Mates in Speedos

Do you guys remember Tyler?  He was the blog fan that watched Alex and I fuck, then he ran out of the house once he came.  But….. he came back.

You can read about the entire thing here –

I haven’t really spoken to Tyler much since then, just been busy and I’ve only hooked up with Alex once since then in the change rooms at the pool.  I should be getting way more sex but maybe it is winter so sex drives go down.

Tyler text messaged me today to see if I wanted to hang out….. that is code for get off.

I’m thinking the next fine day we should head up to Birdie Beach and just hang out in our speedos and see what happens.  Gotta love speedo mates.

As always, I will keep you guys in the loop.

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vasy said,  

on the lasst pic, i’m ready hot for the boy on the right…and also for this on the left…

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