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Mates in Speedos

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Do you guys remember Tyler?  He was the blog fan that watched Alex and I fuck, then he ran out of the house once he came.  But….. he came back.

You can read about the entire thing here –

I haven’t really spoken to Tyler much since then, just been busy and I’ve only hooked up with Alex once since then in the change rooms at the pool.  I should be getting way more sex but maybe it is winter so sex drives go down.

Tyler text messaged me today to see if I wanted to hang out….. that is code for get off.

I’m thinking the next fine day we should head up to Birdie Beach and just hang out in our speedos and see what happens.  Gotta love speedo mates.

As always, I will keep you guys in the loop.

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June 17th, 2015

Loosing my Str8 Virginity

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I know it doesn’t interest all of you guys but today I posted about when I lost my str8 virginity on my blog  If you are interested, drop over there and check it out –

Since I get to share with you guys some of my great sexual adventures, I suppose it is only fair to share with you the ones that weren’t so great.  My first time with a girl wasn’t that great, I did not have the necessary skill set to have drunken sex on the beach.

Thankfully, I have practiced and I am competent at that now just incase anyone was in the neighbourhood.

It was with a girl I knew from the Surf Life Saving Club and since Tyler is still a member of the local Surf Life Saving Club I suppose that is what made me think of it.

I was 18yo when I lost my str8 virginity, a year or so after I lost my gay virginity although it was only oral.  I didn’t have gay penetration sex until my early 20’s and it took a while for me to really like being fucked but now I love it!!!

Did anyone have a great loosing their virginity experience or are they all just awkward?


June 2nd, 2015

Tyler is cumming back for more

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A couple of weeks ago I told you guys all about Tyler, a blog fan who loved speedos but still had never been with a guy (although he had a threesome with his girlfriend and another guy but there was no guy/guy interaction).  Actually, Tyler told me all about that threesome in some details, which got us both horny for a third round which I will sit down and write out for you guys if you are interested.

I did sit down and write up about Tyler’s first gay experience with Alex and myself and I put it up in the members area of

Since then, the response from you guys has been amazing in joining and the response regarding the story has been fantastic as well so I thought I’d make it public.

If you’d like to read the entire story go to –

I haven’t seen Tyler since that day but he texted me this morning saying he’d really like to fuck me on the beach somewhere.  I think I can arrange that.

May 28th, 2015

Tyler’s First Gay Experience

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Last week, on Monday, a blog fan contacted me about how he would like to explore his gay side.  I’m going to call him Tyler, and over the week we met for lunch and then on Friday we got together in our speedos.  To top it off, Alex was there as well.  We were all wearing black, lycra, speedo brand speedos.

I promised you guys that I would write it up and I have done so, albeit a few days later than I expected.

Writing up these stories takes me ages so I’ve decided to make this entire story available to members of my site for now.  Anyone can join for just $4.95 and it is the support of members who allow me to keep this site free.

I’d really appreciate it if you guys like reading about my experiences that you drop into and give it a

Here is a screen shot of the full story in the members area.

Thanks a bunch and I love you guys.

Tylers First Gay Experience

May 19th, 2015

Cock Down

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Busy weekend here guys and spent all day today getting back on top of things and flushing out my liver – hehehe.

I’m more than half way through writing up about Tylers first gay experience, it didn’t turn out exactly as I planned but I got to give Tyler the best blowjob he has ever had, he got to fuck his first arse and he looked absolutely amazing in his black lycra speedos.  I think you’ll like all the juicy details.  Hopefully I can get it finished first thing tomorrow and have it online for you guys to enjoy.

I had to find some eye candy for you guys, I don’t like posting without pics.  I’m more of a cock up kind of guy but this guy seems to be able to pull off the ‘cock down’ position.

Cock Up or Cock DownCock Pointing Up

May 18th, 2015

Speedo Threesome is ON!!!

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Tyler’s first sexual experience is on for lunch time today.

Both guys agreed that they would just meet at my house and since they went to different high schools and were a year apart there shouldn’t be any problem.

My plan is for Alex to arrive a little before Tyler and for us to be in our speedos on my bed making out.  I’ll leave the door unlocked (it is always unlocked, I can’t remember when I last locked it) so Tyler can let himself in, strip down to his speedos and then come and watch Alex and I in bed.  Alex and I will try and not get things too hot until we know Tyler is there watching.

Hopefully it won’t take long for Tyler to join us.

Since Tyler has a pair of black lycra speedos, I’m thinking that all three of us will wear the same.  Three guys, wearing black lycra speedo brand speedos….. I am hard right now thinking about it.

I’ve got nothing else planned for the rest of the day so I’m going to write up what happens (assuming it goes well).  Of course it will be up on so if you are a member keep an eye out, I’ll give updates on the members home page.

Outdoor ThreesomeThreesomeBlowjob 3some

May 14th, 2015
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