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Poker Dad’s Fuck Me

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This is a bit of an early Xmas present for you guys.

I had intended this story/experience to be for Members Only, but I spoke with the guy who wrote it and he has allowed me to publish it publicly.  This is in part because he has just finished writing a Part 2, which will only be available for members.

This is really hot and I enjoyed it…..

The COVID shut down really stuffed up my life. I’m just twenty years old, I lost of my job, I moved back with my parents.

I’m not out to my parents, so for a few months there I had no social life, no sex life and no money. Pretty embarrassing having to go to your Dad cap in hand asking for money to fill up the car with petrol.

Don’t get me started how sexually frustrated I was. Before COVID hit, I was enjoying my promiscuity as all twenty year old gay guys should be.

Sitting around my parents house all day on my own I started jerking off on one of the video websites for amateurs. If I’m jerking off four times a day, I might as well get paid for it. Unfortunately, it didn’t pay very well, I’m guessing I wasn’t the only horny young guy who was jobless and horny.

A week or so after I started the webcam thing I was getting over it, the financial rewards were pitiful.

Just as I was about to delete my account, I received a message from one of my fans or followers or whatever that website calls them.  As I read the message my heart dropped, the guy/fan said that he loved my videos and that he thinks he knows me, is my real name Troy? That is my real name but I had not disclosed it anywhere on my profile and I was furious that I was silly enough to put my real home town on there. I was panicking since I’m not out to my family or anyone in my home town. As if my life couldn’t be more over.

Gathering some composure, I continued reading the message.

If you are Troy then you went to school with my kids so you know me and live just around the corner. Don’t worry, I will keep your secret if you keep mine.

Let me tell you my secret, there are a few guys like myself (married and outwardly straight) who have a poker night each week and instead of playing poker, we fuck.

Your profile said you like older guys, and we like younger guys, would you like to come to our poker night?

Hope you get back to me Troy….

I do like older men, I am sex starved so I thought why not.

I replied back that I was Troy and I was given the address of the house for that nights ‘poker game’.

The guy didn’t give me his name but I knew the address and he was right, his son and I were in the same class at high school and I had even had a sleep over or two at their house.  Of course I had no idea that the happily married ‘Dad’ was in to anything gay.

I arrived at the house right on time and The Dad opened the door, shook my hand and said he was very happy to see me.

He gave me a pretty stern talking to about being discrete and told me that if I couldn’t keep my mouth shut then I should leave now. I assured The Dad that I could keep a secret and told him that he better keep my secret as well since I’m not out to my parents.

With that agreed to, he invited me downstairs.  The downstairs is a games room where I had played video games as a kid not that many years ago. Following The Dad down, he told me that he had only mentioned to the other guys that there was a fourth poker player joining them but hadn’t told them any more.

Walking in to the games room I thought they might at least be pretending to play poker and have a table setup but there was no signs of a card game. There was a fifty something year old guy sitting on the couch wearing a business shirt and tie, his pants around his ankles and another fifties something looking guy on his knees sucking his cock. The Suit Man turned his head towards The Dad and I as we entered the room, when he saw me he swore.

The guy sucking his cock tried to look up but his head was forced down on the cock that he was sucking.

I was introduced as the new poker player and the guy receiving the blowjob on the couch asked if I was really ready to play poker with the big boys? A real mans man, who was getting his cock sucked by another man. To his challenge I replied that he should give me a go sucking that fat cock of his.

He told me to give it a try, and called me boy.

Walking over he let the guy who was sucking his cock off it. When the guy turned to face me we both recognized each other. I had dated this guys daughter in high school!

Swapping places he said “Hello Troy” and all I could say in return was “Hello Mr. Jenkins”.

Then I was on my knees looking up at a fat cock. The guy was hairy but had trimmed his pubes at some point so it was masculine, but not gross. I grabbed this fat, man cock, in my right hand and just went to town on it. It was slippery from the previous guy but it still tasted like cock, a taste I had missed for the last eight weeks.

I love sucking cock and I was engrossed in working this mans cock in my mouth. Gaggingly deep thrusts, then sucking the head, some long slow strokes with my hand and even just licking the tip. My mind was completely focused on the blowjob at hand, I had forgotten there were two guys watching this.

The Suit Man brought me back to my surrounds by telling the other guys that I had pretty good cock sucking skills, for a beginner.  I mumbled a rebuttal and he told me that he has been sucking cock before I even had one.

Popping my mouth off his cock I looked up at him and told him my arse wasn’t painted on and was someone ever going to fuck it? This made him smile was I was a little bit at the prospect of fucking my arse of course, but I think there was a little bit of a smirk at my cheekiness.

Suit Man started to move like he was getting up off the couch when The Dad said that since I was his poker guest, he had first dibs on fucking me.

Kneeling behind me he asked if I was clean.  I replied that I was on PREP and was tested just as the COVID stuff started. I asked him the same question and he laughed and said that the three of them had been married for twenty years and only fuck each other. He double checked if I was OK with bareback and I said I was.

I got back to Suit Man’s cock.  The Dad just pulled my shorts off, I helped him a little kicking them off. I was wearing a black speedo under my shorts and The Dad commented that he remembered that I was a swimmer in high school.  He decided to work around the speedo so just pulled the back of it aside to gain access to my arsehole.

The Dad was gentle with me, he softly probed my arse with his cock for a little while.

Then, he let it slide maybe half way in, it took my breath away.

While I had been playing with some butt toys my arse had not had anything even close to a cock in it for eight weeks and I felt it.  The Dad felt it as well and told the other men that my arse was as tight as a vice.

