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Real Men Wearing Speedos

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At the pool earlier today I got chatting the guy in the lane next to me, just talking swimming nothing naughty.

Nothing naughty was spoken about, but my brain was definitely running towards naughty thoughts.  The guy was in his 50’s I reckon, broad shoulders, hair chest and wearing a red speedo.  We all know that red speedos are naughty.

He had a wedding ring on and all indications were that he is 100% straight but I always love seeing Real Men, Wearing Speedos.

One Real Speedo Man that I do get to fuck on a semi regular basis is my landlord.  I haven’t posted here much about him.  If you can’t remember what I have written about him check out these two blog posts:

May 16th, 2023

Horny in Red Speedos

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Earlier in the week red speedos were just on my brain yesterday so after I got back from my morning walk and swim at the beach I wrote a blog post for you guys and shared some of my red speedo selfies, and then I thought I should see if anyone wanted to cum over and play with me in my red speedos in the flesh….

I opened Grindr on my phone, I updated my profile and explained what I was looking for “Looking for a guy to come over and have some fun in our speedos. Can host.”

With that updated, I got stuck in to some more work and a couple of hours later I checked my phone and there was a bunch of messages.  Of the 10 messages, 8 of them were “Hey” with a blank profile and no pictures so I deleted those…

Here is an online hookup app tip, if you really actually want to hook up and have sex.  Take 10 seconds and send a real message, “Hey” is what horses eat.

And also, if I’m looking to suck and fuck a guy as a one off hookup, I need to know what you look like so have a photo or I am ignoring you.  I understand not having a face pic, but that is easy to hide and still show me what you look like.

Sorry for the rant but c’mon!

Of the remaining two guys, one guy send me a pic of him wearing a tiny pair of red speedos and he said he was keen but would have to be 6pm and it would have to be quick because he had other commitments.  I was all excited and had a boner for most of the day.  Then half an hour before he was supposed to come over, he cancelled.

Grrrrr….. all that pent up horniness wasted…..

I know you guys love it when I write about my naughty speedo experiences and I don’t always share my failures (because they are boring) but rest assured, for every fun naughty experience there are at least one, maybe two flops.

Here are some guys getting all horny in their red speedos.

October 27th, 2021

Beach Plans Thrwarted

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My plans today were to help a friend do some running around in Brisbane then head back up the coast stopping in at the nude beach I was at last week.

This time, instead of being interrupted by a straight couple and nothing happening, I had organized to meet up with a long time member, and for something to happen.  I had told him exactly where I would be hiding out in the dunes and he was going to ‘find me’ about 2pm.  Today was the best looking day of the week and I was driving up past that spot so it was perfect….

But, by midday the storm clouds had started to roll in and we had to cancel.

Sunshine Coast Radar Image

We couldn’t hookup at his place because he is only 20yo and still living with his parents and he didn’t think it would go down very well if their ‘straight’ son had a guy rock up in speedos, go in to his room, make all sorts of noises then leave 15 minutes later.

Instead, now I’m back at home and from the radar image it looks like it is going to storm hard again here soon so I’m not going for a swim (like I should).  I’m going to continue writing about the couple…. I’ll have more to share with you guys tomorrow.

Today’s updated Speedo Photo of the Day is more like what I should be doing than working.

Speedo Lake Day

November 17th, 2020

Hot AussieBum Guy

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How is everyone’s weekend going?

Not a lot happening here, bit grey today (Sunday) although I did get up early for a surf with the boys.

This afternoon I’m working on finishing writing up about what Paul the Politician and I got up to.  I should have it for you guys (you members) mid next week.  I’ve also chosen a great movie for Movie of the Week which I’ll publish mid next week I reckon.

While I’ve been working on writing about my time in Canberra with Paul the Politician, I have been incredibly horny (as you can expect).  I turned on Grindr and found this guy whose profile photo is him wearing an AussieBum speedo looking like an AussieBum model.  Darn the guy is hot!!!

We’ve exchanged a few messages this afternoon and we might be able to hookup on Tuesday.  The weather forecast is for a pearler on Tuesday so meeting up in the dunes with an incredibly hot guy wearing AussieBums could be fun.

Here is the pic of him…..

Grindr Speedo Guy

September 23rd, 2019

Politician Booty Call

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I’m just walking out the door here for the just over 4hr drive to Canberra.

I could be mean and see how many non-Aussie’s know that Canberra is Australia’s capital city but that would be mean.

