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Horny Weekend

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I had a fantastic weekend.  It is starting to feel like summer here in Australia, the weather is warming up and people are getting out to the beach.

Let me give you a little bit of a run down on my weekend, yes, I will share all the naughty details and some speedo selfies of me.

Saturday morning I was in the office working, which I love.  Around lunch I headed to the beach for a swim. The beach was the busiest I have seen it so far this summer.  Couple of guys were wearing speedos, like I was.  I had a beer, called some friends, had a dip and a couple of hours later headed home.  Some friends of mine came over for a bbq by my pool which was a hoot.  This is the first real BBQ for the summer and I can’t wait for more.  No, we didn’t put ‘shrimp on the barbie’.  It ended up being a late night and we all drank a little bit too much.

A couple of my friends had slept over and they were leaving just as I woke up.  We were all a little bit dusty so just wanted to go our own ways and recuperate after a great night.

I thought I’d begin my recuperation at the beach.  Throwing on a pair of classic beach speedos, I headed out.  At the beach I found a nice quiet spot to chill out and let my head stop throbbing.

Speedo Beach DaySpeedo Bum

I don’t know about you guys, but when I am hungover, I get SUPER HORNY.  So, I pulled out my mobile and started hunting for someone to have some fun with.

Didn’t take long and I ended up talking with Alex.  Alex is late twenties, looks great in a speedo, his family own a holiday unit which is less than one hundred meters from where I live.  Growing up Alex was a life guard and loves wearing speedos.  Alex invited me over to his place for some fun.  I packed up my things and walked up to the building where his families unit/apartment is.  In the elevator on the way up, I got a quick speedo selfie.

Summer StripSpeedo Strip

Once outside Alex’s front door, I threw the shorts in my backpack.  Alex opened the door wearing a pair of black speedos, and nothing else.

Sorry guys, I’m going to keep the rest of this for members only.  I feel like I care share more intimate details if they are kept behind the membership wall.  And it is for Alex’s discretion as well.

If you would like to join, it is only $5.  Lots of full length movies as well as all of my naughty speedo experiences.  Click here to join now.  If you have any questions about becoming a member, drop me an email:

Alex lo0ked just as hot as he did in the photos he had sent me.  The bulge in the front of Alex’s speedo told me he was good to go.  Once the door was closed behind me, we attacked each other.  Out tongues started wrestling and our hands began exploring each other.  My cock came to life quickly enough and we were both thrusting and rubbing our lycra covered cocks against each other.  It was really hot.

I broke off our kissing as asked Alex, mouth or butt?  Alex asked for mouth first.  So, I pushed him down on the couch and got on my knees between his legs.

October 24th, 2023

He Can Grindr Me

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One of my cheesy pick up lines (to women) is when I am out partying and if I see a chick on her phone, I tell her that if she sees my face, to swipe right…. joking that she is on Tinder.

I haven’t gotten laid or a girlfriend out of the pickup line but I usually get a smile.

If I saw this guy at the beach I wonder if I would have the courage to use that pick up line?

ADIDAS Speedo Grindr Guy

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September 1st, 2023

The Blowjob Chair

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I was super horny all day yesterday, my usual fuck buddies were all unavailable so I was on my favourite gay hookup app.  I added some new photos of me and rewrote my profile description which mentioned “Couples or groups to the front of the line” since I had a threesome on my mind.  I got the usual thirty messages from guys with blank profiles and no pictures saying “Hey”.  They were ignored, deleted and then blocked.  Too darn lazy for me.

It got to 8pm and I had all but given up.  I had been busy working so I hadn’t had a beer, or a rum or a scotch, yet and in the back of my mind I was hoping that I would have to drive somewhere for some fun.  As 8pm came around I gave up hope of some action, I poured myself a scotch and setup a movie.  As the introduction screen for the movie was playing I checked one last time the hookup app on my phone.

The following message appeared: “I’m Christian, I’m straight, love speedos like you obviously do and need my cock sucked.  Info in my profile, if you need to know more please feel free to ask.”

That was the most coherent response I had received all day.  I pressed pause on the movie.

