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Looking for Master/Dominant Man

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After my online rant (on my blog) about guys on online hookup apps making no effort, I need to share with you guys what happens when someone makes some effort.

During my rant, I mentioned that I received eight messages on the app (it is a gay hookup app, you can email me if you’d like to know which one I use).  Seven of the eight were from guys saying “Hey” with blank profiles.  Usually I reply to “Hey”, with “That is what horses eat.”  Most of the time, the lazy moron on the other end doesn’t get it.

The eighth messaged I received was from a guy whose profile was complete.  He had half a dozen photos of himself, including several face pics, he listed his age and what he was in to.  His profile said he was looking for guys that would like to master/dominate him and that he loves being a submissive bottom.  His message to me was an actual paragraph asking me if I would be interested in that role, he said he couldn’t host but could travel and we were less than twenty kilometers from each other.

A cute, skinny, twenty-two year old guy wanted to drive over and let me use him, sounds great!

We sent some messages back and forth, I shot him a face pics of me, we set some sexual boundaries and arranged a time for him to come over.  An hour or so later, my door bell rang and he was right on time, to the minute actually.

At my unit here I have an internal shared staircase so I buzzed him in ad cracked the door to my unit (Seinfeld style).

It wasn’t long and he, I called him ‘Slave Boy’, walked in the door.  I was standing in my living room waiting.  I was wearing a pair of red lycra speedos and nothing else.  Once he closed the door behind him, I told him to stay there, in front of the door, and take his clothes off.  He did.  Slave Boy was then standing there butt naked.  What a tastey looking twenty-two year old body he had.  He was shaved and had a healthy looking cock that was mostly hard.

Since I have a thing for guys in speedos, I threw him a pair of black lycra speedos that are a bit too small for me and told him to put them on.  I personally find a guy in speedos even hotter than a naked guy.  Slave Boy looked fantastic in my speedo and they fit him perfectly.  His cock might have stiffened a little bit as well and it was stretching the lycra material in the front.

Slave Boy then just stood there, waiting for further instructions.

I told him I’d have to pat him down to make sure he wasn’t recording anything or had any weapons on him.  Of course he didn’t, I had just seen him naked but it was part of the role.  As ordered, Slave Boy turned around facing the door, put his hands on it and spread his legs a little bit.

His butt looked fantastic.  Slim, firm and I just wanted to eat it then and there.  I knew I’d get to fuck it soon enough.

Walking up behind Slave Boy I roughly grabbed the back of his neck and pushed it against the door.  I was talking in his ear trying to sound angry that he was late.  Unintentionally, my cock, which had been one hundred percent hard since before Slave Boy arrived, touched his butt crack.  It felt good.  While I was talking dirty in his ear I began to dry hump Slave Boy’s bum.  The combination of both of us wearing speedos made it nice and slippery. Both our hips were grinding back and forth.

I had one hand on the back of Slave Boy’s neck and with my right hand I slid it from his hip and reached around the front to his cock. It was covered with the lycra material but I started stroking/rubbing it.

“Thank you Master Dave”, came out of Slave Boy’s mouth in a bit of a whimper, I told him to “Shut Up”.  I do have neighbours and we were against my front door so it wouldn’t take much for someone walking past my door to hear any noise that close.

He was getting close to orgasm.  If we had kept it up, I would have had an orgasm grinding against his bum as well but I knew Slave Boy would beat me to cumming, he was twenty-two after all.

Whispering in his ear, I told him not to cum, and if he did, he would be punished.

I think that Slave Boy tried to resist cumming but he was no match for my right hand stroking his cock.  He spasmed, and let out a quiet “Aaaghhhh” as he started cumming.  His wet cum started oozing through the lycra of the speedo. When his cock stopped twitching my hand was covered in his cum, he must have shot a big load inside his speedo which would have been one cummy mess.

Now it was time for his punishment.

In his ear, I told Slave Boy that I was disappointed he disobeyed me and came in the speedos I had loaned him.  He knew that he had to be punished and stepping back I told him to keep his hands on the door and to bend over more.

I walked over to my kitchen, pulled my cock out the top of my speedo and tucked it under my balls, I put a condom on and quickly smeared it with lube.  My cock was rock hard.

At first I thought of pulling Slave Boy’s speedo down but I wanted to keep that cummy mess of his in one place so I managed to pull the bum part aside and got access to his pucker hole that way.  Not the easiest route but I managed to get the tip of my cock at his back door entry.  I told Slave Boy to count down from five.

“Five, four, three, owwwww.”  I slipped my cock in on three to surprise him.

A guy did that to me a few years ago and it had really taken my breath away.  For me, the guy slammed his cock all the way in but for Slave Boy I just poked the head of my cock inside him.  Taking it slowly, I gently slid in and out, in and out, a little bit deeper each time and Slave Boy’s hips were rocking back to meet my trusts so he wanted more.  Then I was making those entire cock length long strokes in and out of him.  My cock was so incredibly hard!

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March 23rd, 2021

Speedo Humiliation

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This blog post is a story, not written by me but written by one of my fans, about speedo humiliation.  It is a little different to how I write about my sexual experiences but I found it an interesting read and thought I’d share it with you guys.