After my little gasp when The Dad first slid inside me, I concentrated on relaxing and I pushed back towards him, taking more of his length. I had Suit Man’s cock in my hand and he said that watching my face in pleasure but also in agony was just the cutest thing ever. As I took as much of Dad’s cock inside me, I was looking up at Suit Man, biting my lip and rolling my eyes.

The Dad then started sliding back out of my arse and I could feel his size.

He paused, then he started sliding it back inside me. This time, a little deeper.

I was moaning and really trying to relax my arse muscles. That was obviously not The Dad’s first time and he took it slow and didn’t hurt me.  Slowly, I was getting more comfortable and encouraged his rhythm to increase. I was even able to get back to work on Suit Man’s cock which had remained rock hard while he enjoyed the show. I started to really get in to it, rocking back and forth, cock in my arse and cock in my mouth. I had done this once before but then the guys were in their twenties instead of their fifties and it was a lot quicker and rushed. These guys were taking their time.

My rhythm gradually increased and The Dad was getting close, we were both getting close and our moans were pretty good indicators of that. I think I heard The Dad ask Mr. Jenkins if it was OK to cum inside me, the response was in the affirmative but I barely heard it because Suit Man had grabbed me by the jaw and was encouraging me to cum. He was telling me he wanted to see my cum face and I was lightly biting his thumb when my cock exploded in my speedos. I’m not sure if it was my orgasm moan, or my arse tightening as I came, but it was too much for The Dad and I felt him bury his cock with one deep thrust and he started filling my arse with his man seed.

Every orgasm feels good, but that was mind blowing!

Slowly, ever so slowly, The Dad slid is cock out of me. When the head popped out of my arse I had another gasp and it felt like my butt hole was gasping for breath.

Mr. Jenkins ask me if I was able to take another load? I told him I wanted another load in me and then I looked up at Suit Man and told him I wanted a load in my mouth as well.

This time things were more like my previous spit roast experience. Mr. Jenkins didn’t have the same patienceas The Dad did, but I was looser so he didn’t need to.  Suit Man started really getting in to it as well and was thrusting in to my mouth.

My knees were getting sore, I felt cum from my orgasm pooling around my balls inside my speedo and I felt cum oozing down the back of my thighs as Mr. Jenkins was humping away. I thought I was getting slutty before the COVID shutdowns but in this position, I was sluttier than I had ever imagined and it was such a turn on. My cock was back to hard.

It was Suit Man who approached orgasm first and he was thrusting his cock into my mouth and ramming it in. As he got to the edge of his orgasm I was stroking him furiously and I popped his cock out of my mouth but left my tongue on the tip of his cock and looked up at him. Looking in to my eyes sent him over the edge and his first rope of cum got my nose and cheek, his second and subsequent pulses of cum I took on my tongue and let him watch it make a white puddle.  It wasn’t until his cock was dry before I pulled my tongue in and swallowed his jizz.

Mr. Jenkins was grunting and fucking fast by now and like The Dad, he buried his cock deep and paused as he gave my arse its second full load of cum.

When he finally pulled out of me I stood up because my knees were pretty sore after all of that.

I pulled the bum of my speedos across so they fit like normal. Wow, I was a cum covered mess. Rope of cum on my nose and cheek, the front of my speedo was soaked, my arse was leaking cum and there was cum down my thighs to my knees.

The Dad told me that I should clean up at my house and indicated that I should grab my clothes.  No post sex cuddling with these guys.  Once I had picked up my clothes, The Dad handed me some cash. He said that the three of them would be telling their wives that they lost some money at poker tonight and that I could tell my folks I won at poker tonight.

He said that I was welcome to join their poker game in two weeks time. Then he told me I could let myself out.

I walked up stairs, put my clothes on and started the short walk back to my parents house. There was cum everywhere and I’m sure I was sloshing.  Back at my folks house I snuck around the back and I quietly slipped in to the hottub we had in the backyard.

Not ten seconds after I had slipped in to the hottub, I heard the backdoor to the house open and my Dad started walking towards to hottub (my real Dad, not The Dad from poker). I made sure I didn’t have any cum on my face before he had crossed the yard.  He was a little started when he noticed I was in the hottub but not a big deal. My Dad dropped his towel and got in to the hottub wearing a pair of black speedos as well (he always wears speedos and I used to think he was a dork because of it).

My Dad asked me how my night was and I said it was good hanging out with the guys. He asked me what we got up to and I said we played some poker.  Did you take their money, he asked? Yeah I took their money and ran, that is why I’m home earlier than expected. My Dad was proud and said that is what he taught me. How much did you win son? I had to admit that I wasn’t sure, I jumped out of the hottub and went over to my shorts and standing there in my speedos I counted the money that The Dad had given me.  It was $500.

My Dad said that if I can make $500 playing poker, I should be doing that more often.

Yeah, I think I would be attending poker night more often.

Part 2 will be available for Members Only, if you are interested in reading it click here to become a member (it is only $5 and helps pay some of the costs involved in running this blog).

December 11th, 2020

Paul the Politician

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OK guys, this is the full story of how I met Paul the Politician.  Because Paul is a public figure, most of it is reserved for members.

Just to demonstrate how this story is, this is what members are reading.

You could be reading all the juicy details (and trying to figure out who Paul is).  Yes, it was an amazing experience but writing this, having it OK’d by Paul took me days so if you are interested, I would appreciate your support which you can give by being a member.

On top of the story, last weeks Movie of the Week was pretty darn hot too.  Enjoy guys!!!

Erotic Gay StoryGay Sex StorySex Story Written by Dave EvansDave Evans Gay Sex StoryGay Erotic Story by Aussie Speedo Guy

I’m back home after a great week last week in Canberra having fun exploring the city and being Paul the Politicians boy toy.