Christian and I sent some face pics back and forth and he looked like an adonis!  I asked him if he was an underwear model,, he was that beautiful.  Twenty-eight years old, dirty blonde hair, six pack swimmers body and he even had a speedo tan.

I asked him what he was doing on a gay hookup app if he was as straight,, as he claimed.

He said he had broken up with his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day (just a few days earlier), was home alone on a Friday night, a little drunk and horny. He had been blown by guys in the past and figured he would see if he could find someone willing to help him out.

We seemed to be getting along pretty well, I offered to host but Christian had already partaken in a few drinks so he offered to host.  I had a quick shower and got in the car for the forty minute drive north to Christian’s place.

I was wearing my new ADDICTED speedos (there are a bunch of selfies of me wearing them on my blog), Christian said he thought they looked hot from the pics I sent him, I was wearing a towel and a polo shirt.  If I was pulled over by the police I’m not quite sure how I’d explain not having any pants in the car at 9pm on a Friday night.

When I arrived at Christian’s house, I parked in front of his townhouse.  As per his request, I removed my shirt and the towel around my waist, and I made a near nudie run to his front door.

To be honest, it was pretty dark and his front door couldn’t be very well seen from the neighbours but I felt naughty standing there just wearing a speedo.  I went from feeling naughty to feeling worried when Christian didn’t answer the door for what seemed like an age.  Finally, I heard someone on the other side of the door and I was really hoping it was Christian and I had the correct address…. as the door opened my emotions went from worried to awe.

There was Christian, wearing the pair of speedos he had promised he would wear and they just suited his body perfectly, anything would have suited his body perfectly.

Jesus he was hot.

We shook hands and I followed Christian in to his living room.  He had this really comfy looking chair setup in front of the TV, which was playing some lesbian porn.  Following that perfectly sculptured butt of his, I barely heard it when Christian asked me “You OK if we get straight down to business Dave?”

“Hell yeah” was my reply.

Christian sat down in what he called his ‘blowjob chair’.  He had a glass of bourbon and coke next to him and he had been kind enough to put a pillow down for my knees.  I dropped to my knees in front of him.  I complimented Christian on his blowjob chair and his preparation.  Then I got to work.

The Blowjob Chair

He was fully erect from before I arrived and I started by rubbing my right hand up and down the length of his cock through the lycra of his speedo.  My left hand was rubbing the inside of his thigh from his knee all the way up to where his speedo prevented my access to his arse.

His cock was rock hard and pulsing, wanting to be free of the speedo, but I wanted to keep him on the edge for as long as I could.  My hand was sliding up to the very tip of his cock, which was glistening with precum, and then all the way down to the backside of his balls that were full like waterballoons ready to explode.

Finally, I moved my head down in to his crotch and I tasted the little wet spot of precum and his cock twitched at the touch on my tongue.

Christian was begging me to just pull his cock out and suck it.  I was trying to delay this as long as possible but he reached down and pulled his cock out the leg of his speedo.  My mouth enveloped the head of his cock before it had been fully released from his speedo.  I had to use my left hand to get his balls fully out.

I put my hands on the inside of Christian’s knees and lightly pushed out, opening him up.  My tongue flicked, licked and circled the head of Christian’s cock and when his hand reached down and was on the back of me head, and his hips thrust up off the couch, I was ready for the load of cum that was headed my way.

You guys know me, I took every drop of his cum and it was a solid mouthful.

When I felt his cock start to soften, I released it from the confines of my mouth and tucked his cock back in to his speedo.  “Fuck that was awesome Dave. You have some mad blowjob skills. Pour yourself a drink.”

I got off my knees and poured myself a drink, I had expected this to be a blow and go type of thing but Christian seemed like he wanted me to hang around.  Little did I know that two drinks and an hour later my cock would be in Christian’s mouth, while his was back inside mine again.  Sixty-nine style.

Want to hear the rest?

February 19th, 2022

Horny in Red Speedos

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Earlier in the week red speedos were just on my brain yesterday so after I got back from my morning walk and swim at the beach I wrote a blog post for you guys and shared some of my red speedo selfies, and then I thought I should see if anyone wanted to cum over and play with me in my red speedos in the flesh….

