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Two Slave Boys Rim and Suck Me

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It was a week ago today that I got back from a week in the country and I was super horny.  I needed to dump a load (or three) and have some kind of human contact.

I was out house sitting for some friends and while it was beautiful, the country is quiet and lonely.  I did get a bunch of work done and you guys are enjoying the fruits of my loneliness with all the new movies on my sites but I was hella horny.  Before I left the house in the country I had texted Slave Boy to see if he wanted to hook up that Monday night.  He replied yes, and asked if he could bring a friend.  I also replied yes, of course.

Slave Boy and I hooked up a month or so ago for the first time.  It was on online/mobile app connection (email me and I’ll tell you which app if you are curious).  You can read about that experience on my blog.

Enough intro.

It is about 6pm, it is dark and there is a knock at my door.  I answer the door wearing only my black Arena speedos (here are some pics of me wearing those).

Arena Selfies

The two Slave Boys enter after brief introductions.  I let them in, close the door and order them to strip. Both of them are wearing black speedos which is great (surprise surprise, Aussie Speedo Guy likes guys in speedos).  I just stood there with my raging hardon watching these two twenty year old guys strip down to their speedos.  The new guy walked up to me and bold as you can be, started rubbing the front of my speedo and told me that they were there to serve me.

He lowered himself to his knees in front of me as he gently lowers my speedos. The Original Slave Boy was then on his knees behind me.  Then their tongues were all over, front and back.

Rim and Blowjob

It was in that position that I had my first of three orgasms.

I’m sorry guys but I’m keeping the rest of this for my members.  It is their support which allows me to keep this blog running and I’m sure we all like how there are no banners or any of that crap.  If you would like to support me, please consider becoming a member and click here.

May 17th, 2021

Speedo Dick Pics

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I was just talking to Kip (Saturday evening his time in Colorado) and he tells me that the current/new Movie of the Week seems to be a success with just over 10,000 downloads!!!

It is because of that huge download that I need to have members helping me pay those bills…

Speaking of members, here are some speedo dick pics from one of the new members to the blog.  He gave me permission to share this first photo with you all… and some more (showing his actual dick) to members.

If you want to see the actual dick, click here to become a member.  It is $5.

Speedo Dick Pic

May 24th, 2020

Hottub Selfies

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I meant to share one of the photos taken of me last weekend down in Sydney.

I took a bit of a collection of speedos but I thought this speedo (tiny Asian Style Arena speedo) was the most appropriate. What do you guys think?

Hottub Dave

May 18th, 2019

Performing for Aspen Daddy

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I told you guys that I had a crazy weekend here in Colorado and finally I’ve gotten a minute to sit down and tell you guys about it.  I’m still in Colorado but headed back to Australia early next week after Kip’s (my host and work colleague) now famous Speedo Only Party.  Keep an eye on my blog next week to hear about the shenanigans that are bound to happen.

Back to what happened last weekend.

It started on Thursday night when Kip asked me if I wanted to go to Aspen for the weekend?  I have never been (Kip lives in Breckenridge and Aspen is a two hour drive).  Of course I’d love to snowboard Aspen but I had looked at it in the past and it is phenomenally expensive, accommodation and ski lift passes.  I expressed that financial concern to Kip who said he had an offer for me.

We had a free place to stay, free lift tickets and all we had to do was let this guy watch us Kip and I fuck.

I love watching and being watched so that part didn’t bother me.  Who is the guy?

The guy is a last fifties, married (to a woman), Wall Street guy who has a monster house in Aspen.  He also has a condo on the snow.  Super rich, like crazy rich.  Some Denver friends of Kip’s that I have met go out there and perform for him a few times a year when the Wall Street Daddy is in town.  Wall Street dude is in town this weekend but the Denver guys can’t make it so mentioned it to Kip to see if he and I would be interested.

Kip was told that the guy would come over each day and we would be expected to fuck while he sat and watched us, Wall Street Daddy may or may not jerk off but we didn’t have to sexually interact with him.  Other than that, Kip didn’t know anything more about it other than discretion would be paramount and that we would have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (I asked and me writing this isn’t in breach of it).

The whole thing sounded awesome to me.  I definitely have a little bit of exhibitionist in me (maybe that is where my speedo fetish comes from) and of course I would love to snowboard Aspen for a weekend.  Kip felt the same way so we agreed to give it a try.

