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New Foursome Position

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Friday night came along, I had some offers from friends to catch up which I had to decline because playing with Alex and Adam was a priority.  I was horny all day so in the afternoon I went for a long walk just to try and keep my mind off what was going to happen.

Alex has a speedo fetish which is equal to mine and it was our speedo fetish which brought us together really in the first place so I decided to wear a pair of red AussieBum speedos under my jeans.

I arrived right on nine o’clock and Alex greeted me at the front door wearing a black speedo and nothing else.  We shook hands and Alex was asking me how my trip to Colorado was as I followed him into the kitchen.  Isn’t it funny that we shake hands like old friends but we have both had some amazingly intimate sexual experience (I took Alex’s gay virginity in every definition of the word).

As Alex poured me a drink I noticed someones clothing on the kitchen table, I had noticed Alex’s erection the second he opened the door so I wasn’t quite sure what was going on.

I started taking off my clothing and put the items on the kitchen table next to the other set of clothes.  I was semi hard but not fully just yet.  Alex and I were just talking about my trip while he poured us drinks and I stripped down to my red speedo.  He came over to me with a drink in either hand and instead of accepting the drink I grabbed his arse and we started making out.  My hands were all over his arse as we kissed and I moved my hand around the front of his speedo and his cock was rock hard.

Kissing in Speedos

Alex broke off our kiss and suggested we go up stairs and join the others.  I took the drink in Alex’s hand and started following his amazing arse up stairs to where their master bedroom is.  What did he mean by others?  I could have asked and I wanted to but anticipation is just as much fun right?

We walked into the main bedroom and there were two bodies, both wearing speedos, all tangled up on the bed making out.  In the mood lighting I could make out Adam, Alex’s boyfriend, but the other guy was someone I hadn’t met before.  Alex coughed and the two guys on the bed broke off their making out session.  Adam jumped up on his knees on the bed and greeted me, instead of a handshake, Adam grabbed the back of my neck with one hand pulling me forward and stuck his tongue in my mouth.  His other hand went straight for the front of my red speedo which was being stretched by my erection which was at full mast since Alex and I had made out.

It wasn’t a long kiss but Adam was horny and his tongue was eager.  He broke off out kiss and introduced me to Justin who was wearing a blue speedo and was now kneeling next to Adam.  Justin and I shook hands.  Adam’s hand was still on the front of my speedo rubbing my cock.

“Dave, Alex and I wanted to try a new position and it requires four people so we thought we’d invite you.”

“Sounds good, tell me where you want me to be?”

I was instructed to remove my speedo and as I did I noticed Alex was removing his speedo but neither Adam or Justin were.  Adam directed me to lie on my back on the bed and he put some pillows under my butt so it was raised a little bit.  Then a completely naked Alex straddled my face and we started sixty-nine’ing.

Sixty-nine isn’t my favourite position, I find the angle isn’t quite right and I have trouble concentrating particularly as I get close to orgasm.  But it is still hot and Alex and I didn’t need instruction on what to do.

I really couldn’t see anything form my position and with the darker lighting in the room but after a short while, right there in front of me was a condom covered cock at the head of Alex’s butt hole.  It was right then that I felt something close, really close, to my own butt hole.  Someone asked us if we were ready and both Alex and I gave a mouth full of cock grunt in the affirmative.

From my angle I couldn’t tell if I was looking at Adam or Justin’s cock as it slid into Alex’s arse.  Which means I couldn’t tell who was sliding into my arse.

Adam and Justin’s timing was perfectly in sync.  I watched someones cock rest at Alex’s opening and felt a cock at my own opening.  Then as I watched, less than two inches from my face, the cock slide into Alex, I felt the same thing happening to me.

They began fucking us, completely in sync.  I reached up and grabbed the arse of the person fucking Alex and felt their speedos covering their butt but still I couldn’t tell who it was.

After some in and out the cock in front of my eyes pulled out and disappeared from my view.  In less than a minute, a new cock appeared before my eyes.  This cock didn’t have a condom on so I assumed it was Adam since he was barebacking Alex.  Which meant Justin was inside me.  The same process as before happened and my arse was filled as I watched Alex’s arse get filled with cock.

Gay Foursome Position

This time the two tops went harder.  There was lots of moaning from everyone including myself.  I tried to concentrate on Alex’s cock that had been in my mouth the entire time.