I couldn’t post too much on my blog (Aussie Speedo Guy) because Paul is married and is a bit of a public figure here in Australian politics.  But, after checking with Paul and running the first draft past him, I can now share with you guys some more details about how Paul and I met as well as what we got up to last week.

It all began about a year ago…

It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was sitting around the house in a pair of red speedos, horny and looking for someone to play with on one of those online dating/hookup apps (Grindr).  There was a guy I hadn’t seen before within one kilometer of me with a bathroom dick pic, it looked like he was wearing red speedos or red underwear briefs, I couldn’t tell so I asked him.

Red Speedo Boner

The guy, who went by Paul, replied that they were indeed red speedos and a brand that I hadn’t heard of before.  I received a second photo, it was the view of the front of his red speedo, his erect cock stretching the red lycra material.  Paul said that he took the photo five minutes earlier in his hotel bathroom and was looking for some discrete fun.  I told Paul I could be there in ten minutes.

Before I left Paul seemed concerned about discretion, I reassured him by saying that I’m Dave Speedo Evans (aka Aussie Speedo Guy).  I’ve been sued in the High Court by the evil Speedo Corporation because of my websites so discretion is pretty important to me as well.  On top of that, I’m not out to most of my friends and all of my family so I understand the need to keep things on the down low.  Paul said that he is a member of one of my websites catering to guys who love other guys in speedos and he knew all about my history.  He sounded excited to meet me in person after reading about all of my adventures of the years.  Paul told me what hotel and what room number, I told him I’d see him in ten minutes.

Ten minutes later, Paul opened the door of his hotel room.  He was wearing the red speedos and nothing else.

Paul is in his late forties, works pretty hard on his fitness but is strong and a little stocky, my height (just over six foot).  He is part of his local Surf Live Saving Club so has an amazing speedo tan, if anything it looks a little fake/Trumpish.  Short dark hair on his head, a little chest hair but not too much.   Paul is married, has two kids and rarely satisfies his gay tendencies.  He did have a bit of a regular fuck buddy who was in a similar position to him (married, with kids).  The guy was also a member of the Surf Life Saving Club and Paul has explained to me how that all happened and if I get his permission, I’d love to share his experience with you guys.  It is fucking hot!

There I was walking into the hotel room of this slightly famous Daddy whose red speedos weren’t concealing his fat, erect cock.

Walking in to someones hotel room is always a little awkward and I shook Paul’s hand.  I always think it is funny when I shake hands with a guy whom I know I’m about to do naughty things with.

I got to enjoy the view of Paul’s arse as I followed him into the hotel room, it was delicious and my cock started stirring.

“Mind if I grab that arse of your Paul?”

He replied in the affirmative and I moved up close behind him and started rubbing his firm arse cheeks through the red lycra.  The lycra material was silky smooth.  Now I was fully erect and after adjusting my cock in my own red speedos I slid my hands around from Paul’s butt to his hips and I rubbed up behind him.

I wasn’t sure how Paul would take this slightly aggressive move.  When he started grinding his arse against my cock and let out a slight moan I took that as a good sign.

My left hand followed the silky smooth lycra from Paul’s hip and started rubbing his big, full balls.  My right hand followed the silky smooth lycra from his hip around his waist line until I felt his cock and started rubbing it up and down.  I started nibbling on Paul’s neck while my hands worked their magic on the front side of his speedo while cock was teasing his arse.

It was amazingly hot for me, I’m guessing it was even hotter for Paul.

Funny how you can go from total strangers to being so intimate with a person in such a short time.  Paul’s manly smell, the taste of him as I licked and lightly bit his neck, the flexing of his arse as it grinded against me, the tenseness of his balls and the growing damp spot at the top of his cock as he oozed precum through the lycra of his speedos.  It was incredibly hot.

We maintained in this position for a while, Paul moaning louder and louder.  Although I was still fully dressed I was approaching orgasm and I could only imagine that Paul was as well.  I had to break this off, his cock had looked tastey from the photos he had sent me earlier that day and I had a craving to have his cock in my mouth so I broke off our embrace and directed Paul to lie on the hotel bed.

Seeing this man, whom I had seen on TV many times, lying there wearing nothing but a red speedo was hot.  I stripped down to my own red speedo and let him savoir the sight.

Standing over him, the two of us now only in our red speedos (with pairs being extremely stretched in the front), I asked Paul permission to suck him off.  Not surprisingly, he granted me permission.  As I got on my knees at the foot of the bed I told Paul just how much I had wanted to see him impressive cock in the flesh and how much I wanted it in my mouth.

I released Paul’s cock out the leg of his red speedo, it was a magnificent sight.  I haven’t seen many cocks I don’t like but some are prettier than others and Paul has a beautiful looking cock.  Ruler straight, not too veiny, thick and a nice length.  As we had discussed in messages, the base of his cock and balls had been recently shaved which is pretty much a prerequisite for me (who likes a smelly tangle of pubes?).

Bathroom Dick Pic

With my right hand gripping the base of Paul’s cock, I ran my tongue from where my hand was up the back of his cock all the way to its head.  I could hear that Paul liked this.

When my tongue got to the end of Paul’s cock, I then decided to give his bell end some attention and took the head in my mouth and started sucking and slurping just the end.  My right hand started stroking up and down and my mouth was focused on the tip.

I could taste Paul’s precum and it wasn’t long until he gave me a warning that he was about to cum and then he exploded in my mouth and I received a full load of his thick, creamy cum in my mouth.  There was little doubt how much Paul enjoyed his orgasm from his moans.  He had had a pretty full load of cum as well and I was still getting spurts of cum after seven or eight contractions of his cock.

When I thought Paul’s cock was fully drained I took the head of his dick out of my mouth and tucked his still pretty firm cock back into his speedo.

