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Anonymous Beach Sex

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My day at the beach yesterday was testing out my new green speedos, of course I would have loved some company.

A few Grindr guys responded but none of them could make it at such short notice.

One guy, who is a cute, early 20’s guy messaged me telling me that his fantasy is to be in the dunes, sunbaking nude when a guy walks up to him, bends him over, says “Sshhhh, you are going to enjoy this” and fucks him.  Completely anonymously.

I love it when a guy on a dating/hookup app actually takes a couple of minutes to say something interesting (“Hey” will not get a reply from me.

While I didn’t have any company on the beach, I did jerk off thinking about stumbling across this cute young guy in the dunes.

Although, today I think I’ll be jerking off thinking about the scenario pictured below…. what do you think happened here?  I hope it was anonymous…..

Jerking off on the beachCute Guy at the BeachAnonymous AnalRiding Cock at the BeachRandom Beach Sex

May 6th, 2023

Speedo Confidence

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Today I woke up a little bit south of where I live, I’m down here dog sitting for a friend of mine.  His house is pretty close to the beach and I woke up a little bit hungover so I dragged my sorry ass down to the beach and after walking nearly 1km I found a quiet spot, grabbed a book and I did have a alcoholic drink, hair of the dog.

For 3 hours I enjoyed my book, I think I fell asleep at one point.

Surprisingly, this quiet little beach seemed like gay central!!!

Speedos at the beach

At once point I sat up and there are two guys, I’m 90% sure they were a couple, who had stopped right in front of me and had started walking back towards the beach entry.  Had I sat up 5 minutes earlier, I would have waved and invited them in to the dunes.

I didn’t have to wait long for that kind of opportunity.

15 minutes later out of the corner of my eye I spot some movement.  So I look up and there is this older guy, wearing a pair of footy shorts totally checking me out.  I admit, I had an erection (thinking about the two guys I missed earlier) but I didn’t think it was too in appropriate as I was probably 40m from the waters edge.

Sitting back up the older guy and I looked at each other, I rubbed the front of my speedo and he correctly interpreted my invitation.

By the time he had walked up the beach I was standing and we walked in to the dunes.

Once out of view of the beach the older guy grabbed me, turned me around and we started making out.  He was my height but much stockier than myself and he was in control.  He looked a little bit like Sean Connery with his grey beard.

I was totally horny as hell so I asked him what he wanted, want to fuck me?  Want me to blow you?

He replied that he just wanted to blow me.

Fine with me.  I had one request though.  During out kiss I had felt that the older guy was wearing some speedos under his footy shorts.  I asked him if he would be so kind as to drop the footy shorts.  While he took off his footy shorts, I leant back against a tree and I pulled my raging boner out the leg of my speedo.  He dropped to his knees and started sucking.

Wow, I didn’t even know this guys name.

He sucked cock like it was his last meal and looking down at him wearing just his black speedo was pretty hot.  Approaching orgasm I warned him.  Twice.  And he kept sucking.  I warned him a third time just as my cock exploded and his lips didn’t leave my cock.

When my cock finally started to soften he removed his lips, licking every last drop and put hit footy shorts back on.  I asked him if I could return the favour but he said he was fine.  We walked back to the beach, nobody was around so nobody knew what had just taken place.  We shook hands (like we had just played a round of golf) and he walked in the direction of the carpark.


I lay back down, this time on my tummy to tan my back and wondered to myself… “Did that really just happen?”

After half an hour or so of me reading and checking my phone, my phone battery was dying so I thought I should head back to the house and check on the dog.  I got up, put my shorts on, shook my towel out and when I turned around to start walking back, right there in front of me is this cute younger guy wearing a blue speedo just strutting his stuff!!!

Of course, I got my shit together and followed him, enjoy the view.

I just love this young guys confidence!!!

If you know him or if you are him, please touch base with me because I will be back at that same beach tomorrow and I owe someone a blowjob.

Speedo ConfidenceSpeedo Confidence

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January 2nd, 2023

Friday Afternoon in Speedos

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Summer in Queensland means we get some fantastic afternoon storms and last night was the first real big one for the summer.  What isn’t as common is waking up to the sound of thunder as I did today.

I had some chores to do and thankfully there wasn’t any hail and as I write this blog post for you guys, it is just about midday and the sun is out and the wind has died down and it looks like a fantastic afternoon for the beach.