I think Justin came first as I felt him ram deep inside me and pause as his cock was spasming inside me.  That set off Adam as I saw his cock ram deep inside Alex and he let out a very orgasmic moan, this then triggered Alex whose cum exploded in my mouth which within seconds triggered my orgasm into Alex’s mouth.

No kidding the four of us came in maybe twenty seconds!!!

April 5th, 2019

Tourist Gets Off at Bondi Beach

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I love chatting with people who enjoy speedos.  I especially love talking with members because I think that is a little more serious than that random emails I often receive.  Last year I got talking to a new member here on this blog called Arthur.  Arthur is from Texas and was having a holiday in Australia.  Unfortunately Arthur wasn’t going to make it up the coast to where I live but I gave him some tourist advice for Sydney.

Arthur was kind enough to take the time to write about how he got to hang out at the Bondi swimming pool (called Bondi Icebergs).  It was pretty hot and I think Arthur enjoyed his time there.

I went to Australia a couple of months ago with friends to visit some other friends. I was only there for a week and spent the last few days in Sydney. I opted for Sydney as my last stop because I there was a pool I wanted to visit for personal, and obviously speedo-related, reasons.

Being Filipino and living in the great state of Texas, USA, I seldom get a chance to be speedo-clad at the beaches there. I still get my speedo fix weekly since I train for triathlons. As a triathlete, I wear either a trisuit or speedos every time I swim train. But, it isn’t enough speedo time. Plus, the speedos I get to wear in a public pool where I train relegates me to use speedos that should be for General Audiences only. My collection of speedos are categorized between play and training categories with some speedos I can use for both (depending on the day and venue).

So Sydney was a my last stop and I did all the touristy things you can do there. What a great city. I was the only triathlete in my group of friends so I had to find a way to get to the famous Bondi beach without sacrificing tourist times with my friends.

I eventually decided to brave the early morning cold (July mornings there are cold) and took an Uber to Bondi and eventually got some lap swim time at the Bondi Icebergs pool. I have quite a fascination to Bondi Beach being a center of attraction in those Aussiebum videos and the Bondi Icebergs pool is where they shoot some of the hottest videos of their speedo and gear collection.

Bondi Icebergs Pool

I arrived at Bondi beach around 5:15 AM and headed up to the Iceberg building. Waiting for me at the front door was my friend, Brandon. He lives in Sydney but hasn’t been to the Icebergs and Bondi for quite some time. I haven’t seen him since we met in Boston about ten years ago. We met online in a gay/bi chat and remained friends ever since. He complained that he doesn’t get up this early when he coaches and referees football. I told him that he shouldn’t miss some speedo time with me. He winked and grinned at me so I knew we would have some speedo time before the morning was over.

Since I wasn’t 100% sure Brandon was coming, I brought my usual Adidas brand 3-stripe swimsuit for General Audiences swimming. That was my plan but I made a quick decision to see if I can get him turned on. In my bag, I always carry a backup suit for play if the opportunity presents itself.  I love my Aussiebum Portseas (just like Aussie Speedo Guy) but they are not really for lap swimming so what I dug out of my bag was my red lifeguard speedos I got in Hawaii a couple of years ago.

Brandon and I paid our visitor fee and went to the changing rooms. I started to get undressed and gave me a quick peek to the dark yellow and maroon speedo he had underneath his jogging shorts. I didn’t get to see what brand they were but it looked like a local club which he might be a member of. With that peek, I started to bone up and proceeded to give him a little show while I’m changing. Turned my back to him and got my shirt off and proceeded to unzip my jeans. He saw that I was wearing Aussiebum (red Classic Original with white piping) underwear and continued to look as I was taking it off and putting my red lifeguard speedos on. He didn’t see my hardening cock as I purposely wanted him to see how I filled out my red speedos with my boner. I continued to casually converse with him on some inane topic but I knew he has trying hard to concentrate in the conversation while his eyes were roving up and down my body while stretching for a bit and digging for my towel. I saw him lick his lips when I adjusted my now swollen cock inside the speedos and got the towel to cover up. He gave my ass a smack as I was heading out of the door going downstairs to the pool. I brushed my hand on his crotch and felt him boned up as well.

Boy, was the wind cold! Even though it was winter in Sydney, I decided to brave the freezing water of the Icebergs pool to be able to say that I indeed swam in that world-renowned pool. Plus, I have a race three weeks after the Syndey vacation so I needed some swim time in. Brandon just stayed on the second floor all covered up in jogging pants, trainers and thick hoodie. I asked him to take pics of the upcoming sunrise for me and shots of Bondi Beach.