The weather this week is looking spectacular in Canberra (even though people are still skiing not very far away).  I’ve been invited to Canberra by a long time fan/member who happens to be a politician.  I’m going to call him Poly as in Politician) Paul.  We have hung out a year or so ago in Sydney and I didn’t mention it here on the blog for privacy/discretion purposes of course.

Parliament is sitting this week but Paul has some extra-curricular activities planned and I haven’t hung out in Canberra for year so I’m keen to play tourist.

In the interests of discretion, which I’m sure you can understand, most of my blog posts this week will be protected in the members area.  That is the whole reason I created membership, so I could share with you guys stuff I usually couldn’t with at least some privacy.  So, if you are keen to hear what Poly Paul and I get up to this week, you can join for $5.  Really not much to get the inside scoop.

If you are interested, click here to join.  And if you have any questions about joining, just drop me an email (

Red Speedo in Canberra

September 9th, 2019

Grindr Speedo Hookup

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Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that Grindr has been a pretty good tool for me over the years getting hookups.

I do not have any affiliation with Grindr (although they are welcome to offer me sponsorship – hehehe), it is a free mobile phone app.

One problem I have always had with Grindr is that it doesn’t allow speedo selfies as profile pics.  Originally it was because of Apple’s stupid app rules.  These have been relaxed and there are some speedo photos but latest I’ve been trying to add a new selfie of me in my AussieBum Portsea’s which keeps getting denied.  Do any of you think this pic is pornographic?  I took this about 12 months ago when I was over in the states with Kip for the Lake Powell trip – it is from Kip’s sisters hottub.

Ow sorry, for members eyes only.

Dave Speedo Evans

I think that photo is completely fine so I’ll just keep trying to submit it.

One of my fans sent me a detailed description of a Grindr hookup he had with a fellow speedo fetishist (is that even a real word?).  His experience sounded very similar to several that I have had myself and it definitely got me horny reading about it and I thought I’d share it with you guys.

I wanted to share this story with you Dave, it happened last night and I’m still enjoying the afterglow of the experience.

I have a VERY specific Grindr profile: I love speedos and playing around in them. It’s the first thing on my profile. Most people don’t care about the speedos and message me about sex. I hadn’t found any luck finding any cute guys that were also into speedos.

Grindr Speedo Profiles

Last night, I received a message from a guy reading, “I like speedos too. I’ve been wearing mine all day. Want to come over and we can swap?” The thought was electrifiying. I’m not a bold person, and my heart was racing with a mix of fear and excitement. I was thinking of letting this opportunity go, but speedos make me so horny that I just wanted to check it out. I messaged him back a few pics of my ass in a speedo and he shared his. I’m a tall, 6’2 guy with a lean body, piercing blue eyes and light brown hair. I have a very average cock and lot of guys compliment my on my cute ass. This guy, Mark, was 6’3 with a beautifully toned body and a winning smile. From his pictures, it was clear that Mark swam varsity in College and had the muscles to prove it. He was staying in a hotel a mile away from me, so I headed over. I got to the hotel and Mark came down to the lobby to get me. He was impeccably well dressed and looked even more incredible in real life.

We went upstairs to his hotel room and started talking about our speedo fetishes. We had both gotten ours at a very young age while we were swimmers. He told me how when he was in high school, he used to wear jammers, but envied the kids that wore speedos. He had a huge crush on the captain of the team and stole his speedos out of his bag and took them home. Smelling the captain on those speedos was the hottest thing in the world to him. He put them on, and came almost immediately. All while he’s telling me this, he’s stripping down to his speedo.

He had a bright red speedo with 1 in seams that he was bursting out of. His cock outlined the fabric as it strained to get out of his skimpy shorts. I decide to put on a show for him, so I start to slowly undress myself. I had a blue tyr suit with stripes down the side. I slowly bend over to take off my shorts making sure to give him a good view of my ass. I turn around and his cock is practically busting out his speedo. I get on my knees and start licking his cock through the outline of his speedo. I run my tongue back and forth tasting the precum leaking through the speedo. He tastes delicious. I start to play with his ass with one hand and stroke his cock with my other. I can’t believe how lucky I am. Speedos are the hottest thing in the world to me and I can’t believe I’m playing with a guy who’s a toned college swimmer with just as big of a speedo fetish as me. His speedo smells of a mix between chlorine and his own musk, it’s intoxicating.

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October 12th, 2017
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