I’d be interested to hear if any of you guys have been humiliated while wearing speedos?

I can’t say that I have been humiliated but I have been embarrassed.  Once I was swimming at the local pool when I was in college and I loved swimming during the day (as I love now), it works on my speedo tan and the pool is usually pretty empty so I don’t have to share a lane.  I remember this one day a group of 30 women (from 30yo to 60yo I suppose) must have been having a swim camp.  They were having a bit of a briefing out of the pool and my clothes were right in the middle of them.  I swam as long as I could but I had something important that I had to be at so in the end I had to get out of the pool and walk in the middle of these women to get my gear.

To top it off…. I had bought a super tiny classic black speedo brand speedo.  I’m pretty sure it was a size 10 (which is a US 27) which is tiny.  I couldn’t even jerk off in them because they were so tight I couldn’t get my cock out the top of our of the legs (which is how I prefer to jerk off in speedos).

Tiny Black Speedo

Not really humiliating but definitely embarrassing……

Enough about me, enjoy this story and let me know what you guys think about it.

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October 6th, 2017

Swimmer vs Nerd

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This is a three part story that was posted by one of the members at the forum.  Membership to it is free and there are some great posts and the members are all speedo enthusiasts.

It was around 9pm and swim practice was just ending. Dave and Michael had just left the pool deck and were heading to the showers to wash off.

“Haha dude you see those posters that have been around the dorms about that dumb little dork convention party tonight?” said Dave.

“No, sounds hella funny though we should crash it or something!” Michael replies.

“Ya this guy in the dorm next to mine is going, I saw him spray painting a foam sword yesterday.”

“Holy shit! what a loser!!! hahahaa”

…………………… hour later back in the dorm buildings……….

Dave and Michael are 1 room away from each so they are practically roommates, but overall they are without a doubt best friends. Both boys remain lounging in their speedos in Daves room discussing their night plans.

“Oh dude i got it! We should show up to that stupid party wearing our tight speedos and with oil all over ourselves and take all those babes back to our place.”

“Yes! Haha that sounds awesome! And hey some of those comic nerd girls are kind of cute.”

“Yeah man I’m not going to doubt that”

“Ya plus, everyone is going to be dressed up like knights and elves and other dumb stuff so this should be easy. And none of them are going to even think about fighting. who would fight this?” (dave flexes his chiseled abs showing a perfect six pac)

The two boys switch into their tighter and much more low cut speedos that look as though they don’ t fit, emphasizing their bulges and their apparent shaving down there. Next they grab some oil form the bathroom and lather up from head to toe rubbing the shiny liquid all over their defined chests and working their way down to their ripped abdominals followed by their large muscular legs.


“Lets go!”

The two boys leave their dorm looking as though they were coming from a porn-shoot. As the make their way down the hallway they see Justin farther down dressed as a character from Street Fighter.

“Hey dude thats the kid i was talking about who lives next to me”.

They call out, “Hey nerd!! Where’s the party at?”

Justin turns confused and replies “What do you guys care about it?” and continues to walk away.

Dave and Michael begin to jog to catch up to Justin who is now around the corner meeting up with another one of his buddies Alex who is dressed similarly. Justin remains unaware now that Dave and Michael are following him around the building to the party. Justin and Alex reach the Rec-Room where the party is occurring and knock on the door, it opens shortly after and as the door remains open and slowly closes the two swimmer boys slip in and into the party.

Some majestic battle type music is playing and a large crowd is huddled around the center of the room in a circle chanting and cheering. Dave and Michael arent even noticed due to everyone’s interest in the battle occurring in the crowd circle. The swimmers approach the circle and peer over peoples heads from farther back and see two skinny and very scrawny boys dressed up sword fighting with large foam swords, the ones that were being spray painted the other day.

“Wow dude how lame is this!!”

“Holy shit dude guess what? See that chick over there, Dave points at her. “Her names Brooke. She is totally on my dick right now, we’ve been hooking up for like 2 weeks now she seriously cant get enough of this” Gesturing to his lower body. And she is soo fine!!!”

Michael turns around and grabs two of the foam swords that were leaning against the wall and hands one to his buddy Dave.

“Follow my lead!”

Dave arrogantly pushes through the crowd of geeks and steps into the circle with Michael following him. Everyone begins to look in confusion at the two swimmers oiled up and glossy.

“Wham, shakhh, wapammm” Dave makes sword swinging gestures mimicking the two boys previously fighting. ” Hey Brooke! Baby lets head back to my room and I’m just gonna bring one more girl too and we can get real FREAKY!!” sounding like a total tool Dave paces around the circle and people look at him in confusion and disgust. He points at another girl and reaches for her hand as she bats it away. He tries to grab it again more forcefully but she yells at him and tries to push him.

“Whoah babe, you dont want this?” flexing his abs again.

“HEY DAVE!! Justin calls out from behind. “Leave her alone why the hell are you here anyway?!”

