Speedo Humiliation

This blog post is a story, not written by me but written by one of my fans, about speedo humiliation.  It is a little different to how I write about my sexual experiences but I found it an interesting read and thought I’d share it with you guys.

I’d be interested to hear if any of you guys have been humiliated while wearing speedos?

I can’t say that I have been humiliated but I have been embarrassed.  Once I was swimming at the local pool when I was in college and I loved swimming during the day (as I love now), it works on my speedo tan and the pool is usually pretty empty so I don’t have to share a lane.  I remember this one day a group of 30 women (from 30yo to 60yo I suppose) must have been having a swim camp.  They were having a bit of a briefing out of the pool and my clothes were right in the middle of them.  I swam as long as I could but I had something important that I had to be at so in the end I had to get out of the pool and walk in the middle of these women to get my gear.

To top it off…. I had bought a super tiny classic black speedo brand speedo.  I’m pretty sure it was a size 10 (which is a US 27) which is tiny.  I couldn’t even jerk off in them because they were so tight I couldn’t get my cock out the top of our of the legs (which is how I prefer to jerk off in speedos).

Tiny Black Speedo

Not really humiliating but definitely embarrassing……

Enough about me, enjoy this story and let me know what you guys think about it.

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samspeedo said,  

Know exactly what you mean about embarrassment . . . though not humiliation. In recent years, I’ve been training locally in a small sized speedo. It’s a black, lycra nylon combo and it’s the only thing I can swim lots of laps in without it dragging down my ass etc in the water. Anyways, depending on the time of day things can get a bit embarrassing when leaving the water. The problems: later afternoons mean mums and their kids at the pool, sitting in bleachers etc or wandering around the pool deck. I have larger than average sized balls and a reasonably sized cock. Even with shrinkage (from cold water), there’s a large package visible to all! Add a small sized speedo and everything is almost on view. But that’s not where the problem ends. I sit down on the seats on the pool deck to dry off . . . and I’m sure you know the problem there! Yup . . . warm blood starts circulating, cock and balls start returning to normal size and even more is visible to onlookers in the super tight speedo. Had one or two interested looks from some married women but no approaches from guys sadly!

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