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Complex Speedo Experience

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The darn rain is back here in Austalia…. I did manage to get to the pool yesterday (not sure if I got wetter walking to and from the pool or from being in it).

Raining in Australia

It does mean that I’ll get a bunch of work done this week – whoohooo!!!!  I really do love my job/work and it is life that takes me away from it which is a pain sometimes.

I’ve had a few emails asking about my experience at the National Surf Life Saving Championships a few weeks ago.  I have started writing about it but it is complex so I’m having a little trouble.  Let me explain:

  • A mate of mine and his wife invited me down to the Gold Coast for the Life Saving Champs, their son was competing.
  • Turns out the son goes to my local pool and he and I had an experience in the showers one night – I will repost that tomorrow.
  • Despite doing gay things with me, the son has a girlfriend who was also competing in the Life Saving Champs.
  • Of course, when I met the son I was discrete and didn’t give any indication that we had fooled around.
  • Sunday afternoon, all the competition stuff is finished and I’m invited to a pool party at someone’s place. Lots of people, lots of speedos and some really fit, hot guys. Speedos were completely appropriate so I wore mine.
  • My friend has a bunch of adult kids and their other son is gay and out of the closet.
  • The second son recognizes me (he said my new speedos gave it away).
  • Second son and I do a pub run to get more booze and we fool around and have a quickie (he fucks me then blows me).
  • Then later that night, the ‘straight’ son fucks me.

Those are the main points I feel like I need to cover but when I started writing, I wrote too much about the background and not enough about the action.  So I’ve scrapped it and will try again from the beginning (or maybe I will start in the middle).

Okie dokie, I will get back to it.

I’ve mentioned before that when I sit down and write about my sexual experiences I get super horny.  So horny I will go and take a cold shower or do some paperwork just to settle down.  That is what is happening now and the speedos I am wearing are pictured below.

Interesting enough, I have a hookup who can get me these ADDICTED brand speedos.  Would anyone be interested in a pair?  Something I’ll think about and maybe flesh out a bit more later in the week.

My Addicted Speedo

May 11th, 2022

Beach Day

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Friday here on the Sunshine Coast, and the place is living up to its name, it is sunny.  Not a cloud in the sky.

I was up early this morning and I’m changing my daily routine up.

Usually I would fill my coffee mug and go for a walk for maybe 45 minutes, then drop by the ocean pool and bang out 2kms, then grab a coffee on the way home and start my work day.

Today, I was up early and had a coffee while I worked (in bed for the first hour), then I moved up to the roof because it is a little warmer.  With 4 hours of work done I’m packed up and about to ride my bike a little bit north to a quiet beach and do some more work.  Work on my speedo tan and some paperwork.  I’ll take my Kindle as well and maybe get some reading in.

Nothing naughty planned.  If you’d like to read about one of my more naughty beach experiences, click here.

Warning, it involved me being covered in 5 loads of cum and it all started with two members of this blog asking me exactly where I was going to hang out at the beach.

I will be getting a swim in today…. a late swim.

It was a month ago that I was at the pool late and followed one of the lifeguards and a hot swimmer in to the showers just before closing time.  I wrote about that experience as well, click here to read it.  At the time it was indicated to me that this was a regular thing but since that Friday we’ve had lockdowns and then I was away and it just hasn’t happened but it is on my schedule today.

I’m going to be super horny all day but it will be worth it if these two hot young guys are at the pool.

Hopefully I’ll have some juicy details to share with you guys tomorrow.

By the way: both of those stories are mostly for members only.  It is the financial support (it is $5 to join, that allows me the time to sit down and write about my experiences as well as pay the hosting fees, pay Kip, buy speedo porn movies and keep this blog free of pop up ads and crap like that.  There are over 5,000 readers of this blog daily and 80% of those aren’t members.  It is a shame all the things they are missing out on.  It is only $5.

If you’d like to join but aren’t sure, shoot me an email anytime (  If you are a member, email me anytime as well, I love chatting to members directly and spend an hour or so a day doing just that.

Thanks for your support guys.

Speedo Beach Day

August 27th, 2021

Gay Crush on Uncle Greg

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I think one of the hottest things is an older guy who is discretely (secretly) bi.

When people think of a middle aged guy having an affair it is usually with their female secretary or yoga teacher… but I wonder how often it is with a younger guy at the pool.  Which is what happened with my Married Guy (click here to read how we met).

Here is an experience that one of my new members sent to me.  I’m not 100% sure if it is a true story or fiction but either way it is hot!!!