“What did say geek?” dave replies snootily. “I just came to get me a new batch of girls because tonight i am getting it on with at least 4 of you girls!” pointing around.

Justin interrupts ” Dude.. just leave, go do something else but just leave here!”

Dave becomes angry, “Hey loser! you wanna fight or something? Cuz you are acting real tough without much to back it up” pointing to Justin’s small arms.

Justin takes a deep breath in and says ” Sure i will fight you just to put you in your fucking place ass hole.” “I will fight you and your other tool friend. I’m not going to let you just come to my party and steal the girls so you can fuck each and every one of them!”

Dave waves his hand to Michael insisting he can easily do this by himself. “haha, ok little man lets go!”

Dave leaps for Justin as he tackles him to the ground pinning him down pretty easily and then lifts his right fist back and slugs Justin in the left cheek making a loud pop. Then he lifts his left fist to drive it into Justin and does so with ease turning Justin’s face red with pain and anger.

Dave, still sittin on top of Justin’s torso holds his arms up and flexes as a mid-fight taunt. He looks over at his current babe Brooke who is wearing a sexy elf outfit including a skimpy skirt and says “Hey Brooke, lemme just finish this and then we can leave this place and go back to my room.” He looks back down at justin who is struggling to get Dave off. “Am i going a little to hard on you nerd???

Suddenly he feels a tug from behind as he falls off of Justin. Discombobulated about who did this he turns and sees it was a girl named Britney, yet another previous girl of Dave.

Dave says “What the fuck Britney?!?”

Britney reaches her hand back and slaps Dave very hard on the face. He holds his right cheek as it becomes red and fixes his speedo which is sitting very low. He slowly turns back to look at Justin still probably laying on the ground crying or something but as he turns he feels a blow to the face as he staggers backwards. Justin punches him right in the face. After the first hit Justin throws a left hook followed by an upper cut both connecting very hard with Dave’s face. Dave is left standing groggy from the punch combo Justin hit him with. Justin delivers a kick to the back of Dave’s knee forcing him to fall to his knees and stumble to the ground.

Michael then interrupts, ” Hey!” as he charges at Justin.

As he charges at Justin, Justin waits for the right moment and then delievers a huge jumping knee right to Michaels face as Michael then collapses backward, obviously knocked out cold as he falls to the ground with his arms and legs sprawled out.

Justin reproaches Dave who had just gotten up from the viscous combo that Justin previously hit him with. All of the sudden Dave slams an elbow to Justins face as he yells in pain followed by a big punch right to the stomach of Justin forcing him to collapse to his knees. David smirks as he comes close to Justin who is sitting on his knees. David smiles and pans his head around to look at the crowd he has been fighting in front of. He reaches his hand down to the groggy Justin on his knees and pulls his head up against his crotch and rubs the face of the dork Justin into the front of his bulging tight speedo.

Justin appears to be limp and possibly unconscious as Dave continues to rub Justins face into his bulge. The crowd becomes dead silent as Dave scans his eyes around looking nastily at each person then suddenly, Justin delivers a huge head butt to the crotch of Dave making him bend over in pain. Alex, Justin’s friend calls to Justin and tosses him one of the large foam swords. Justin takes it and winds up as he whips the sword around in an uppercut motion and connects hard with daves face as he is bent over sending Dave flying onto his back with the finishing blow. Now Dave too lays sprawled out on the floor in his tiny little speedo, and oiled skin humiliated and out cold from the fight he had just lost.

Justin holds the sword up in triumph as the crowd cheers loudly for him for a few minutes. Justin walks over to the limp unconscious bodies of Dave and Michael sprawled out on the cold floor. He reaches over to Michael’s body and flips him over on his stomach and drags him over to Dave’s body. He drags Michael into a position where his face is laying face down on top of Dave’s bulge with Michael’s legs spread open showing his butt to the crowd. And as far as Dave went, Justin spread his arms and legs apart completely after placing Michael’s face on his crotch.

Justin looks down at Dave and spits on his face as a small weak moan comes from Dave. He must not be completely unconscious anymore. Brooke, Dave’s girl, then makes her way through the crowd in her sexy elf outfit and skirt as she presses up against Justin and whispers into his ear.

“That got me soooo horny Justin, i want to give you something.”

She takes Justins hand and takes him over to Dave and Michaels limp bodies laying in the humiliating positions that Justin assembled. She leads Justin to stand over Dave’s crotch with Michaels face in it and gets down on her knees so that right between her legs and under her skirt is Dave’s weak but not unconscious head looking up her skirt at what is no longer his. Brooke pulls Justins pants down and begins sucking him very hard and fast as if she had wanted to do so for a very long time. As she continues to suck Justin with Dave laying between and underneath Brookes skirt revealing her thong to her apparent Ex who is too weak to move. Justin gets very close to orgasming and then Brooke stops and smiles up to Justin as she gets up off her knees and stands behind justin now and reaches around and pumps Justins rock hard dick harder and faster than before and Justin soon lets off a huge moan of pleasure as Brooke, who has a grip on Justins cock, directs the cum all onto Dave’s face.

October 28th, 2010
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