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Grindr Date on Friday

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Weather has been pretty good this week and I have managed to get a couple of hours of beach time in.  My speedo tan was fading a little bit.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m outside in the sunshine, wearing speedos I seem to be hornier.  Anyone else feel like that?

While I was at the beach yesterday I flipped on Grindr to add some new pics (yeah, I like to keep my pics current) and saw this….

Speedo Butt

Looked pretty tastey to me so started chatting with the guy and he doesn’t have any uni classes on Friday morning and is going to meet me at the beach.

Here are full photos from his profile and an explanation of what the ‘Alex’ means (I’m sure some of you guys know what it means already but helping out my non-Aussie readers.

July 28th, 2022

Showers at the Pool

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Here is a little bit of background for my experience a few weeks ago at the Surf Life Saving Championships.  This experience happened about 9 months ago and while I see these two guys around at the pool every now and then, this was the only time we fooled around.

The ‘swimmer’ that I talk about, is my friends son.  He is completely in the closet, has a smoking hot girlfriend but likes to do some ‘gay’ things on the side.

This was originally for members only, but I’ve decided to share it with everyone just so you know how I first met the ‘Str8 Son’.

Last night I went to the pool late and ended up having a threesome in the showers.

Usually, I go to the pool during the day.  It feels warmer, I get some work on my speedo tan and in the middle of the day the pool is generally quiet.  Yesterday (Friday) I was busy with work all day and time just got away from me.  The pool closes at 9pm and just before 8pm I decided to go for a late night swim.  I really wanted to get out of the house and had nothing else planned.

The pool was quiet at that hour.

I banged out a 2km swim and felt great for making the effort.  Takes me about 40 minutes.

I jumped out of the pool and started drying off.  Usually, I just towel down and throw shorts over my speedos and go home.  Little bit of a wet bum but it dries out pretty quickly.  I’ve only used the showers/locker room once when I had a meeting after my swim and needed a shower.

There I was drying off and I noticed out the corner of my eye one of the lifeguards and a very hot swimmer going in to the locker rooms.  The lifeguard was in his yellow and red lifeguard shorts and shirt, the swimmer was wearing black speedos and had his towel over his shoulder.  Both guys in their early twenties.  It got my attention and I thought I’d go and see if there was anything going on in there.

The change rooms are pretty big.  The first room I walked in to is a place for people to get changed.  It has bench chairs around the walls and some lockers.  On one of the chairs was the lifeguards uniform and next to that, the towel that the swimmer was carrying.

Now I was getting excited.  I dropped my gear on one of the chairs.  I was now wearing a pair of red speedos and nothing else.

I walked in to the shower area.  It is a big space as well.  One wall is open with maybe 8 or 10 shower nozzles on the wall.  The opposite site has cubicles with showers for more privacy.  I couldn’t see anyone but I could hear the shower at the very last cubicle running.  That must be where the two guys were.

I walked down to the last shower nozzle and turned it on.  I turned around and had a view in to the last cubicle.  There was the lifeguard on his knees sucking off the swimmer.  To be honest, they had stopped because I had surprised them but I smiled, gave them nod of approval and started rubbing my cock through the red lycra material of my speedo.  The lifeguard was also wearing a red speedo.  His hand was down the front of it jerking his cock while his mouth worked the swimmers cock.  It was a beautiful sight.

Shower Blowjob

My cock had stiffened and with the water of the shower cascading over me I undid the drawstring on my speedo and released my cock.  Tucking the speedo under my balls I started stroking my cock slowly while I soaked in the view of the two young guys.

Here is a dick of mine just so you can see exactly what I am talking about, hehehe.

My Cock in a Red Speedo

The swimmer waved me over, inviting me to join them in the shower cubical.

As I stood next to the swimmer he started stroking my cock.  My left hand slid down the back of his black speedo and started playing/fingering his butthole.  We started making out.

Swimmer Gets Blowjob

It wasn’t long until he started moaning and then we broke off our kiss and he let out the all familiar moans of orgasm.  The lifeguard didn’t miss a drop and kept his lips wrapped around his cock.  Once he had gotten every last drop, the lifeguard moved his lips from one cock to mine.

Double Blowjob

Now that the swimmer had free hands he repeated what I had done to him and slipped his hand down the back of my speedo and started fingering me.

It was too much, I started cumming.  The lifeguard swallowed it all.

I figured it was my turn to service the lifeguard and started to get on my knees but the swimmer stopped me.  He told me that they were going home and the swimmer was going to let the lifeguard fuck him.

I wasn’t invited back for the fucking, but the guys said that they might do the same thing next Friday night.  Sounds like I have a date next Friday.

This week I’ll be sharing with you guys what happened when we met in other in ‘public’.