My speedos are on, I’ll pack my laptop and some beers in a backpack and I’m off to the beach.

While I will be working on finishing writing about some of my recent speedo experiences… you never know, I might get to make some more in the dunes if there are any other speedo guys.

Click here to read about one of my experiences at the beach when I met a member for a surf in our speedos…..

Who wants to join me?

Sunny Speedo Day

October 15th, 2021

Multiple Mouthfuls at the Beach

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My beach session yesterday turned out better than I had expected.

It all started with me writing on my blog about working on my speedo tan in the dunes a few weeks ago. I was just packing up to leave that day, and a couple (guy and girl) walked around the corner and we all surprised each other.  I wonder what they were doing sneaking around the dunes.  The three of us all just apologized and went our own ways, but I wish something naughty had happened.  I told my readers that if they wanted the location I’d be happy to share it and I received some emails from some of my members/fans.

There were two guys I emailed with who live near me and asked me to tell them next time I was headed to the beach to work on my speedo tan and maybe they would accidentally stumble across me.

Monday was looking like a cracker of a day so I emailed the two guys and told them where I would be, I also posted the details on my blog.  It is a beach that I haven’t been to before but I had found recommendations for it.  The recommendations were that there are often people sunbaking naked in the dunes or getting up to some fun.

Plan was all set.  I also told the guys (and everyone who reads my blog) that I would be wearing a new pair of Pink AussieBum speedos.  They are bright pink and I haven’t had the confidence to wear them anywhere in public yet but this seemed like an appropriate time to christen them and they should make me stand out.

I had told everyone I would be working on my tan by two o’clock and I arrived at the carpark about an hour earlier.

There were a few people about and it was fun looking at them through my sunglasses trying to figure out if any of them were the guys that would soon be joining me in the dunes. The walk to the beach takes about five minutes down a sandy path and I was wear a pair of black dork shorts (board shorts) that ride a little low on the hips so my pink speedo was visible. I had a towel, a backpack with my laptop and I cracked a can of Rum and Coke (very Aussie thing to do).

On the walk down to the beach I passed a few people who said hello and overall I didn’t get the feeling of a nude/naughty beach at all.  Just normal people.

Once the path ended the directions I looked up online said to follow a lightly used path to the north which runs parallel to the beach and just behind the dunes.  That is what I did.  About fifty meters along this path I stopped and removed my dork shorts.  Now I was wearing a baseball cap and a pair of bright pink speedo and nothing else.

The feeling of dropping ones shorts, to nude or down to a speedo, always gives me a thrill.  Probably why I have such a speedo fetish.

I walked for another five minutes or so along the back of the dunes and the only people I saw was what I assumed to be a gay couple sunbaking nude.  They had their back to me and were tucked in the dunes so they didn’t even see me walk past.

Finding a nice spot I setup my camp. It wasn’t in full view of the path but was a little bit discrete. It was just hidden enough from the beach to be private and when I walked over the dune the beach was just spectacular.  I could see people in the distance but there was absolutely nobody around. I needed to cool off so I walked down and jumped in the water.

After my quick dip I walked back up the beach towards my little spot in the dunes.  Cresting the dune I was surprised to see a guy had laid out a big picnic blanket next to my towel and was lying there on his back. He was wearing a pair of ADIDAS speedos and nothing else.  I took a second to soak in the view, the guy was average build, early to mid twenties, not very suntanned and the tan he had indicated he wore dork shorts instead of speedos usually. His black speedos fit him well but they were stretched from his cock that was erect and training at the lycra.

This must be Luke.

ADIDAS Swim Brief Erection

Luke became a member of my blog about three months ago and we have exchanged emails over that period.  Since pools have reopened here (COVID) Luke has gotten in to swimming for fitness and this has fueled his speedo fetish.  Luke has said that he has always loved speedos and now he is back swimming that fetish has been rekindled and he has hooked up with a guy at the pool which is the first time he has ever done something like that.  Today would be the second time that Luke would do something naughty in a public place.

Walking down the back of the sand dune, Luke saw me, smiled and stood up.

Introducing ourselves we shook hands.  I always find it funny when I meet guys I’m about to hook up with and we shake hands.