I opened Grindr on my phone, I updated my profile and explained what I was looking for “Looking for a guy to come over and have some fun in our speedos. Can host.”

With that updated, I got stuck in to some more work and a couple of hours later I checked my phone and there was a bunch of messages.  Of the 10 messages, 8 of them were “Hey” with a blank profile and no pictures so I deleted those…

Here is an online hookup app tip, if you really actually want to hook up and have sex.  Take 10 seconds and send a real message, “Hey” is what horses eat.

And also, if I’m looking to suck and fuck a guy as a one off hookup, I need to know what you look like so have a photo or I am ignoring you.  I understand not having a face pic, but that is easy to hide and still show me what you look like.

Sorry for the rant but c’mon!

Of the remaining two guys, one guy send me a pic of him wearing a tiny pair of red speedos and he said he was keen but would have to be 6pm and it would have to be quick because he had other commitments.  I was all excited and had a boner for most of the day.  Then half an hour before he was supposed to come over, he cancelled.

Grrrrr….. all that pent up horniness wasted…..

I know you guys love it when I write about my naughty speedo experiences and I don’t always share my failures (because they are boring) but rest assured, for every fun naughty experience there are at least one, maybe two flops.

Here are some guys getting all horny in their red speedos.

October 27th, 2021

Two Slave Boys Rim and Suck Me

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It was a week ago today that I got back from a week in the country and I was super horny.  I needed to dump a load (or three) and have some kind of human contact.

I was out house sitting for some friends and while it was beautiful, the country is quiet and lonely.  I did get a bunch of work done and you guys are enjoying the fruits of my loneliness with all the new movies on my sites but I was hella horny.  Before I left the house in the country I had texted Slave Boy to see if he wanted to hook up that Monday night.  He replied yes, and asked if he could bring a friend.  I also replied yes, of course.

Slave Boy and I hooked up a month or so ago for the first time.  It was on online/mobile app connection (email me and I’ll tell you which app if you are curious).  You can read about that experience on my blog.

Enough intro.

It is about 6pm, it is dark and there is a knock at my door.  I answer the door wearing only my black Arena speedos (here are some pics of me wearing those).

Arena Selfies

The two Slave Boys enter after brief introductions.  I let them in, close the door and order them to strip. Both of them are wearing black speedos which is great (surprise surprise, Aussie Speedo Guy likes guys in speedos).  I just stood there with my raging hardon watching these two twenty year old guys strip down to their speedos.  The new guy walked up to me and bold as you can be, started rubbing the front of my speedo and told me that they were there to serve me.

He lowered himself to his knees in front of me as he gently lowers my speedos. The Original Slave Boy was then on his knees behind me.  Then their tongues were all over, front and back.

Rim and Blowjob

It was in that position that I had my first of three orgasms.

I’m sorry guys but I’m keeping the rest of this for my members.  It is their support which allows me to keep this blog running and I’m sure we all like how there are no banners or any of that crap.  If you would like to support me, please consider becoming a member and click here.

May 17th, 2021

Hey man…. will not get you laid

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If any of you guys on here use hookup Apps like Grindr, or Scruff then can I share with you a little bit of advice.

Don’t say “Hey”.

This is a pet hate of mine and here is a screen shot o my Grindr account today.

Grindr Screen Shot

None of those guys received replies.

When I’m on Grindr… I am looking to start chatting with a guy whom I will meet up and have sex with.  Hey is probably not going to get my interest because it seems like you are lazy.  Who wants a lazy lover?

I share this screen shot a few days ago with the Hawaii Speedo Student and he completely agreed with me but he added to the exasperation by bringing up guys who have no info or pics on their profiles.  I hate this too.  My profile is as complete as I can possibly make it.  I’m still discreet so I don’t have any face pics on there but I have lots of pics of my body and I’m happy to share face pics when I get chatting with a guy.

A little over a month ago I hooked up with a you guy I started chatting with on Grindr.  I wrote about it and you can read what he messaged me – click here.

Sorry for the rant but c’mon guys!!!

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May 7th, 2021
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