When I was young, I developed a crush on my father’s friend. They weren’t related but I call him “uncle” because of how frequently he comes by the house to help my dad with stuff. He became somewhat a paternal figure for me. He was a bit younger than my dad but old enough to be my own father.

Now, I’m 25 and he’s about 43 I think. We saw each other again. I have already moved out of our home and live many miles away. He was in the city I was living in for a conference. We passed by each other in a cafe and spoke for a short while.

He was still so good looking but this time he was so grown. His shoulders were broader, his face was more mature, and his hair is flaked with white strands. I couldn’t resist the urge to undress him in my head. We spoke for a few minutes and he was a fun guy to talk to. The last time we saw each other I was leaving for college and was a fairly skinny and short. Now, I’m still nothing compared to his big body but I’ve gained a bit of muscle to look decent and cute.

He was in town for two more days and he asked if I wanted to stop by his hotel to have dinner. I said yes because I couldn’t pass on the opportunity.

I texted my dad that night to tell him I saw Uncle Greg. He gave me an few short update about what has been happening to him recently. Turns out, he and his wife are separated and are living in different homes. Recently, he caught his wife sleeping with another guy.

The night of our dinner. I was surprised to find that he wasn’t in the hotel restaurant. Turns out, he wanted to have dinner in his room. I went up to his room and knocked. He opened the door and I saw him dressed in a nice shirt and pants. We were both casually dressed, nothing too fancy. There was already food on the table and a bottle of wine in a bucket.

We began to eat and I’m telling him stories about what is going on with me recently. I told him about my boyfriend, and he was surprised to find out that I was gay.

He didn’t know I was gay and so did my dad. I forgot for a moment that I was speaking to my uncle, a friend of my dad’s. I asked him not to tell my dad, he said yes. After that he was asking stuff about my gay lifestyle. Not in an offensive way, but with curiosity. He wanted to know if I suck dick, if I take it in the ass, or if I swallow.

He popped open the wine and began pouring me and himself a glass. After a few drinks, we decided to sit on his bed. He didn’t stop with the gay questions until he finally asked if I think he is attractive.

I didn’t know how to answer at first because I didn’t know if he was serious. He began rubbing my thighs and looking into my eyes. “I think you’re handsome,” he said. He then told me the story about how he thinks he’s bi. He had a previous sexual experience with a person he didn’t want to tell me who. Upon further inquiry, I found out it was with my dad. In the nights that he slept over when I was young and they were drinking, it would usually end up with my dad in his knees sucking his cock.

Not going to lie, the idea turned me on a bit. Thinking about my dad sucking his friend’s dick got me so flushed and hard. My uncle could see the outline of my dick in my pants.

“Do you want to suck me off?” He asked. I said yes so he pushed me on the floor and let me unbuckle his belt and pull his jeans down. His dick was thick but not long, but it was enough to render me weak because it looked so good. I kissed the tip and started sucking it. His hands were grabbing the sheets of the hotel bed. He was moaning and feeling so good, I can tell. I give good head.

I started playing with his nipple with my other hand at one point. His hands were brushing my hair and I can feel his eyes looking directly at me sucking his cock.

“You have a boyfriend right?” He asked me and I nodded my head while pumping his dick. “Whose dick is better.” I said his.

He chuckled at my response. He said my dad loved his dick too, even though he was happily married to my mom. “You two are so unfaithful for my dick.” Like father, like son I guess.

A few minutes later, he lifted me up and pushed me down on the bed. “Can I fuck you?”

I hope you are enjoying this… it is about to get hotter
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March 27th, 2021

Multiple Mouthfuls at the Beach

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My beach session yesterday turned out better than I had expected.

It all started with me writing on my blog about working on my speedo tan in the dunes a few weeks ago. I was just packing up to leave that day, and a couple (guy and girl) walked around the corner and we all surprised each other.  I wonder what they were doing sneaking around the dunes.  The three of us all just apologized and went our own ways, but I wish something naughty had happened.  I told my readers that if they wanted the location I’d be happy to share it and I received some emails from some of my members/fans.

There were two guys I emailed with who live near me and asked me to tell them next time I was headed to the beach to work on my speedo tan and maybe they would accidentally stumble across me.

Monday was looking like a cracker of a day so I emailed the two guys and told them where I would be, I also posted the details on my blog.  It is a beach that I haven’t been to before but I had found recommendations for it.  The recommendations were that there are often people sunbaking naked in the dunes or getting up to some fun.