I moved my face from Paul’s crotch up past his stomach, over his chest to his face.  He was thanking me and I was interested in kissing him but I know how some guys are spent or just different post orgasm.  Thankfully, Paul wasn’t one of those guys and we started making out.  I’m sure I still tasted of his cum and he didn’t seem to mind as our tongues wrestled each other.

As you can imagine, I was horny as all hell.  Paul asked me if I wanted to use his mouth, or his arse.

We had discussed this in our messages prior to meeting up.  I consider myself versatile and Paul considers himself more of a bottom.  As it had been a while since Paul had any gay sex, his arse was eager for a good fucking and he warned me that it would be tight.  Despite the warning, when Paul broke off our kiss asking which hole I preferred, I chose door number two (the number two door – hehehe).

Paul, seemingly recovered from his orgasm told me that was a good choice. He jumped up out of bed and headed for the bathroom to get ‘supplies’.

When Paul returned he had condoms and lube in his hands but to my surprise, he had replaced his red speedos with an AussieBum jockstrap.  Admiring his new attire, I dropped the tube of lube when he threw it to me.  By the time I had regathered my composure Paul was in the middle of the bed on all fours, his arse just there, waiting to be fucked.

AussieBum Jockstrap

The AussieBum jockstrap is the same one that I own, Paul later told me that it was my selfies that made him buy it and this is the first time he had worn it in front of anyone (including his wife).  It fit him perfectly as the straps on the arse side fit perfectly with the lines of his well defined speedo tan lines.  And it would prove a handy thing to hold on to.  Speaking of which I pulled my cock out the leg of my red speedos, popped the condom on, squirted some lube in Paul’s butt crack, squirted a glob of lube on my hand and then applied it to my rubbered up cock.

There must be jokes about wanting to fuck a politician in the arse and it was that thought that went through my head and made me smile and I lined up my cock with Paul the Politicians arsehole.

Man, it was tight.  My first attempt at sliding into him went no where.  I wasn’t sure I had lined it up right but leaning back, I was right at his entrance.  The second time I pushed a little harder and felt the bell end of my cock pop inside Paul.  He gasped.  I checked that Paul was OK which I said he was, just asked me to go slow since it had been a while.

An inch in, an inch out, an inch and a half in, and inch and a half out.  Getting everything lubed up nicely and making sure I didn’t pop out of him.  This took a while but Paul sounded like he was enjoying it and I know I was.

As everything was getting lubed up and loosened up a little bit Paul started backing up on my forward thrusts.  Wanting my cock deeper inside him.  The tell tale signs of someone who is a bottom and has bottomed before.  This made my cock slowly get deeper and deeper inside Paul with longer and longer strokes.  Then, with Paul pushing back and me thrusting forward, holding on to Paul’s cock strap I paused, as deep inside him as I could get.

Jockstrap Sex

I had been been on the edge of cumming for a while but the slower pace had kept me from getting too close.  Now I wanted to fuck Paul hard and I wanted to cum.  I asked him if I could pound this out.  He said he wanted me to pound him.

My slid out and I paused briefly with just the head inside him again, then with all my weight behind me, I trust back all the way inside him.  This time I didn’t pause, out again, leaving a little bit more than just the head inside and immediately back deep inside his arse.

There was no muting our pleasure at this point. Had someone been walking past in the corridor outside the room they would have heard two men in the throws of ecstasy.

I felt the orgasm starting from deep in my balls and I thought one more stroke, but it was one more,  one more again and I think I was so horny that it took me half a dozen strokes before my cum was exploding out of me.  My trusts were hard and deep into Paul’s arse.

Leaning back, I admired the view of Paul’s muscular back, the AussieBum jockstrap and my cock disappearing inside him.  Ever so slowly, I slide my cock out of him.

It was a hell of a mess so instead of completely ruining the bed we headed to the shower.

One heck of a hardcore fuck session.  Over the last twelve months Paul and I have been in sporadic contact but he hasn’t been on the coast since then.  A few weeks ago, Paul reached out to me and asked if I wanted to spend a week hanging out with him in Canberra.  It turned out that I was free that week and I drove the four hours down there.  It was even hotter than the first time we met and I need to sit down and write about that for you guys.  Keep an eye on my Aussie Speedo Guy blog for the details.

October 1st, 2019

Hot Springs with Mike

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This is an experience that happened to me back in 2007 when I spent a snowboarding season in New Zealand.

Mike and I haven’t seen each other for a few years but I was just talking to him on Facebook and it reminded me of this get away and thought I’d share it with you guys.

Can you guess where this post is going to lead?

Last weekend was a long weekend here in NZ (Queens Birthday I think). Because of the work that Mike does he was working pretty hard late last week and the on the weekend but on Saturday Mike called me and asked me if I wanted to head 6hrs north to Hamner Springs for a couple of nights.

Hamner Springs is well it is a place where there are some natural springs. It’s a pretty funky little town that is only there because of tourists.

I’ve been there a couple of times before – it is a good spot to spend a night on the way to or from somewhere. And I told Mike that I’d love to come along. I asked him if there was anything I needed to organise but he said he had everything organised and he’d pick me up when he finished work on Sunday around 4pm.

Mike has a nicer car than me so I was happy to have him drive. The trip took us a good 6 and a half hours and we arrived up at the lodge around 11pm. The drive was nice (although it was dark) and Mike and I talked about everything on the way up.

When we arrived at the lodge our room was absolutely FREEZING. We hadn’t eaten on the way up so unloaded the car and went down town to the local pub which was open and had a light dinner (which kinda seemed like leftovers from the kitchen). At the lodge is a private hot tub which you can book but it closes at 10pm, otherwise we would have saved our appetite for each other.

