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Speedo Selfie Boner

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Sunday morning here and I was beat yesterday so was in bed early and woke up early (like 4:30am early).  We don’t have daylight savings here in Queensland so it gets light early in the summer.

I turned the coffee machine on and went back to bed.  Before trying to get back to sleep I thought I should check things (keeping this site online I’m checking it even at 4:30am on a Sunday morning for you guys).  One things leads to another and now I am not going to get back to sleep.

After checking important things (server status, member emails, quick chat to Kip), I checked the weather forecast, the tides, Grindr and then Twitter.  I had a morning boner and seeing Serge’s selfie post didn’t help it.  What do you guys think?

Selfie with a Boner

If that wasn’t enough, for this years Halloween, Serge and his fuck buddy dressed up as Lifeguards…..  those pics (and the link to Serge’s Twitter account are for members only though.  Gotta give those guys some goodies for all their support.

January 8th, 2023

Michael Jackson Shipwrecked

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Michael Jackson was on his super yacht and it sunk.

A few days later he was found by the coast guard, he was found clinging to a buoy.

Looks like these guys are doing some safety drills and grabbing the nearest boy (not bouy).

Grabbing a Boy

March 24th, 2021

Pool Speedo Boner

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My first ever boner, my first time masturbating and my first sexual experience all started like this.  A raging hardon while wearing a pair of speedos and I had to release my cock.

Is this how it all started for you?

Pool Speedo Boner

January 19th, 2021

Ready for Insertion

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How do you guys like to release your cock from your speedo?

I’m an ‘out the leg’ kind of guy.  Of course I have tried pulling it down at the front and tucking the waistband under my balls which can be fun too.

Keen to hear your thoughts…..

This guy is doing it the way I do… darn that looks suckable doesn’t it?

Speedo Cock

Here are some pics of my cock released from my speedos…. (members only).

Dave's Dick

August 6th, 2020

Horny From Typing

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I’m finishing up writing about Dan and Tim and Jesus I am horny!!!

They are coming over this afternoon at 3pm which is making me horny. I want to finish writing about what happened last Friday which is making me horny but I don’t want to jerk off because I want to save it for them.

Things I do for you guys.

Here are some dick pics I just took to prove to you guys how horny I am.

July 3rd, 2020

Out and about in speedos (green speedos)

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It is winter here in Australia and I often joke to some of my friends in the northern hemisphere that an Aussie winter, is better than their summer.  That statement might be a little stretch of the truth but it is pretty close.

All winter I can swim in just a speedo, the mornings can be cool but a normal day will still warm up to 25C or warmed which is perfect.

Yesterday afternoon I saw some evidence of how nice the winters are here… I was walking down to the local corner store to grab some bread and milk, walking along the beach in a pair of dork shirt and t-shirt.  Then I noticed, running towards me were two very fit young guys (college/university age), wearing nothing but tight, tiny little speedos.  One black and one fluro green.

I pretty much got a hard on then and there seeing these two guys jogging and talking and looking so amazing. I managed to get home, stripped down to my black speedos and finished the thoughts I was having about being in the middle of those two guys.

My point to this little blog post… even in winter, guys are running around in speedos.  I took the long way round to get to that point.

The fluro green speedos are pretty rare, I was once given a pair by Corka (an Aussie swimwear brand that looks to have closed down).

Green Speedo Selfie

June 10th, 2020
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