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Horny in Red Speedos

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Earlier in the week red speedos were just on my brain yesterday so after I got back from my morning walk and swim at the beach I wrote a blog post for you guys and shared some of my red speedo selfies, and then I thought I should see if anyone wanted to cum over and play with me in my red speedos in the flesh….

I opened Grindr on my phone, I updated my profile and explained what I was looking for “Looking for a guy to come over and have some fun in our speedos. Can host.”

With that updated, I got stuck in to some more work and a couple of hours later I checked my phone and there was a bunch of messages.  Of the 10 messages, 8 of them were “Hey” with a blank profile and no pictures so I deleted those…

Here is an online hookup app tip, if you really actually want to hook up and have sex.  Take 10 seconds and send a real message, “Hey” is what horses eat.

And also, if I’m looking to suck and fuck a guy as a one off hookup, I need to know what you look like so have a photo or I am ignoring you.  I understand not having a face pic, but that is easy to hide and still show me what you look like.

Sorry for the rant but c’mon!

Of the remaining two guys, one guy send me a pic of him wearing a tiny pair of red speedos and he said he was keen but would have to be 6pm and it would have to be quick because he had other commitments.  I was all excited and had a boner for most of the day.  Then half an hour before he was supposed to come over, he cancelled.

Grrrrr….. all that pent up horniness wasted…..

I know you guys love it when I write about my naughty speedo experiences and I don’t always share my failures (because they are boring) but rest assured, for every fun naughty experience there are at least one, maybe two flops.

Here are some guys getting all horny in their red speedos.

October 27th, 2021

Jerking off a speedo virgin

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While Kip is away…. Dave will play.  Hahaha.

Since we got back from Vegas Kip and I have been talking to this guy on Grindr.  He has sounded a bit timid about joining both of us so we’ve been taking it slow and figured he’d join us when he felt comfortable.

So Kip is off to Denver for a couple of nights and I have the house to myself.  Kip suggested I mention to this guy that I’m on my own and see if I can get him around.

That is exactly what I did and Mr. Nervous came over today.

He didn’t own a speedo and we had talked about starting with a massage and see where things go.  When he came over he was obviously nervous but we moved things to the bedroom pretty quickly.  I left out a pair of black Arena speedos on the bed and told him to go get changed and lie on the bed face down.

I gave him a few minutes, then I went into the bedroom, I was already wearing a pair of black speedos under my jeans so I stripped down to them, straddled him and started giving him a back massage.  After 5 minutes or so I could feel how much more relaxed he was.

When I thought he was getting there, I asked him if it was OK if I rubbed his balls.  He said it was OK so I spread his legs and started rubbing his balls through the lycra of the black speedos.

Then I asked him to roll over.

I had been hard pretty much from the time I took my jeans off and when Mr. Nervous rolled over it he was nice and hard too.  I was sitting down by his knees and I started stroking the front of his speedo.

Again, I was trying to take it slow for him but I really wanted more of that cock.  I asked him if I could pull his cock out which he said was fine.  I stroked it a little but then moved my mouth down onto his hot, pulsing cock.  Mr. Nervous obviously liked this from the moaning.

As you can imagine, my cock is fighting with the lycra of my speedos to get free.  I couldn’t handle it anymore so I sat up and while still on his back, I slid up between Mr. Nervous’ legs and told him to jerk off.  I pulled my cock out of my speedos and we both started pumping our own cocks.

I wanted to cum first and it didn’t take me long at all and I came all over his cock, hand and speedo.  While I’m still shooting cum, Mr. Nervous starts to cum as well.

That was kind of it, we cleaned up and Mr. Nervous pretty much left.

It was hot and I really hope he enjoyed it and will be back for more.  Ow, I’m not sure that I mentioned what a hot 22yo body Mr. Nervous has and I’m sure Kip will be keen to explore it as well.

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October 30th, 2013
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