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An Awkward Xmas?

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Good morning everybody, it is Xmas morning here down under and I have a pretty quiet day on the cards.  No kids, no boyfriends, no girlfriends to do presents with for me but, that is OK.

I am just about to head down to the beach for a swim then I might even have an early afternoon nap.

Then this afternoon, I have been invited around to a friends place for a few drinks and some backyard cricket (a very Australian Xmas tradition).  Thing is, my friends sons will be there.  Last time I saw their sons was back in April and I kinda had sex with both of them (not at the same time).

One son is gay and out of the closet, the other son is completely straight and has a gorgeous girlfriend.  I’m not sure if the girlfriend will be there.

My friends (the parents) assume that I am 100% straight of course.

This is the first time I’ve seen these guys since April, it should be interesting.  It sounds like my friends have a lot of family in town and I do have a spare bedroom if either of the sons needs a place to crash I will be quick to offer…. perhaps a late Xmas Day present for me.

If you are new, or can’t remember what happened back in April, click here to read about it.

Merry Xmas guys.

Santa Run

December 25th, 2022

Fucked by Brian, and Fucking His Brother

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I first saw Brian at my local pool a few months before the experience I’m about to describe to you.  It was just before closing time and out of the corner of my eye I saw Brian and one of the lifeguards headed in to the change rooms.  My gaydar isn’t very good, but something told me the two young men were about to do some naughty things in there.

Sounded like something I would be interested in.

In the showers I found Brian being blown by the lifeguard in the last shower stall.  They invited me to join and while the lifeguard blew us both, Brian and I made out and fingered each other.  I wrote about that experience on my blog which you can find if you are interested.

It was a one off and hasn’t happened again.  I see the lifeguard at the pool but haven’t seen Brian since.  Don’t worry, I did remember him, twenty-two years old, smooth swimmers build, tall and not an ounce of fat on his body.  I never got his name though.

Fast forward to last weekend.  Some friends of mine invited me down to the Gold Coast for the weekend.  Older couple that are friends.  They have a couple of units down there that they wanted to check on and their son was competing in the Surf Life Saving National Championships.  Sounded like an excuse to get out of town and I hadn’t been down to the Gold Coast in ages.

Saturday morning we cruise down to the coast, my friends give me the run of one of their units (they stay in another one right next door).

We spend the day hanging out, watching a little bit of the Life Saving competition and start drinking beers back at the apartment complex around 3pm.  My friends are hosting a BBQ and their sons will be joining us.  I’ve already been told that their older son Ian is gay and lives down the Gold Coast and their younger son Brian is competing and the finals are on Sunday morning.

Around 5pm Ian arrives and he is pretty cute and not too outwardly gay (I probably wouldn’t have known unless I had been told).  Half an hour later, the younger son arrives and I recognize him straight away.  It is Brian.  I am introduced to Brian who, from his eyes, recognizes me but we both pretend we are strangers meeting for the first time.  I am also introduced to Brian’s long term girlfriend, who is just as hot as he is.  Seriously, they could be in underwear commercials.

We all have a great night, some other people join us.  Brian and his girlfriend left first, they both were competing the next morning but the rest of us hung out until the wee hours of the morning.

The next day we all went down and watched Brian and his girlfriend in their competitions, holy cow there were some amazing bodies and a lot of guys in speedos (including Brian).  Things wrapped up around midday and the gay brother, Ian, invited me to come around for a pool party at his place.  My friends were going out to see some friends so sounded like a great way to spend the afternoon.  Ian walked me the two blocks from the unit to his rental house and on the way he told me that he is gay and some of his gay mates would be at the party, just making sure I was OK with it.  I told him I was OK with it but I didn’t want to tell him about my gay tendencies just yet (his parents have no idea).

Ian’s house was like a uni students house, I think there were four blokes living there and it was very cool.  There was some cricket on the TV which was out in the pool area.

After playing some back yard cricket (with a beer in hand most of the time) we headed to the pool.  Being the Aussie Speedo Guy, I had speedos on under my dork shorts but since I was a guest, I waited to see what the speedo tolerance level was.

I was pleasantly surprised that most of the guys were speedo’ing it up.  So I dropped my dork shorts revealing my new Addicted speedos which I have been loving lately (I’ve shared a bunch of my speedo selfies on my blog and social media).

It was these speedos that gave my identity away.  Walking out of the bathroom Ian blocked me in the hallway and asked me if I was Aussie Speedo Guy.  Perhaps it was the alcohol, but I didn’t really have a way out of this conversation so I admitted that yes, I am.  I asked Ian not to share that with anyone, particularly his parents.