Returning to the lodge the room was finally warm enuf to get down to speedos and we did. Mike had come straight from a full day’s work so we both had a shower together.

We were both horny but kept the shower play to kissing and cleaning mostly…..

Since I am a fan of rimming before fucking a guy (and I’m keen of receiving a rim job as well) I always make sure I clean my backside and his. I think I even slipped my finger in Mike’s arse a couple of times – hehehe.

With rimming on my mind – once Mike and I were semi dried off I threw him on the bed face down and I started eating his arse. The site was amazing with Mike’s balls tucked under him so I was playing with his nuts while I tongues his arsehole. We were both hard from the shower already but Mike still had to adjust himself every couple of seconds as he was lying on his stiff cock.

Then I used my fingers on Mike’s arse. Kneeling behind him I kissed and licked Mike’s back while I slowly inserted one finger… then two.
With his cock rubbing against the bed Mike began to trust back against my fingers – I had a feeling that Mike was going to ask me to fuck him and sure enuf he did.

I wish I was ready right then and there but I had to open up my suitcase and get to my condom supply (which is always plentiful). During this 10 second interlude Mike was fucking the bed (I suppose that is how you’d say it) and his butt looked very cute. Once I got the condoms (I got 4 out – this isn’t going to be a one horse race) Mike told me to get a towel because he doesn’t think he will be able to stop from cumming all over the bed.

Mike puts the towel under him (“Don’t forget to bring a towel.” – Leave a comment if you know who says that). And I put my rubber on and lubed it up – squirting a good load in Mike’s crack.

As I straddled Mike he turned his head and said “Fuck me HARD Dave!!!” He didn’t need to ask me twice.

I wedged my cockhead maybe half into Mike’s arse and moved it around a little bit. Just a little bit of the head of my cock. Now Mike was moaning and begging me to fuck him.

Placing my hands on Mike’s shoulders I plunged my cock deep into his arse and I arched my back as to thrust it even deeper. Mike’s moan had a hint of pain in it and I paused for a moment to let his arse get used to my engorged, pulsing cock in it.

After more than a couple of minutes I lied my chest and stomach on Mike’s back and whispered in his ear “Would you like me to fuck you now?”

Mike was speechless but the gentle trusting of his lower body told me that ‘yes’ he wanted me to fuck him. And that is what I did.

I’m going to keep the finale of this experience for members.  I hope you guys enjoyed it, hope you enjoyed it enough to consider joining.  If you have any questions about becoming a member feel free to drop me an email (  You can click here to join right now.

April 12th, 2019

New Foursome Position

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Friday night came along, I had some offers from friends to catch up which I had to decline because playing with Alex and Adam was a priority.  I was horny all day so in the afternoon I went for a long walk just to try and keep my mind off what was going to happen.

Alex has a speedo fetish which is equal to mine and it was our speedo fetish which brought us together really in the first place so I decided to wear a pair of red AussieBum speedos under my jeans.

I arrived right on nine o’clock and Alex greeted me at the front door wearing a black speedo and nothing else.  We shook hands and Alex was asking me how my trip to Colorado was as I followed him into the kitchen.  Isn’t it funny that we shake hands like old friends but we have both had some amazingly intimate sexual experience (I took Alex’s gay virginity in every definition of the word).

As Alex poured me a drink I noticed someones clothing on the kitchen table, I had noticed Alex’s erection the second he opened the door so I wasn’t quite sure what was going on.

I started taking off my clothing and put the items on the kitchen table next to the other set of clothes.  I was semi hard but not fully just yet.  Alex and I were just talking about my trip while he poured us drinks and I stripped down to my red speedo.  He came over to me with a drink in either hand and instead of accepting the drink I grabbed his arse and we started making out.  My hands were all over his arse as we kissed and I moved my hand around the front of his speedo and his cock was rock hard.

Kissing in Speedos

Alex broke off our kiss and suggested we go up stairs and join the others.  I took the drink in Alex’s hand and started following his amazing arse up stairs to where their master bedroom is.  What did he mean by others?  I could have asked and I wanted to but anticipation is just as much fun right?

We walked into the main bedroom and there were two bodies, both wearing speedos, all tangled up on the bed making out.  In the mood lighting I could make out Adam, Alex’s boyfriend, but the other guy was someone I hadn’t met before.  Alex coughed and the two guys on the bed broke off their making out session.  Adam jumped up on his knees on the bed and greeted me, instead of a handshake, Adam grabbed the back of my neck with one hand pulling me forward and stuck his tongue in my mouth.  His other hand went straight for the front of my red speedo which was being stretched by my erection which was at full mast since Alex and I had made out.

It wasn’t a long kiss but Adam was horny and his tongue was eager.  He broke off out kiss and introduced me to Justin who was wearing a blue speedo and was now kneeling next to Adam.  Justin and I shook hands.  Adam’s hand was still on the front of my speedo rubbing my cock.

“Dave, Alex and I wanted to try a new position and it requires four people so we thought we’d invite you.”

“Sounds good, tell me where you want me to be?”

I was instructed to remove my speedo and as I did I noticed Alex was removing his speedo but neither Adam or Justin were.  Adam directed me to lie on my back on the bed and he put some pillows under my butt so it was raised a little bit.  Then a completely naked Alex straddled my face and we started sixty-nine’ing.

Sixty-nine isn’t my favourite position, I find the angle isn’t quite right and I have trouble concentrating particularly as I get close to orgasm.  But it is still hot and Alex and I didn’t need instruction on what to do.

I really couldn’t see anything form my position and with the darker lighting in the room but after a short while, right there in front of me was a condom covered cock at the head of Alex’s butt hole.  It was right then that I felt something close, really close, to my own butt hole.  Someone asked us if we were ready and both Alex and I gave a mouth full of cock grunt in the affirmative.