The boner I had before I took the plunge in that freezing pool quickly went away when I got in and started my laps. At around 6 am, there were some older folks about to swim or swimming and most of them were in wetsuits. Here, I was in a very skimpy speedo crazy enough to swim. Twenty minutes of lap swimming and my teeth starting to chatter, I decided that was enough for me. I got out of the pool, looked for Brandon and found him tucking his joggers, shoes and hoodie in his bag, towel on his shoulders and an awesome view of his ass framed by his speedos. I slapped his ass and grabbed a handful of his speedo-covered cock. Brandon is caucasian, married and on his early forties with four kids with an excellent body. He has a light dusting of hair all over which is a stark contrast of my naturally smooth body (I’m asian). Just seeing him in speedos got me hard again and he was smiling naughtily and told me to relax because he saw that my cock was throbbing and now obscenely trying to get out of my speedos.

We entered the dry sauna and was glad that nobody was around. It was enclosed but the door and the wall facing east (overlooking a hallway and then the pool) was made of glass from the top to about the waist. I didn’t think anything would happen since it was kind of risky because at any moment, anybody can pass and see what’s happening inside.

Brandon and I sat on the topmost bench and we were just shooting the shit while glancing at each other’s speedo covered boners. Out of the blue Brandon, he grabbed my crotch and held the outline of my speedo covered cock, he said he had forgotten how big my cock was (I always think my cock size is average but I’ve had some say it is way big for an asian). He then proceeded to slowly stroke me through the speedo material. I closed my eyes and just relaxed. I was in speedo heaven.

He then proceeded to stand up and looked at both sides of the window and asked if I would join him. He then stood in front of me as I was trying to gaze out and grind his speedo-covered ass on my crotch. That was so hot! I knew he felt my cock on his ass and I reached around and playfully pinch and tugged at his nips. He started to moan so I continued playing with his nips and continue grinding my cock on his ass.

He looked around and realized that the coast was clear, he then turned around and pulled my cock out of the waistband of my speedo and started to suck on it hungrily. If you were viewing the dry sauna from the pool downstairs or outside, what you will is a guy just standing inside the sauna but what you can’t see are both my feet planted on the floor with a hot guy slobbering on my cock, licking my nuts and trying to deep throat me. I was in heaven. He did that for a few minutes and I decided to return the favor. He stood up and I knelt in front of him and proceeded to get his cock out the left leg of the speedo. His cock was oozing precum. He started to moan as I licked the underside of his cock up to his cock head and sucked on it. I lost tracked of time just sucking on his cock and he pulled me up as his side vision saw two guys nearing our door. The door opened as I was standing up. I kept my back to them as I had to put my cock back in the speedos.

The two guys who came in were part of the local club as their speedos marked it. I think one of the guys may have had a sense of what I was doing because he looked at me and then he looked at my friend and smiled to both of us. They both sat at the other end of the bench while me and Brandon sat at the other end. I got a good look at them and their bodies and they were in excellent shape. My mind started to wander and had this fantasy about them both joining me and Brandon and I started to get hard again. I looked over at Brandon and smiled as I realized he was thinking the same too.

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March 27th, 2019

Speedo Humiliation

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This blog post is a story, not written by me but written by one of my fans, about speedo humiliation.  It is a little different to how I write about my sexual experiences but I found it an interesting read and thought I’d share it with you guys.

I’d be interested to hear if any of you guys have been humiliated while wearing speedos?

I can’t say that I have been humiliated but I have been embarrassed.  Once I was swimming at the local pool when I was in college and I loved swimming during the day (as I love now), it works on my speedo tan and the pool is usually pretty empty so I don’t have to share a lane.  I remember this one day a group of 30 women (from 30yo to 60yo I suppose) must have been having a swim camp.  They were having a bit of a briefing out of the pool and my clothes were right in the middle of them.  I swam as long as I could but I had something important that I had to be at so in the end I had to get out of the pool and walk in the middle of these women to get my gear.

To top it off…. I had bought a super tiny classic black speedo brand speedo.  I’m pretty sure it was a size 10 (which is a US 27) which is tiny.  I couldn’t even jerk off in them because they were so tight I couldn’t get my cock out the top of our of the legs (which is how I prefer to jerk off in speedos).

Tiny Black Speedo

Not really humiliating but definitely embarrassing……

Enough about me, enjoy this story and let me know what you guys think about it.