Ian said he was fine to keep my secret, on the condition that I fucked him.

Sorry guys, the rest of this experience is going to be for members only.  If you’d like to join, it is only $5.

June 29th, 2022

Good Morning

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Morning guys.  Saturday morning here on Australia’s Sunshine Coast and I am up early and working hard on speedo porn, I am also hard… hehe.

I’m still sitting in bed (it is 9am) but I’m about to setup some movie uploads and while that is going on I’ll go for a swim at the beach.  I am wearing my new ADIDAS speedos, I don’t think I’ve shared any photos of them with you guys yet, I promise I will, remind me if I don’t.

Even though it is a Saturday I have lots of work to do.

  • Morning routine, check servers, check server logs, update speedo photo of the day.  Reply to member emails. DONE
  • Finish writing about an experience I had at a gay massage course a few years ago.  I was just given permission to write about it.  If I finish it today, I will share it with you guys tomorrow.
  • Get two new movies ready for publication.

That should get me through to about 4pm this arvo and I have some friends coming over for a BBQ on my roof at 5pm.  Probably no speedo sex on the cards for me today but writing about my massage experience will have me pretty horned up so that could get messy.

Anyone have anything awesome happening this Saturday?

Here is a screen grab from the new movie I’m working on…. I think you guys will like it.

Double Blowjob

February 12th, 2022

Group Sex Time in Sydney!!!

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Today, Sydney came out of a 106 day lockdown and my friends down there are all excited about what they are going to be getting up to tonight. If I was there, I’d have a few orgy invitations.

I’m sure there will be some stories/experiences that I’ll be able to share you guys but you can read about some of my own personal group sex/orgy experiences in the mean time.

1. My 10 Men Orgy –
2. Recent Fivesome –

If you are in Sydney, I hope those two experiences of mine get you pumped up for your first night of freedom.

Guys Orgy

October 11th, 2021

Multiple Mouthfuls at the Beach

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My beach session yesterday turned out better than I had expected.

It all started with me writing on my blog about working on my speedo tan in the dunes a few weeks ago. I was just packing up to leave that day, and a couple (guy and girl) walked around the corner and we all surprised each other.  I wonder what they were doing sneaking around the dunes.  The three of us all just apologized and went our own ways, but I wish something naughty had happened.  I told my readers that if they wanted the location I’d be happy to share it and I received some emails from some of my members/fans.

There were two guys I emailed with who live near me and asked me to tell them next time I was headed to the beach to work on my speedo tan and maybe they would accidentally stumble across me.

Monday was looking like a cracker of a day so I emailed the two guys and told them where I would be, I also posted the details on my blog.  It is a beach that I haven’t been to before but I had found recommendations for it.  The recommendations were that there are often people sunbaking naked in the dunes or getting up to some fun.

Plan was all set.  I also told the guys (and everyone who reads my blog) that I would be wearing a new pair of Pink AussieBum speedos.  They are bright pink and I haven’t had the confidence to wear them anywhere in public yet but this seemed like an appropriate time to christen them and they should make me stand out.

I had told everyone I would be working on my tan by two o’clock and I arrived at the carpark about an hour earlier.

There were a few people about and it was fun looking at them through my sunglasses trying to figure out if any of them were the guys that would soon be joining me in the dunes. The walk to the beach takes about five minutes down a sandy path and I was wear a pair of black dork shorts (board shorts) that ride a little low on the hips so my pink speedo was visible. I had a towel, a backpack with my laptop and I cracked a can of Rum and Coke (very Aussie thing to do).

On the walk down to the beach I passed a few people who said hello and overall I didn’t get the feeling of a nude/naughty beach at all.  Just normal people.

Once the path ended the directions I looked up online said to follow a lightly used path to the north which runs parallel to the beach and just behind the dunes.  That is what I did.  About fifty meters along this path I stopped and removed my dork shorts.  Now I was wearing a baseball cap and a pair of bright pink speedo and nothing else.

The feeling of dropping ones shorts, to nude or down to a speedo, always gives me a thrill.  Probably why I have such a speedo fetish.

I walked for another five minutes or so along the back of the dunes and the only people I saw was what I assumed to be a gay couple sunbaking nude.  They had their back to me and were tucked in the dunes so they didn’t even see me walk past.

Finding a nice spot I setup my camp. It wasn’t in full view of the path but was a little bit discrete. It was just hidden enough from the beach to be private and when I walked over the dune the beach was just spectacular.  I could see people in the distance but there was absolutely nobody around. I needed to cool off so I walked down and jumped in the water.