Plan was all set.  I also told the guys (and everyone who reads my blog) that I would be wearing a new pair of Pink AussieBum speedos.  They are bright pink and I haven’t had the confidence to wear them anywhere in public yet but this seemed like an appropriate time to christen them and they should make me stand out.

I had told everyone I would be working on my tan by two o’clock and I arrived at the carpark about an hour earlier.

There were a few people about and it was fun looking at them through my sunglasses trying to figure out if any of them were the guys that would soon be joining me in the dunes. The walk to the beach takes about five minutes down a sandy path and I was wear a pair of black dork shorts (board shorts) that ride a little low on the hips so my pink speedo was visible. I had a towel, a backpack with my laptop and I cracked a can of Rum and Coke (very Aussie thing to do).

On the walk down to the beach I passed a few people who said hello and overall I didn’t get the feeling of a nude/naughty beach at all.  Just normal people.

Once the path ended the directions I looked up online said to follow a lightly used path to the north which runs parallel to the beach and just behind the dunes.  That is what I did.  About fifty meters along this path I stopped and removed my dork shorts.  Now I was wearing a baseball cap and a pair of bright pink speedo and nothing else.

The feeling of dropping ones shorts, to nude or down to a speedo, always gives me a thrill.  Probably why I have such a speedo fetish.

I walked for another five minutes or so along the back of the dunes and the only people I saw was what I assumed to be a gay couple sunbaking nude.  They had their back to me and were tucked in the dunes so they didn’t even see me walk past.

Finding a nice spot I setup my camp. It wasn’t in full view of the path but was a little bit discrete. It was just hidden enough from the beach to be private and when I walked over the dune the beach was just spectacular.  I could see people in the distance but there was absolutely nobody around. I needed to cool off so I walked down and jumped in the water.

After my quick dip I walked back up the beach towards my little spot in the dunes.  Cresting the dune I was surprised to see a guy had laid out a big picnic blanket next to my towel and was lying there on his back. He was wearing a pair of ADIDAS speedos and nothing else.  I took a second to soak in the view, the guy was average build, early to mid twenties, not very suntanned and the tan he had indicated he wore dork shorts instead of speedos usually. His black speedos fit him well but they were stretched from his cock that was erect and training at the lycra.

This must be Luke.

ADIDAS Swim Brief Erection

Luke became a member of my blog about three months ago and we have exchanged emails over that period.  Since pools have reopened here (COVID) Luke has gotten in to swimming for fitness and this has fueled his speedo fetish.  Luke has said that he has always loved speedos and now he is back swimming that fetish has been rekindled and he has hooked up with a guy at the pool which is the first time he has ever done something like that.  Today would be the second time that Luke would do something naughty in a public place.

Walking down the back of the sand dune, Luke saw me, smiled and stood up.

Introducing ourselves we shook hands.  I always find it funny when I meet guys I’m about to hook up with and we shake hands.

Luke commented on my pink speedo saying it sure stands out and he noticed it as he drove in to the carpark and got a glimpse of me walking down the path towards the beach.  I commented on his black speedo and we both looked down at his cock straining to escape it.

I asked Luke if I could touch it, he approved and I reach out rubbing his cock through the silky lycra.  I was sliding my hand from nearly his arsehole, up across his balls then along the full length of his shaft.

My cock was starting to stir and Luke reached out and started stroking my cock just as I was stroking his.

Out of my peripheral vision I saw movement coming from the trail.  Luke and I froze, our first reaction being that we had been caught doing something bad.

On the path looking at Luke and I was an older guy wearing a red speedo, a wide brim Akubra hat (Aussie version of a Stetson) and a towel over his shoulder. This must be Russel.  Another member of my site who had told me he’d love to come and watch some speedo action and he would wear a red speedo so I would know it was him.

Russel said hi and said not to let him interrupt us.

During the emailing back and forth setting up this meeting, Russel had disclosed that he is married, had adult kids and has never really done anything with any guys but his speedo fetish has given him some deep felt urges. I love married straight acting guys that have a gay side.  Russel has said that he would probably just watch and jerk off which is completely fine with me.

While Russel stood there enjoying the view of two guys with their hands on each other cocks, I felt the desire to suck some cock.  I got on my knees in the middle of Luke’s picnic blanket and my eyes were right at the height of the front of his speedo.

Luke pulled the elastic on the leg of his speedo and I put my hand in and pulled out his cock. The tip was glistening with precum and I looked up at Luke as my tongue stretched out and tasted it.