From my angle I couldn’t tell if I was looking at Adam or Justin’s cock as it slid into Alex’s arse.  Which means I couldn’t tell who was sliding into my arse.

Adam and Justin’s timing was perfectly in sync.  I watched someones cock rest at Alex’s opening and felt a cock at my own opening.  Then as I watched, less than two inches from my face, the cock slide into Alex, I felt the same thing happening to me.

They began fucking us, completely in sync.  I reached up and grabbed the arse of the person fucking Alex and felt their speedos covering their butt but still I couldn’t tell who it was.

After some in and out the cock in front of my eyes pulled out and disappeared from my view.  In less than a minute, a new cock appeared before my eyes.  This cock didn’t have a condom on so I assumed it was Adam since he was barebacking Alex.  Which meant Justin was inside me.  The same process as before happened and my arse was filled as I watched Alex’s arse get filled with cock.

Gay Foursome Position

This time the two tops went harder.  There was lots of moaning from everyone including myself.  I tried to concentrate on Alex’s cock that had been in my mouth the entire time.

I think Justin came first as I felt him ram deep inside me and pause as his cock was spasming inside me.  That set off Adam as I saw his cock ram deep inside Alex and he let out a very orgasmic moan, this then triggered Alex whose cum exploded in my mouth which within seconds triggered my orgasm into Alex’s mouth.

No kidding the four of us came in maybe twenty seconds!!!

April 5th, 2019


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I’ve been super busy since I got back to Australia, just usual house keeping stuff.  However, on Friday evening Alex and his boyfriend invited me over to their place.

They have been reading about my adventures in Colorado and wanted to hear more first hand and they thought I needed a bit of a welcome home speedo fuck session.  How nice of them.  I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write about what happened on Friday night in any detail but hopefully I will.

It did get me thinking though, some of you guys might be new and don’t know the full story about Alex.  I went through the Erotic Stories archive on and I have the original version of how Alex and I first hooked up.  It was a few years ago now and so much has changed.  Back then Alex had a girlfriend and had never had any gay experiences… today, he has a boyfriend and he has had all sorts of gay experiences.

Here is what I wrote those years back….

Since I’ve moved back to Aussie I’ve been swimming at the local pool three times a week on average. With my schedule being pretty open I go during the day when the pool is quiet and I don’t think I’ve had to share a lane yet.

Everyone who is swimming laps is wearing speedos or jammers which is awesome (it wasn’t like that in Colorado last winter – I didn’t see a single speedo my entire trip). A few months back I jumped out of the pool and I saw this gorgeous body wearing a perfectly fitting black speedo. I enjoyed the speedo eye candy and then when the guy turned around I realised that it was Alex, a guy I’ve met through some friends of mine.

I don’t know Alex that well but I’ve been to parties with him and a couple of times surfing last time I was in town. He has a girlfriend and I’ve never seen him in a speedo, I really didn’t read into anything just because he was swimming laps in a speedo.

That first time we saw each other at the pool was very innocent. Turns out Alex is training for a triathlon and only just getting back in the pool (which explains why he still has a bit of a boardies tan compared to my speedo tan). Alex’s office is near the pool and he is trying to swim three days a week during his lunch break and we decided to try and catch up and swim together.

We hung out at the pool a few times and Alex was up to swimming two kilometers (about half what he needs for his triathlon). It was nice just hanging out with a guy in speedos and we were both comfortable. I mentioned on my blog that I was hanging out with a straight friend at the pool, I was very discrete though and didn’t give anything away that would identify Alex.

One night I was at the pub with some of the boys and Alex was out as well. He joined our group, his girlfriend was there and some of the other guys girlfriends/wives were out. Everyone was having a fun night and enjoying few adult beverages (I was well behaved but maybe some people were having a few more than others – hahaha).

Later in the night Alex and I were off to the side chatting and Alex told me that he knows I’m “Aussie Speedo Guy”… I’m not out to any of my Central Coast friends and this was like a kick in the guts. Alex must have seen the look on my face and quickly assured me that it was all OK and that it was nobody else’s business and he would keep my secret. He said it made sense when I wrote about hanging out with a guy at the pool who wore black speedos, was straight and training for a triathlon. Then we were interrupted and that was the end of the discussion.

I was pretty nervous for a few days wondering if Alex would share my ‘secret’ with my friends but I heard nothing.

It was a few days before I saw Alex at the pool again and when I did he was wearing a pair of black classic AussieBum speedos. That was a surprise indeed and he looked fantastic in them. Everything was cool, it was as if he hadn’t mentioned that I am “Aussie Speedo Guy”. That was until we were just about to part ways in the carpark and Alex said that he wore AussieBum’s because I’d recently posted a bunch of pics of guys wearing AussieBums.

That put some of my fears of him ‘outting’ me to rest but only enhanced the disturbance in my pants.

Fast forward another week or so and Alex and I only swam once together because I had some friends in town. Then out of the blue I got a text from Alex asking (this is the exact text),

“Dave, can’t make the pool today. G (his girlfriend) is out of town, any chance I can crash at your place after partying in town tonight?”

Despite my excitement I calmly replied.

“No probs mate.”

This was the interesting thing to me. Alex has read my blog, I did write on my blog that I thought Alex was hot and I loved his speedos, Alex seems straight and now Alex wants to sleep over. I took this as a good sign.

Friday afternoon came around and as usual I had a full house of mates watching footy on TV and having a few drinks. Alex rocked up and had an overnight bag and all the jesting was that Alex had a hall pass since his girlfriend was out of town. The usual Friday night on the Central Coast is footy, drinks, maybe a BBQ at my place. I’m one of the few remaining bachelors, my little pad is right on the beach, and it is walking distance to the pub so it tends to happen that the boys congregate at my place.