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October 6th, 2017

Speedo Sam

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Kip and I are off to ride Vail today, I love Vail!!!!  Maybe I can find myself a sugar Momma or a sugar Daddy – hehehehe.  I don’t want to leave you guys hanging on a Monday morning though so here is the first part of a story that I just added to

It was Monday, otherwise known to me as speedo day at my local pool.

I walked into the changing room, most of the cubicle doors were wide open so I chose one towards the pool so I had less of a walk when I was changed, and also most of the lockers that were left were down that end so I chose that area. It was only a small cubicle with a seat; I put my bag on the seat and reached inside. I pulled out my towel, laid it out on the seat and unfolded it. There they lay, my baby blue speedo and my lime green speedo. I tend to bring both pairs when I go swimming because I wear one while I am swimming laps and then another one to wear while I am travelling home, (mainly because I enjoy the feel). I take it in turns to wear either pair for swimming and today it was the turn of the baby blue speedos, just the thought of them, as usual, made my dick begin stir. I removed my shoes and socks, followed by my jeans; I reached for the bottom of my top and pulled it over my head. I stood there in my orange boxer-briefs and looked down at the baby blue speedo. My dick began to stir again, this time clearly visible. I reached for the elastic of the underwear and quickly pulled them down. My dick stood to attention. I was now naked with only 4 thin walls protecting me, the thought of somebody peeking over the top of the wall from the next cubicle helped my hand wander down to the base of my penis and began stroking, quickly I snapped out of my daydream and pulled up the speedo to my now flaccid penis. I packed all my clothes away into my bag and placed them in a locker.

Blue Speedos

I walked to the showers, there was nobody else there so I quickly rinsed myself and walked to the pool, as I peeked around the corner I was disappointed to see only about half a dozen people in the designated speedo pool and dozens in the normal pool. 2 of the men in the speedo pool must have been over 60 and the other 3 were about 14. Safe to say I was even more disappointed but then I spotted the final person at the end of the pool, he was about 20 and had a slim muscled body and long blonde hair. He climbed out of the pool; he had a bright yellow speedo on, much smaller than mine and barely covered his perky arse. Yet again I could feel my dick begin to grow, immediately I jumped in the water to hide my growing member. I swam laps for about an hour and a half trying to catch this man’s eye to no avail. After diving into the pool once more the 20yo blond rose and pushed himself out of the water and pulled a small wedgie out from his bum, he then headed for the locker room. After a moment of deliberation I chose to follow him. I climbed out of the water and walked quickly to the locker room, my speedo was clinging to me so tightly. Most people had already left the pool as it was getting late, this meant that the locker room was empty, I searched for a good 5 minutes for the man but I couldn’t find him.

Yellow Speedos

Slowly I walked back to my locker and pulled out my things. Most of the cubicles were open but I chose one next to one already being used. It was the one I had got changed in before but I used it to make sure that the lock was ok and not broken. I sat on the seat for a moment and thought about what could have been. I closed my eyes and allowed my hand to stray to my bulge. I began to caress my ever-growing dick; eventually my still soaking wet speedo felt like it was going to burst. With my other hand I pulled the speedo to the side and allowed my cock to spring out to the side, I began to stroke my penis as I thought more and more about the mysterious man in yellow, I tipped my head backwards and opened my eyes. A look of terror sprang across my face. I was looking directly into the eyes of the man in yellow as he was observing me masturbate. Slowly he disappeared behind the wall of the cubicle. I was frozen in position.

I might post the rest of this story later in the week but if you want to find out what happens – joining is only $4.95 and you’ll get this story, a stack more stories, nearly 400 speedo movies and 6,500 speedo photos.  And you’ve be supporting this blog and keeping it free. I think it is worth it –

March 25th, 2013

First Speedo Purchase

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On yesterday’s post (which I thought was really hot), Evilotto77 (who is a consistent comment poster) requested that I post some more stories.

So here is a story that I added to my site last week – there are a bunch of stories over there including most of my own experiences.

This story is written by a fellow blogger Hunx Trunx – enjoy guys.

I had finally gotten the nerve to buy a pair of sexy Speedo swim trunks to wear to the pool.

I’m thirty-five, six foot two inches and sport a swimmers body and an extra large “endowment”. I had always worried about getting embarrassed by getting hard in public in just a pair of tight trunks!

I’m turned on by any decent looking guy in a pair of tight briefs or swimwear so you can imagine what might happen to me in a public pool.

So, I went to my friendly neighbourhood J.C. Penny’s to start my search for the perfect pair.

