speedo porn so if you like Asian Speedo Guys then I’ll keep you guys posted when I have that ready.

In the mean time, check out this Aussie Asian Guy.  He loves speedos and I wish I lived in his building where he loves wearing the tiniest of tiny speedos in his building pool.

Asian Speedo CockBoner in the Pool

I’m not going to disclose his name or any other details for his discretion but here is a link to his discrete Twitter account if you are interested:

Here are some of my favourite speedo pics of him.

Asian Speedo Guy

September 1st, 2021

Married Guys & Speedos

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I love it when I hear from str8 or married guys who love speedos.

When it comes to speedos, I want everyone to wearing them more and not to be just a ‘gay’ thing.

Over on the Speedo Forum ( I saw a post of a guy in these tiny Neptune Specter speedos.  This guy, who goes by SU, commented that he thought it was funny when the UPS guy came to the door with a tiny package which was labeled as ‘Male Swimwear’. SU said his wife thought it was funny too.

Before posting these photos I shot SU an email and he sounds like a pretty cool guy and he said it was OK to post these pics.

Married Speedo GuyMarried Speedo GuysMarried and SpeedosStraight Guys in SpeedosStraight Speedo Guy

May 8th, 2016

Waterpolo Guys

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Growing up I swam, was a junior lifeguard and played every other sport (cricket, rugby, tennis) but I never played waterpolo.  I can’t even remember hearing of anyone playing it.

It is probably a shame, I think waterpolo and my speedo fetish would go hand in hand – or hand in speedo.

Here are some pics from a new photo gallery that I have been working on.  Just imagine what these guys are getting up to in the change rooms after practice……

Waterpolo Players in Tiny Speedos Waterpolo Player Waterpolo Team Mates

August 30th, 2015

Kip’s Tiny White Speedos

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Hey guys, I’m blogging from Colorado after a day snowboarding in the beautiful sunshine followed by a post snowboard hottub session.

My trip went fine and I didn’t get searched with my red speedos on.  When I arrived at Kip’s place it was just on sunset and I pretty much dumped my bags, stripped down to my red speedos, poured a drink and got into the hottub.  Kip’s greeting was pretty nice too as he was wearing a tiny pair of Arena speedos that I left behind for him last time I was in town.

I think I’ll have to get some photos of them for you guys.

OK, I’ve got some work stuff to catch up on and we are off to Beaver Creek tomorrow.  Kip has some speedo/sex fun lined up for later this week but he is keeping quiet on the details.  Should be interesting….

Tiny White SpeedoTiny White Speedos

February 9th, 2015

Tiny Speedos

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I’m sorry I haven’t started publishing the story of Kip’s last night, I’ve started writing it and it was pretty hot and I’ve been getting pretty hot just writing it.

This week I’ll begin to share it with you guys.

Today I’m off to the pool for a swim with Alex during his lunch break which will be good.  There are a few more people at the pool now that the weather is warming up but still not enough people that we have to share a lane during the day.  Maybe I’ll have to go to the pool either first thing in the morning or after ‘work hours’ and see if there is any new talent.

After my last post I thought I’d share with you some more hot swimmers.  I can’t believe how tiny this guys speedo is?!?!?!

Today’s “Speedo Photo of the Day” features a guy wearing a TINY speedo as well – check it out –

Tiny Speedo

November 2nd, 2014

Asian Wings

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Somehow it came up in conversation that Kip hasn’t got his ‘Asian Wings’ (that is – he has never had sex with an asian guy).

I admit it took me a while to get my ‘asian wings’ but I loved it and it was awesome.

So, with this in mind.  Kip and I are taking applications for guys who want to get Kip his ‘asian wings’.  Only requirements, asian (of course), love speedos, vers or bottom and OK with being fucked by both Kip and myself.

We can host.

Asics Swimwear ErectionSpeedo Tan LinesTight Black Speedos

September 14th, 2014
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