This Friday was no different and we ended up at the pub as usual. Everyone was having a good time, after we left the pub Alex and I grabbed a kebab and walked along the beach back to my place. That was when “Aussie Speedo Guy” finally came up in conversation.

“Dave, you’ve gotta have dick on tap with your blog and websites?”

For the next ten minutes I explained that yes, there isn’t a real shortage of dick on offer BUT, being discrete and not ‘out’ to the entire world means I don’t get to exploit is as much as a guy who was ‘out’ would. And I also like girls too and I’ve never spoken too much about my work to a girl I’ve dated in fear that would turn her off.

By then we are back at my house and had just poured another round of drinks, it was my turn to ask Alex a question.

“Why is a str8 guy like you reading a gay speedo blog like mine?”

For the next ten minutes Alex explained that he has had a speedo fetish since he was young and just loved speedos. His girlfriend is OK with it and he wears speedos around the house a bunch and even during sex with her.

“Have you ever had any guy/guy experiences in speedos?” I asked.

Alex’s response was really interesting to me. He said he had never had a gay experience and considers himself straight. It is just that speedos and sex go together for him. Confusingly, Alex said that he enjoys watching gay porn but only if it involves speedos and admits to reading my blog religiously and evening joining this site once a few years ago.

Now it was time for me to turn up the heat.

“If you ever wanted a guy/guy speedo experience then this is a pretty perfect scenario…”

Alex looked a little unsure and I was getting a serious stirring in my jeans (with a black Arena speedo under them).

“How about we get down to our speedos, you sit on the couch and let me blow you?” I offered.

“OK, lets give it a try. I’m not ready to return that favour thought Dave.”

“Not a problem Alex, I’m sure sucking you off will be one for my wank bank for a long time and that is reward enough for me.”

It didn’t take long at all for both of us to strip down to our speedos. As I said earlier, I was wearing a pair of black lycra Arena speedos under my jeans. As I had expected, Alex was equally well prepared and was wearing his black classic AussieBum speedos under his jeans. I noticed that Alex wasn’t quite fully hard but he was on his way just from us talking.

Taking our drinks we moved the six steps to my couch, yes my little rental is small BUT it is right on the beach so I have no complaints.

Alex sat on the couch spread his legs and I assumed the position, that is, on my knees.

I think that is enough for public consumption, if you are a member, this message doesn’t exist but the rest of the text does.  I created the members only area so that I can share all the naughty details without them being 100% public.  And, I made membership affordable at only $5.

Don’t miss out for $5…. click here and become a member right now.

This isn’t the first straight guy I’ve sucked off, or the first first-timer that I’ve sucked off and I know they don’t want anything romantic or things to go slowly. I didn’t want Alex to chicken out either so I put my head down and started licking his speedo clad cock which was rock hard in about ten seconds.

My intention was to try and make Alex cum in his speedo. Despite never laying my eyes on his piece of man meat, the way it was straining the top of his speedo as if it was trying to escape, indicated to me that it was impressive. It is harder to cum while wearing speedos of course and Alex had a few drinks in him, not too many though, and it surprised me when his moans of pleasure increased and then he started to spasm as the front of his speedo became saturated with his cum.

Trying not to freak Alex out I got up pretty quickly and went to the kitchen to pour myself a drink. Alex was still huffing and puffing from his first ever “man induced orgasm”. My cock was fucking rock hard and straining against the lycra of my Arena speedos.

“Holy shit Dave, that was amazing!!!!”

I sat back down on the couch and Alex was still slightly out of breath.

“Do you mind if I put some speedo porn on and I can rub one out myself mate?”

Alex had no objections, he went to the bathroom to clean up and I told him there was a clean pair of speedos in my bathroom. I thought I could get any more turned on after what I had just done, but then Alex returned to my living room/kitchen/dinning room wearing a pair of black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos. OMG!!!! What a sight to behold!!!

“Before sitting down, Alex, would you mind just standing there and rubbing those speedos for me?”

Alex was cool with that so as he stood in front of me and I rubbed the front of my speedo. Again, trying not to freak him out I kept my cock inside my speedos and as I rubbed my cock I imagined peeling off Alex’s ADIDAS speedo.

Then I came!!!

I hadn’t jerked off for two days and the front of my speedo was cum soaked. The last flex of my cock was as Alex turned around to go into the kitchen and I got a view of his perfect arse.

Now it was time for me to clean up and I went into the bathroom, threw my cum filled speedo into the shower where ‘cum filled AussieBums were. I didn’t think the night was over and now I had to choose some appropriate speedos to wear for what was sure to be round to. You guys are well aware that I have a pretty substantial speedo collection.

I figured that Alex had probably read a lot from my blog so I chose a historically significant pair to wear… my AussieBum Portseas, they are the sky blue ones with blue and white on the hips.

These speedos are significant because I was wearing these speedos when I had my first bisexual threesome (guy and girl). I have two pairs now, not the same pair as that threesome experience, they were replaced a year or so ago. One pair has the AussieBum logo on the front and the other pair doesn’t (you can see photos of these on my blog). Considering the mess Alex and I made of our speedos earlier in the evening I decided on the ones without the logo on the front.

Walking back in the living room was wonderful, I was wearing my AussieBum Portsea’s, Alex was sitting on my couch wearing my black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.

I sat down next to Alex on the couch.

Alex kept telling me how amazing it was and how hot it was having two guys in speedos. I wanted to keep reassuring Alex that I’d take things at his speed and that if there was anything, and I mean ANYTHING, he ever wanted to try to just let me know.