It was about eight in the evening and there were very few customers around the men’s section.

Of course the first place I went, it being a Penny’s, was to the men’s room to see what kind of action there might be there.

To my disappointment, there was nothing going on. So, I went by the men’s underwear area.

That’s another area I can’t pass by without ogling the sexy models on the packages and maybe taking out a pair or two and putting my hand in the crotch area and rubbing the material.

Gets me rock hard every time. It would have been better if I’d run into another guy doing the same thing.

Finally, all frustrated at this point, I went to the swim trunk area. As I was running my fingers up and down the crotch area of the silky trunks, a handsome young sales clerk came up and asked I he could help me. I told him what I was looking for and he suggested a couple pair of Speedos. One cut in more of a bikini style and another that covered more of my ass and crotch; both black and shiny.

He showed me to the dressing area and I went in to try on the first pair.

Up until then, I had managed to stay soft but just holding the trunks made me start to get aroused. I stripped down completely. How else are you going to assess the complete package when trying on swimwear?

I slipped on the fuller pair and stood in front of the mirror admiring the fit.

By now I was starting to fill out the front with the beginnings of what later became a massive hard-on.

But we’ll get there later! As I was turning and admiring the look, the clerk came up to the curtain and asked how I was doing. I told him fine and then asked him what he thought of the “cut”. He pulled the curtain aside and looked in. His comment was that I filled them out just fine. I asked him If they were too tight and he said “He liked the way they shaped me in front.”

By now, I sensed that he was interested more than as just a sales clerk. I decided to test the thought by saying that I thought the leg bands were a little too tight as I ran my finger under the right leg opening. He said “Let me see for myself” and at that, reached over and put his index fingers under the leg openings. He ran them up and down the opening in the front and lingered enough to remove any doubt what he really had in mind. He told me to turn around and he did the same with the back side leg openings. This time he ran more of his entire hand up and under the leg band, rubbing my butt as he did so. His finger tips caressed my ass crack. When I turned around I was nearly rigid under the silky material. He ran his fingers over the bulge and down between my legs, teasing my balls as he did so. He said, “I think you fit into these just perfectly. By then, I noticed that he was sporting a long thick bulge in his suit pants. So what is a guy to do? I reached over and rubbed him through the material, asking him if he thought he’d like to get a better look at what was causing me to stick out in front. He responded that he’d love to do just that. He reached out again and put his fingers from both hands under the material and began to massage my balls and dick. I reached over and unzipped his fly and put my hand in the opening. My hand met white cotton briefs that were begging to be relieved of their enormous load of cock and balls. I massaged him through his shorts as he continued with me by putting his right hand down into the back of the Speedos and teasing the crack of my ass. God that was hot.

He pulled back, knelt down and began to lick my bulge through the nylon. I was so loaded with pre-cum that he was able to suck it through the trunks and then run his tongue up and down the bulge. He had put his right hand inside and was playing with my balls.

I interrupted him by pulling him up and kissing him deep and hard. Our crotches were rubbing against each other but I wanted to feel just Speedos against underwear so I undid his pants, letting them fall to his ankles. We rubbed against each other, swaying in each others arms while we kissed passionately.

He was obviously unconcerned about the possible customers or supervisors that could have come in on us, so I wasn’t going to worry about it either (I found out later that he and his boss covered for each other in circumstances like this).

Finally, he got on his knees again and began to slowly lower the Speedos until they were twisted down below my balls. He began to lick my balls and I wanted him deeper, so I pushed the trunks down all the way, sat down and spread my legs. He lifted them up and stuck his face down into my balls and the area below them, licking and sucking all the time he was there. He began to work his way back up and ran his tongue from the base of my cock to the tip, finally putting he tip into his mouth and slowly going down until his chin was teasing my balls. I reached through his legs and grabbed his shorts, pulling them down around his thighs. Then began to slowly stroke his huge cock and rub his balls as he sucked me.

I got us into a 69 position and decided to suck him at the same time. We squirmed and sucked and licked and just about passed out from the sheer passion! The time came to cum and I grabbed the black Speedos. As I shot, I caught the spunk in the material. Then as the clerk came seconds later, I held the trunks up against his cock and caught his cum as well. The white creamy sperm looked so sexy on that shiny black material. So much so that I decided to keep them and just use them to cum in. Of course, I had to buy another pair of Speedos to actually wear.

Has anyone ever had this happen to them?

April 13th, 2012
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