Guys, most of what I’ll be sharing will be for members only.  When I created the Members Area of this blog a few years ago the idea was to allow me to publish details and experiences that I don’t want to be 100% public.  So far it has worked well (before the members area I didn’t publish any of my speedo selfies).

If you want to find out what happened with the swimmer, please consider joining, it is only $5 and nothing ‘adult’ or porn related comes up on your statement.  If you have any questions about membership, please shoot me an email (

May 15th, 2022

Young Lifeguards First Gay Experience

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On Friday morning the Young Lifeguard came over to my place for his second gay experience.

He arrived right on time and I answered the door wearing a red speedo and nothing else.  We shook hands and he laughed at my appearance.  The Young Lifeguard said that he had been reading my blog all night and should have expected me to open the door wearing a speedo.  He asked if he should strip down and I said of course, if he wanted to.

I asked him if he wanted a coffee, which he did so I went in to the kitchen and told him to grab a seat on the couch.  There was a pot of coffee on and I was back in a jiffy.

Picture this; smooth, fit, hairless, swimmers body, wearing a black speedo brand speedo sitting on my couch with one leg tucked up under him.  If there is such a thing as heaven, this is what is waiting behind the pearly gates if I get to go there.  Amazingly hot!

I handed him his coffee and sat next to him on the couch, not too close but within reach of the front of that black speedo of his.

Speedo LickingSpeedo Guys on the Couch

To break the ice, and to get us both horny, I asked the Young Lifeguard about his previous, and first gay experience.

Two hours later, five loads of cum and two pairs of dirty speedos later he gave me permission to share that first experience of his with you guys and here it is.

Sorry guys, this is for members only.

If you’d like to become a member, it is only $5 and you’ll be able to read about things that I don’t want to be 100% public.  Click here to join now and read what happened between the Young Lifeguard and his swim coach.

If you have any questions/concerns about becoming a member, feel free to shoot me an email (

September 30th, 2021

Very Cute Young Lifeguard

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I’m excited to tell you guys about the very hot young lifeguard I picked up last week (now it is two weeks since this happened, sorry I get distracted).

It all happened on a Thursday.  I was up early working, I went for a swim at the beach, grabbed a coffee and a bit of a walk, back home working and all of a sudden it was about noon and I felt exhausted.  I had a little nap which is not something I usually do. I fell in to a pretty deep sleep and woke up an hour later and felt great.  I figured I had just enough time to get to the pool and get some laps in before all the after school crowd get there.  So I jumped in the car and scooted over.

I was wearing my Q-Swimwear, they red and black speedos which are pretty unique.  I haven’t seen another pair of those in public and I really don’t expect to (I think they are made in San Diego).  They fit great and look awesome, if I do say so myself.  I’ve taken some selfies of me wearing them lately as well if you are interested.

Anyway, enough fashion talk.

My pool session was awesome, I did my laps and felt so good I figured I’d do some interval laps until the pool got crowded.  A solid one hour workout.

In the pool during my laps I noticed one of the lifeguards standing around but I hadn’t paid any attention to him until I jumped out of the pool.  I totally caught him perving on me.  He was completely busted as he was looking at my speedo bulge while I was looking at him and he didn’t realise that he was staring.  When he finally looked up and caught my eye he was embarrassed and looked down at his feet.

This gave me a chance to check him out and he was super cute, even in his dorky lifeguard uniform.

The lifeguard looked pretty young.  The lifeguard uniform was red shorts, yellow shirts and a red baseball cap and they all looked a few sizes too big and he was about a head shorter than me (I’m 6’2″, so he is maybe 5’10”).

I took my time drying off and getting dressed (I just throw shorts over my speedos when I’m done).  I got to walk past the young lifeguard on my way out of the pool and he looked up and made eye contact.  I hadn’t planned anything but the first thing that came to mind was to say “I’m Aussie Speedo Guy, google my blog and let me know what you think.”  I gave him a wink and he said “I’ll check that out.”

My place isn’t far from the pool and in the five minutes it took me to be back inside my place, I was rock hard thinking about the young lifeguard and what I’d love to do with him.  I stripped down to my, still moist speedo, knelt on my bed and jerked off thinking about bending the young lifeguard over and fucking him hard and deep.

I didn’t forget about the lifeguard, but I put it out of my mind for the rest of the day.  I had a bunch of work to do which took my focus else where.

After dinner I was sitting on the couch, James Bond on the TV (I’m watching the last four Bond movies in anticipation of the new one coming out soon) and I had my laptop on my lap doing some light work.  I notice an email from someone I didn’t know.  Subject: G’day Speedo Guy from the Pool.

Of course that got my attention and I Alt Tabbed over to my email.

Yep, it was an email from the lifeguard (here it is slightly rewritten with slag removed and the spelling checked):

Hi Dave,

I can’t believe that my first day on the job as a lifeguard, I’m keeping the Aussie Speedo Guy safe.  I read your blog and follow your speedo adventures and couldn’t believe it when you said that to me at the pool today.  I checked your speedo selfies and your speedo confirms it is you.