After my quick dip I walked back up the beach towards my little spot in the dunes.  Cresting the dune I was surprised to see a guy had laid out a big picnic blanket next to my towel and was lying there on his back. He was wearing a pair of ADIDAS speedos and nothing else.  I took a second to soak in the view, the guy was average build, early to mid twenties, not very suntanned and the tan he had indicated he wore dork shorts instead of speedos usually. His black speedos fit him well but they were stretched from his cock that was erect and training at the lycra.

This must be Luke.

ADIDAS Swim Brief Erection

Luke became a member of my blog about three months ago and we have exchanged emails over that period.  Since pools have reopened here (COVID) Luke has gotten in to swimming for fitness and this has fueled his speedo fetish.  Luke has said that he has always loved speedos and now he is back swimming that fetish has been rekindled and he has hooked up with a guy at the pool which is the first time he has ever done something like that.  Today would be the second time that Luke would do something naughty in a public place.

Walking down the back of the sand dune, Luke saw me, smiled and stood up.

Introducing ourselves we shook hands.  I always find it funny when I meet guys I’m about to hook up with and we shake hands.

Luke commented on my pink speedo saying it sure stands out and he noticed it as he drove in to the carpark and got a glimpse of me walking down the path towards the beach.  I commented on his black speedo and we both looked down at his cock straining to escape it.

I asked Luke if I could touch it, he approved and I reach out rubbing his cock through the silky lycra.  I was sliding my hand from nearly his arsehole, up across his balls then along the full length of his shaft.

My cock was starting to stir and Luke reached out and started stroking my cock just as I was stroking his.

Out of my peripheral vision I saw movement coming from the trail.  Luke and I froze, our first reaction being that we had been caught doing something bad.

On the path looking at Luke and I was an older guy wearing a red speedo, a wide brim Akubra hat (Aussie version of a Stetson) and a towel over his shoulder. This must be Russel.  Another member of my site who had told me he’d love to come and watch some speedo action and he would wear a red speedo so I would know it was him.

Russel said hi and said not to let him interrupt us.

During the emailing back and forth setting up this meeting, Russel had disclosed that he is married, had adult kids and has never really done anything with any guys but his speedo fetish has given him some deep felt urges. I love married straight acting guys that have a gay side.  Russel has said that he would probably just watch and jerk off which is completely fine with me.

While Russel stood there enjoying the view of two guys with their hands on each other cocks, I felt the desire to suck some cock.  I got on my knees in the middle of Luke’s picnic blanket and my eyes were right at the height of the front of his speedo.

Luke pulled the elastic on the leg of his speedo and I put my hand in and pulled out his cock. The tip was glistening with precum and I looked up at Luke as my tongue stretched out and tasted it.

I was just flicking the tip of Luke’s cock with my tongue when I remembered that Russel was watching, he was standing pretty much side on to use about five meters away.  I moved my lips to the base of Luke’s cock on the far side from Russel (so that Luke’s cock was between my mouth and Russel).  Looking at Russel, I started sliding my lips back and forth along the full length of Luke’s cock, playing it like a harmonica.  Russel pulled his cock out the top of his red speedos and was stroking it.

Oral in a Speedo

There are lots of hot speedo porn movies on my site but I don’t think Russel had ever seen something like this in the flesh.

I motioned for him to come closer.  Then I went to town on Luke’s cock, sucking it properly like a real man.

Sorry guys, the rest of this is for Members Only.
It is the financial support of members which allows me the time
to share these experiences and keeps this blog free from popups and ads.
Please login to access or considering becoming a member. click here to join now.

November 27th, 2020

Finally, a new movie of the week!!!

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The latest Movie of the Week has taken a little bit longer to publish than I expected… I have been busy writing about my new Sex Students (click here to read about that).  However, I think the wait for the update has been worth it as this movie is pretty darn hot.

It actually reminds me of some of my first sexual experiences.  Summer time here in Australia, going to friends houses hanging out in the pool all day.

Then things could start to get a little bit naughty, some light touching….

Finally someone would get horny enough that they would make a move…..

And for me, those experiences usually ended up with us sucking each other off.

For me, it would be years before I tried anal sex (why did I wait???).  But for members who can view the full length version of this movie, you get nice pretty nice anal footage in this movie.

Hope it was worth the wait guys and I am already looking for the next Movie of the Week so it will be delivered on time.

And, if the sample clip isn’t enough, you can become a member for $5.  Click here to join now.

November 8th, 2020
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