Waterpolo Guys

Growing up I swam, was a junior lifeguard and played every other sport (cricket, rugby, tennis) but I never played waterpolo.  I can’t even remember hearing of anyone playing it.

It is probably a shame, I think waterpolo and my speedo fetish would go hand in hand – or hand in speedo.

Here are some pics from a new photo gallery that I have been working on.  Just imagine what these guys are getting up to in the change rooms after practice……

Waterpolo Players in Tiny Speedos Waterpolo Player Waterpolo Team Mates

3 Users Responded in " Waterpolo Guys "

Anonymous said,  

Darren says the guys on the left of pics 1 and 3 are great. It would not be difficult to slip their speedos down a bit further. I also would like to know what they get up to in the changing room!

Dave Evans said,  

Darren, the pic of these that got my cock stirring was the middle one of the guys butt.

Maybe we can double team, you take the front, I’ll take the back.


Anonymous said,  

Dave, sounds like a sound plan, it certainly is a great ass. The guy I like would certainly fill that speedo if he had a hard on.

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