Next step was Kip and I sending a copy of our passports through to the Denver guys (they were going to be facilitating this), along with the non-disclose agreements signed.  Those guys asked if they could mention that I am Dave Speedo Evans (from my blog Aussie Speedo Guy) which I agreed to.  We could check in to the apartment on Friday night and Wall Street Daddy would see us that night and tell us when he would visit over the weekend.  He would give us the ski lift tickets when he saw us on Friday and we could check out any time on Monday.

Little bit of back and forth and it was a green light.

About twenty four hours later, nearly to the hour, Kip and I were in this beautiful, ski-in, ski-out apartment right at the basin of Aspen Mountain.  Not a huge apartment but it had a hottub on the deck and I can’t even imagine what it cost.  We were told that Wall Street Daddy would be by around eight o’clock and he was due any minute.

After a little bit of consultation with the Denver guys, Kip and I had come up with a little bit of a plan on our part.

There was a knock at the door.

When I opened the door the Wall Street Daddy was greeted by seeing me wearing just my new tiny Asian style Arena speedos.  I got these when I arrived in Colorado a few weeks ago and I love them.  They sit low on my hips and are far too tiny to be worn swimming but look great and everything fits in.  The lycra material stretches enough that it can contain my cock when erect which is what Wall Street Daddy saw when his eyes moved down my body to the front of my little speedo.

What I was greeted with when I opened the door was a well dressed, late fifties guy that I totally recognised from watching the business channel on TV.  Not a commentator but someone that they have on to interview.  I wouldn’t have known his name off the top of my head but I knew who he was.

We shook hands and he entered the room.

Wall Street Daddy was saying that he was just swinging by on his way to dinner and might see us later when he noticed Kip.  Kip was wearing a jockstrap and was tied to the couch with his arse in the air, with a butt plug inserted in it.

Speedo Bondage Anal Sex

I asked Wall Street Daddy if he had a few minutes to spare as I was about to plow Kip’s arse.

Wall Street Daddy sat down on the chair that Kip and I had put out with a birds eye view of what we were about to do.

I slowly removed the butt plug that was inside Kip and he let out a little moan.  I pulled my cock out of my speedo and rested the head at the entry to Kip’s well lubed arsehole.  Then I began my first thrust.

Kip hasn’t been fucked in a while and he was moaning loudly as I slid my cock into his arse.  Listening to him moan and knowing that we were being watched was a super turn on.  With a couple of mini strokes I got balls deep inside Kip and rested for a minute.

I looked over at the Wall Street Daddy who was rubbing his cock through his jeans.  Should I fuck him hard and fast or slow?  He opted for fast and I happy complied.

My cock started pounding Kip’s tight arse and he was moaning.  A little bit of pain but mostly pleasure and Kip was telling me to fuck him harder.  I leaned back, holding on to Kip’s jockstrap and my hips trust back and forth.  The view that the Wall Street Daddy was getting must have been amazing.

Kip and I have only recently started bare backing (sex without a condom) after we both got tested when I arrived in Colorado.  Being more of a top Kip has been bare backing me over the last week but this was my first time fucking him and I was about to cum.  My first spurt of cum was deep inside him, my second was half way out and by my third cum spasm the head of my cock was just inside Kip.  I let it rest there a little bit before pulling all the way out.  The view of my cum oozing out of Kip’s shaved smooth little man hole was a sight to behold.

I tucked myself back in to my speedo, the insides of which would be a mess of my cum and Kip’s arsehole.

Jock Strap Anal Cum Shot

Wall Street Daddy stood up and complimented us and said that we were going to have a great weekend.  He said that later on he wanted to see if I could take it as well as I just gave it.  I said I think I couldn’t hand and I said that he was more than welcome to have a turn as well which raised his eye brow.

The last instructions from Wall Street Guy were that we should grab dinner and then grab a drink at the Little Nell (I hadn’t heard of it but famous in Aspen circles) around 9pm.  We were not to approach him but he might approach us.  Then he left.

That is actually all I’m going to publish about this weekend in public.  I feel like I’ve shared too much already.

There will be more available for members.  If you aren’t a member – click here – to join now for just $5.