Alex mentioned that he is a huge fan of the Hawaii Speedo Student movies which you guys can watch on my blog, so I put one on the TV as kind of background while we still talked. Alex commented on my choice of speedos and he had indeed read that story of my first bi threesome. I explained that even thinking about that threesome still gets me hard and that was when I noticed that Alex and I were both hard with Hawaii Speedo Student porn playing the background.

“Alex, there is nothing I do not want to do to you right now. We are both horny, tell me what you want and I will do it.”

“I’d like to make out with you in a bed Dave.”

That was a surprise for me. Normally straight guys don’t want to kiss and are just interested in getting off. I was pleasantly surprised of course because that sounded pretty darn hot to me.

Immediately, I stood up, offered Alex my hand and we moved into my bedroom where we both got on the bed. Making out with Alex was hot, furious and our hands and tongues were everywhere!!! I was hoping that Alex would get hot enough to slip down between my legs and suck me off so I kept the make out session going as long as I could.

Finally I gave in and I moved down Alex’s amazing body and pulled down the front of his speedo. I worked his cock like the expert cock sucker that I am (I love sucking cock and yes I think I’m good at it).

Somehow I managed to untie the drawstring on my AussieBum’s and started jerking myself off while I polished Alex’s beautiful eight inch cut cock. After working Alex’s cock for at least ten minutes both of us were on the edge and Alex’s cock started spewing his warm cum into my mouth, that first taste of his cum on my tongue started my cock pulsing in my hand as I came as well.

I kept my mouth on Alex’s cock until it stopped jerking and I sat up on my knees. What a beautiful view, I was kneeling between Alex’s legs, my cock out the top of my speedos, my right hand covered in my cum, Alex on his back with his legs spread and his cock out the leg of my ADIDAS speedos with his cock still semi hard.

That is pretty much it guys.

From there we both cleaned up and went to bed. Alex slept on the couch and we were both woken up early on Saturday by one of my mates knocking on the back door ready to go for a surf. Alex and I got up, went for a surf with the boys and didn’t mentioned what happened the night before.


March 13th, 2019

Alex and I get Caught

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I’ve had a couple of guest authors lately and it has been a fun change up. Here is something that Alex wrote of a pretty wild experience we had.

OK guys, the infamous Dave Speedo Evans has asked me to write about this experience we had last week. Dave isn’t the best person to write about it because he was tied up, gagged and blindfolded so it is better if I tell you what happened.

Dave and I had been fucking (mostly sucking) pretty regularly for six months or so. My first ever guy/guy experience was with Dave. I recently broke up with my girlfriend of three years, Dave thought it was hot that I was going home to a girlfriend after he sucked my cock but I didn’t think it was cool and I think our relationship was coming to an end anyway.

During our fuck sessions, I had told Dave about my fantasies regarding my gay side and he detailed them on his blog (with my permission of course). One of my fantasies is bondage, I haven’t had any experience with it at all. Dave and I were talking about it at the pool on Monday so it must have been current on his brain when I texted him on Tuesday saying that I got off work early and was coming over to fool around.

A little preamble here, Dave’s house is right on the beach. That sounds fancy and expensive but it is a shit hole and whoever owns the land is just waiting for the house to burn down so they can build a mansion on it. Dave keeps his house clean and tidy, and since it is right on the beach his crew keep their surfboards there, people crash there all the time and Dave never locks any of the doors so it is a weird communal place but that is who Dave is. Also, Dave has two super hot chick neighbors that I think, are both in love with him. For some weird reason nothing has happened between them.

So, I text Dave telling him that I’m horny. He says he is home and can’t wait. I tell him I’ll be there in ten minutes. He replies saying that he will be tied to a chair in his speedos so I better hurry before someone else gets there.

I laugh it off as an idle fantasy but there is some truth to it, people drop into Dave’s place all the time unannounced. But it was a Tuesday afternoon around 2pm so it should be OK.

No surprise that when I walked into Dave’s little house, he was in the living room tied to a chair. The whole thing was pretty hot. Dave is hot, he was wearing his red speedos, which are hot, he was blindfolded with a tie, his mouth was covered with a strip of duct tape, his legs were tied to the chair legs with tape and his hands were in handcuffs behind his back. I could do absolutely anything I wanted to him and the stirring in the speedos I was wearing meant that my cock knew that I could and would do anything to Dave.

Tied Up in Speedos

I walked up to Dave and rubbed the front of his speedos, his cock was fully hard and straining against the red lycra. With my touch, a glistening droplet of precum appeared.

Speedo Precum

By now I was horny, so I stripped off my clothes down to the blue speedos that I was wearing. Like Dave, I wear speedos most of the time as underwear so this was nothing new. Dave has a big sliding glass door which looks out over the beach which is not very private but the house is set back and nobody could see in, it does feel naughty though with the whole world out there.

My cock was now fully hard as well and I had to adjust its position in my speedo, then I was standing there opposite the immobile Dave. I was like the dog the caught the car, now I didn’t know what to do, or maybe it was that I just couldn’t decide what to do first.

I straddled Dave and it just worked that my balls were rubbing against his card cock and my cock was rubbing against his stomach. Putting my arms around his neck I began whispering in his ear all the naughty things I wanted to do to him. The last thing I did whisper to him was that I wasn’t going to let him cum and that he was going to have the worst case of blue balls ever. As I finished whispering that promise, there was a knock on the glass back door. My heart stopped.

It was one of Dave’s neighbors, Madison.

If you’d like to read what happens next, I’m sorry but you have to be a member. The idea of the membership thing is so that I can post more intimate details which I otherwise wouldn’t be able to post at all. With the membership count approaching 1,000 people (not quite there yet), I am tailoring more and more of my posts for the members.

I hope you join. It is only $5 (either credit card or PayPal).

Click here to join.

September 7th, 2018
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