I know you hate it when guys on online hookup apps don’t give any of their details so I’ll tell you a little about me.  I’m 18yo, finished high school last year and I was planning on going overseas and even had my work VISA for Canada but that isn’t happening with COVID so I’m stuck here and have applied to go to uni next year.

I live with my parents, lame I know.

I think I’m gay but I haven’t had any experience with guys except once which I’ll tell you about in person.

I’ve always been a swimmer and swam last year for the club at the pool you swim at.  With summer coming up they are short of lifeguards and that is how I got the job, it really was my first day today.

On you blog I read about how you helped Alex with discovering his gay-side (as you call it), would you like to help me?

You will have to take it slow but I think I look pretty good in a speedo (photo attached).

The photo was a speedo selfie of the young lifeguard wearing a blue speedo and looking every part the hot eighteen year old swimmer that he is.  Much cuter than his lifeguard uniform.

Picture below is not him, I’m not allowed to share that with you guys, but this swimmer reminds me of the Young Lifeguard.

The Young Lifeguard

I replied to the Young Lifeguard and gave him my mobile number, five minutes later we were chatting on the phone.

The next day the Young Lifeguard wasn’t working and would love to come over and hang out.  I suggested late in the afternoon/night but he had a family dinner but could make it mid morning.  I gave him my address and said I’d see him then.

Sorry for taking so long to write about this.  It was pretty hot and I’m also being careful with the Young Lifeguards privacy as well.

Before I tell you what we got up to in our speedos on Friday, let me share with you the Young Lifeguards first ever gay experience.

This is something I’m keeping for members only guys.  Click here to join now, it is only $5 and keeping it for members only keeps it a little more discrete which is the whole reason I created the members only part of this blog.

September 27th, 2021

Back to my place

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My day at the beach yesterday was lovely.

Nothing naughty to report, very few people around which was nice.

But I do have something else that is naughty to admit to you guys about what happened at the pool.

The pool closes at 6pm so I got there about 5pm and when I checked in/paid it was The Lifeguard from a month ago. We both recognized each other. With a bit of stuttering he told me that the change rooms would be closing early today and asked me if I could give him and a friend a ride home?

It was cute, he was trying to be discrete but it seemed much less discrete considering we didn’t know each others name or anything.

I had ridden my bike to the pool and it isn’t that far (5 minute walk) back to my place so I grabbed a pen and paper, wrote down my address and told him that he could swing by after.  He looked relieved that I had taken control of the situation.

The pool was pretty busy, training squads and stuff (which is why I usually swim during the day or in the morning).  I had to share a lane but my cock was stirring a little bit in my red speedos so when I dropped my towel I didn’t mess about getting in the water.

It was about 10 minutes in to my swim and people started leaving so I had the pool to myself.  I was trying to drag it out and ended up swimming further than I usually do.  I swam 2,500m freestyle and then did some breast stroke/kicks and freestyle sprints and got out of the pool just before 6pm which is closing time.

On the way out I saw the lifeguard and gave him a wave.

When I got back to my place it was dark so I waited out the front of my building complex to see if the lifeguard would come over.  It was about 15 minutes later when I saw two figures in the dark walking up the street.  It was the lifeguard and the swimmer with an amazing body from our last Friday night rendezvous.  They had seen me and waved.

Just as they got to me a car pulled in to the drive way… it was my landlord (and his wife).  He stopped, put the window down and said g’day.

He noticed the two guys that were now hanging back a little bit but waiting for me.

After the usual pleasantries, the landlord gave me a wink and said we should grab a beer in the pool tomorrow.

The three of us walked up stairs to my unit and had an amazing threesome.  All three of us wearing speedos which I tried to have them keep on as much as possible.  If you guys would like me to write about it in detail let me know.

So now it is Saturday just after 1pm.

I’m pretty horny and the sun is out so I might text my landlord and go have a beer in the pool with him.  There is a big footy game on tonight at 7:30pm which he might be interesting in coming over for…. we all know it won’t be all about the footy.

I might wear the red speedos that I was wearing last night… they need some of the cum stains cleaned out of them.

Red Speedo Boys

August 28th, 2021

Speedo Lifeguard

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Lifeguards these days don’t wear speedos… not here in Aussie anyway.  You will see guys from the Surf Life Saving Club training in speedos, rowing boats in speedos, hanging out in speedos but they wear silly dork shorts when on lifeguard patrol.

It was a few months ago that I caught two young lifeguards sucking each other off… click here to read about that.

Now this guy below is from the Speedo Photo of the Day archives and I wonder if he really is a lifeguard?

Speedo Lifeguard

August 25th, 2020
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