Luke commented on my pink speedo saying it sure stands out and he noticed it as he drove in to the carpark and got a glimpse of me walking down the path towards the beach.  I commented on his black speedo and we both looked down at his cock straining to escape it.

I asked Luke if I could touch it, he approved and I reach out rubbing his cock through the silky lycra.  I was sliding my hand from nearly his arsehole, up across his balls then along the full length of his shaft.

My cock was starting to stir and Luke reached out and started stroking my cock just as I was stroking his.

Out of my peripheral vision I saw movement coming from the trail.  Luke and I froze, our first reaction being that we had been caught doing something bad.

On the path looking at Luke and I was an older guy wearing a red speedo, a wide brim Akubra hat (Aussie version of a Stetson) and a towel over his shoulder. This must be Russel.  Another member of my site who had told me he’d love to come and watch some speedo action and he would wear a red speedo so I would know it was him.

Russel said hi and said not to let him interrupt us.

During the emailing back and forth setting up this meeting, Russel had disclosed that he is married, had adult kids and has never really done anything with any guys but his speedo fetish has given him some deep felt urges. I love married straight acting guys that have a gay side.  Russel has said that he would probably just watch and jerk off which is completely fine with me.

While Russel stood there enjoying the view of two guys with their hands on each other cocks, I felt the desire to suck some cock.  I got on my knees in the middle of Luke’s picnic blanket and my eyes were right at the height of the front of his speedo.

Luke pulled the elastic on the leg of his speedo and I put my hand in and pulled out his cock. The tip was glistening with precum and I looked up at Luke as my tongue stretched out and tasted it.

I was just flicking the tip of Luke’s cock with my tongue when I remembered that Russel was watching, he was standing pretty much side on to use about five meters away.  I moved my lips to the base of Luke’s cock on the far side from Russel (so that Luke’s cock was between my mouth and Russel).  Looking at Russel, I started sliding my lips back and forth along the full length of Luke’s cock, playing it like a harmonica.  Russel pulled his cock out the top of his red speedos and was stroking it.

Oral in a Speedo

There are lots of hot speedo porn movies on my site but I don’t think Russel had ever seen something like this in the flesh.

I motioned for him to come closer.  Then I went to town on Luke’s cock, sucking it properly like a real man.

Sorry guys, the rest of this is for Members Only.
It is the financial support of members which allows me the time
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November 27th, 2020

Hot AussieBum Guy

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How is everyone’s weekend going?

Not a lot happening here, bit grey today (Sunday) although I did get up early for a surf with the boys.

This afternoon I’m working on finishing writing up about what Paul the Politician and I got up to.  I should have it for you guys (you members) mid next week.  I’ve also chosen a great movie for Movie of the Week which I’ll publish mid next week I reckon.

While I’ve been working on writing about my time in Canberra with Paul the Politician, I have been incredibly horny (as you can expect).  I turned on Grindr and found this guy whose profile photo is him wearing an AussieBum speedo looking like an AussieBum model.  Darn the guy is hot!!!

We’ve exchanged a few messages this afternoon and we might be able to hookup on Tuesday.  The weather forecast is for a pearler on Tuesday so meeting up in the dunes with an incredibly hot guy wearing AussieBums could be fun.

Here is the pic of him…..

Grindr Speedo Guy

September 23rd, 2019

Hot Photo Shoot

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Today I was working on some old galleries on my site and came across this gallery which needed some updates.  This is one of the very first galleries that I bought off a photographer based in Sydney and I’m guessing I’ve jerked off to these photos maybe 20 times!!!

I love the red speedos.  While I don’t know exactly where it is shot, the coastline looks like anywhere around where I live now.

I love the bravery of these guys.  Fucking out in public like that!!!  That is pretty awesome.  Not sure I’m that brave.  I’ve had some beach experiences but I usually duck up behind the dunes which isn’t a guarantee of privacy but a bit more than screwing out in the open.

Back in November I had one of my hottest beach experiences when I met a member to go surfing in speedos.  It was great and after surfing we ended up ‘fooling’ around – I wrote about that experience, click here to read that blog post.

Enjoy this old photo shoot and if you stumble across me behind the dunes…. feel free to join in.  Wear red speedos so I know it is you – hahaha.

Amateur Aussie GuysGuys in Red SpeedosGay Photo ShootGay Sex on Australian Beach

April 28th, 2019
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