This is the kind of thing that I created the members only area for.  Things that I can’t really publish in too much detail in public that I still want to write about.  Without the members area I wouldn’t be able to write about this at all in the interests of discretion.  I hope you guys understand this and even more, I hope you support me and this blog by becoming a member.

February 27th, 2019

Jeff’s Blowjob Experiences

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I’ve been unbelievably horny replaying what happened on Friday night.

On Saturday morning, Jeff and Stephanie were gone before I got up but Jeff added me on social media and thanks me for a fun night.

It is Super Bowl Sunday here in the states and Kip is headed back up this afternoon and I’m meeting him at a pub in town to watch the game.  Thing is, I’m crazy horny and I’m trying to hold off from jerking off again (yesterday was like five times) because I can’t wait to tell Kip what happened and have him reenact it.

Since I’m so horny, and since 23 of you guys have become members since I published yesterday post, I thought I’d share a little more of what Jeff and I got up to in the hottub.

Scroll down to yesterday’s post to see where I left off.

Did I hear that right?  Jeff said that he has sucked cock?

How do I reply to that statement?  I did manage to respond with “Hasn’t been that long for me…. speedos or sucking cock.”  We both laughed and the ice was broken.

Our drinks were empty so I slipped out of the tub, took Jeff’s glass and went inside to top up.

Getting back I had to address/ask about the elephant that was now in the hottub with Jeff and I….

“Tell me about this cock sucking Jeff?”

To my surprise, over the next ten minutes Jeff described how in his first year of college he would suck off one of the seniors in the college swim team a couple of times a week.

By the time Jeff finished telling me about his blowjob experience I was one hundred percent rock hard.

I sat up on the edge of the hottub and the front of my new Arena speedos were barely containing my erect cock.  “I’d love to find out if you still have those oral skill Jeff?”

Jeff put down his drink and moved across the hottub like a crocodile; moving slowly, smoothly, barely making a wake in the water.  He reached his hand up, breaking the water surface, between my legs towards the front of my speedo.  With the first touch of his fingers on the front of my speedo I flinched, even though I was watching it happen.

I pulled the lycra from my right side and released my cock which was like a spring, releasing the tension after ten minutes of built up pressure.  My cock looked big and fat, which could have been from the ten minute erection or could have been from Jeff’s story which had really turned me on.

Jeff’s hand was gripping the base of my cock and his shoulders started to rise out of the water very slowly.  His head moved forward, his mouth opened, his tongue extended just into my view and he licked the head of my cock.  It was a slightly tentative lick, he was just tasting and getting a feel for the texture of the head of my cock.  Those old memories or habits from the last time Jeff had a cock in his mouth kicked in and Jeff went from a tentative lick to gulping down my cock.

Speedo Blowjob

Jeff had real blowjob skills!!!

I really couldn’t believe that this guy who had arrived with his girlfriend was now wearing my red speedos and sucking my cock in the hottub while his girlfriend was sound asleep up stairs.

“I’m getting close Jeff.  Are you going to take my load like you did that seniors ten years ago?”

He grunted what seemed to be a yes.

I’m going to leave it there because I have to leave something for the new members.

For those new guys, thank you for your support. I really appreciate it and feel free to email me anytime, I love talking with my members.  And if you aren’t a member, click here to join now.

February 3rd, 2019

Nude Beach Day

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I tell you guys what, I love the winter and I’ve had a few in Canada and New Zealand and I’ve had a great few trips at Kip’s place in Colorado over the last couple of years but…. I’m definitely a beach boy.

Yesterday at Birdie Beach was just perfect, nobody around, in and out of the water just soaking up the rays.  This morning, I’m sitting at the kitchen table doing some work (writing to you guys), drinking coffee, wearing nothing but a pair of new speedos (I’ll tell you guys about them later in week) and once I hit the ‘publish’ button on this post I’m going for a surf.  That is my kind of day!!!

And, Alex told me that he’ll swing by after work for a ‘drink’ – hahaha, we all know that is code for anal sex right?

OK guys, since I was in my white speedos yesterday, here are some tastey white speedos for you guys to feast your eyes on.  I own a pair of those Arena speedos in the first photo… they are a snug fit but I’ve lost a bit of weight while being away so I might have to wear them today.

White Arena SpeedosWhite SpeedoWhite SpeedosWhite Speedo Bulge

March 9th, 2016
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