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Young Lifeguards First Gay Experience

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On Friday morning the Young Lifeguard came over to my place for his second gay experience.

He arrived right on time and I answered the door wearing a red speedo and nothing else.  We shook hands and he laughed at my appearance.  The Young Lifeguard said that he had been reading my blog all night and should have expected me to open the door wearing a speedo.  He asked if he should strip down and I said of course, if he wanted to.

I asked him if he wanted a coffee, which he did so I went in to the kitchen and told him to grab a seat on the couch.  There was a pot of coffee on and I was back in a jiffy.

Picture this; smooth, fit, hairless, swimmers body, wearing a black speedo brand speedo sitting on my couch with one leg tucked up under him.  If there is such a thing as heaven, this is what is waiting behind the pearly gates if I get to go there.  Amazingly hot!

I handed him his coffee and sat next to him on the couch, not too close but within reach of the front of that black speedo of his.

Speedo LickingSpeedo Guys on the Couch

To break the ice, and to get us both horny, I asked the Young Lifeguard about his previous, and first gay experience.

Two hours later, five loads of cum and two pairs of dirty speedos later he gave me permission to share that first experience of his with you guys and here it is.

Sorry guys, this is for members only.

If you’d like to become a member, it is only $5 and you’ll be able to read about things that I don’t want to be 100% public.  Click here to join now and read what happened between the Young Lifeguard and his swim coach.

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September 30th, 2021

My First Threesome

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I started this blog way back after my first threesome…..  it was the end of a snowboard season in Canada and after an end of season party I was invited to join my room mates (male/female couple from Australia) in the sauna.

The experience was amazingly hot and when I recount the experience today I still get incredibly turned on.

After the threesome, I had a couple of weeks travelling on my own before I headed back to Australia and I decided to sit down and write about the threesome.  This was the first time I had really sat down and written anything like that and it turned me on just writing about it.

There I had a pretty amazing piece of writing and I didn’t know what to do with it. had been running for a few years so I shared it with the members on there but I just wanted to tell the world about how amazing this threesome was and I wanted to see if anyone else had enjoyed a similar scenario and I wanted more experiences like that.

At the time I had a chick who was doing some graphic design work for and she wrote a personal blog.  She used WordPress for her blogging so I had Kip predecessor make up a WordPress blog and that is how this blog started.

Funny how things turn out.

Well, I thought I’d share that original piece of writing about my first threesome with you guys.

Ow, and that night I was wear a pair of AussieBum Portseas (like the guy with the surfboard below) and ever since then I love wearing those speedos because they remind me of that night.

AussieBum Portsea Speedos

March 24th, 2019

Speedo Threesome is ON!!!

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Tyler’s first sexual experience is on for lunch time today.

Both guys agreed that they would just meet at my house and since they went to different high schools and were a year apart there shouldn’t be any problem.

My plan is for Alex to arrive a little before Tyler and for us to be in our speedos on my bed making out.  I’ll leave the door unlocked (it is always unlocked, I can’t remember when I last locked it) so Tyler can let himself in, strip down to his speedos and then come and watch Alex and I in bed.  Alex and I will try and not get things too hot until we know Tyler is there watching.

Hopefully it won’t take long for Tyler to join us.

Since Tyler has a pair of black lycra speedos, I’m thinking that all three of us will wear the same.  Three guys, wearing black lycra speedo brand speedos….. I am hard right now thinking about it.

I’ve got nothing else planned for the rest of the day so I’m going to write up what happens (assuming it goes well).  Of course it will be up on so if you are a member keep an eye out, I’ll give updates on the members home page.

Outdoor ThreesomeThreesomeBlowjob 3some

May 14th, 2015

How did your speedo fetish start?

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Kip and I went for a hike yesterday and one topic we stumbled upon during the hike was how our speedo fetish began.

For me it was a school swimming class when I developed my first guy/guy crush.  It was only a sexual crush and we were both wearing black speedos.  Nothing happened from that crush but I think that is where my speedo fetish really began.  You guys all know that this blog began with my first MMF threesome which had me wearing a pair of AussieBum portseas (click here to read that if you haven’t already).

For Kip it was being a member of his high school swim team.  It resulted in his first sexual experience and helped him discover his sexuality which he felt he was really troubled with at that time in his life.

I’d love to hear how you guys developed your love of speedos.

American Speedo Fan Colourful Speedo Aussie Speedos Speedo Packing

August 23rd, 2013
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