I was just flicking the tip of Luke’s cock with my tongue when I remembered that Russel was watching, he was standing pretty much side on to use about five meters away.  I moved my lips to the base of Luke’s cock on the far side from Russel (so that Luke’s cock was between my mouth and Russel).  Looking at Russel, I started sliding my lips back and forth along the full length of Luke’s cock, playing it like a harmonica.  Russel pulled his cock out the top of his red speedos and was stroking it.

Oral in a Speedo

There are lots of hot speedo porn movies on my site but I don’t think Russel had ever seen something like this in the flesh.

I motioned for him to come closer.  Then I went to town on Luke’s cock, sucking it properly like a real man.

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November 27th, 2020

Horny From Typing

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I’m finishing up writing about Dan and Tim and Jesus I am horny!!!

They are coming over this afternoon at 3pm which is making me horny. I want to finish writing about what happened last Friday which is making me horny but I don’t want to jerk off because I want to save it for them.

Things I do for you guys.

Here are some dick pics I just took to prove to you guys how horny I am.

July 3rd, 2020

Who gives better head – guys or girls?

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I thought this was pretty hot and wanted to share it with you guys – hopefully it will stretch the front of your speedo like I did reading this.

Alex and I have been best friends since first grade living next door to each other with our parents being best friends. We have been more like twin brothers in looks, careers and hobbies with one exception: I’m gay and buddy Alex is straight as a carpenter’s 12-inch ruler. Since turning 18, Alex has bedded dozens of hot chicks especially during our college days; whereas, I’ve had my share of hot dudes dicks and asses.

Alex and I both stand 6-feet; weigh a hard muscled 175 pounds; 28-years-of-age; former varsity high school and college wrestlers; blond curly hair; deep dark blue eyes; 7-inch erect cocks, with big balls and 6-inch thick cock shafts; and we are now civil engineers with the same company.

We share an apartment and spend many nights out on the town at local bars drinking with Alex picking up a hot chick and taking her back to our apartment for a hot fuck while I end up at an apartment of some really hot dude who fucks the hell out of my ass. We have even both had a wild night of sex at our apartment when Alex fucks a chick in his room while some big dude is fucking my experienced ass in my room. It all works out.

Over the years Alex and I have had many friendly arguments over who gives the best head: a dude or a hot chick. The argument goes something like this: “Hey Alex, come on and admit that a dude with a cock who knows how it feels to get his cock sucked can then suck another guy’s big dick knowing how to make him feel–they both have cocks and know the great feel of a mouth on that dick. Just admit it. A female who does not have a dick thus has no idea what the feel is of a dick when it is being sucked.”

“Fuck no Daren, I don’t want any fucking freak dude’s mouth on my cock. Man, that is so weird. Bro, I love you like a brother but shit I’m no gay dude. I’ll leave it to you to suck and get sucked by some horny dude.”

Then the big trick about a month ago when Alex and I decided to attend the sixth anniversary of our college graduation by going to the frat where we had been a member when in college. It was a huge party with many of our former frat brothers in attendance, the present frat brothers and several hot ladies from a couple of sororities on campus.

After a couple of hours of hard drinking, I got together with two of our past frat brothers, Rick and Joe, who like me are gay, and with a wild hair up my ass told them about all the arguments Alex and I have as to guys versus females sucking cock.

These two gay buddies came up with a thrilling plan that I embraced immediately. We had three hot visiting sorority sisters approach Alex and one of the sister’s Gail asked: “Hey Alex, you want to go upstairs to one of the bedrooms and let us suck that big dick until you climax? You can guess which girl gives you the best fucking blowjob.”

As Alex began to develop a big tent in those shorts, he replied: “Fucking hell yea, I want you hot chicks to suck all that cum out of my balls. Man, you are such hot chicks. WOW, this is so hot. Daren buddy, I’ll see you later.”

The girls convinced Alex to put on a blindfold so he could guess which chick was sucking his dick. They then tied his hands to the bed post and had him lay down on the bed on his back ready for hot blowjobs. Gail said: “Ready now for the first hot chick’s mouth and lips?”

“Hell yea, suck my dick you sluts.”

Rick, Joe and I had entered the room as the girls played along. I slowly spread Alex’s sexy smooth legs exposing his huge hard dick to my face. I took hold of that sexy leaking dick at the base and began to kiss, lick and suck hard on that cock head as Alex moaned in pure lust and pleasure. I gripped his balls with one hand as I slowly swallowed his red-hot blood filled cock down to the base. I used my years of cock sucking experience to slowly pull partially of that dick and back down that shaft over and over only leaving his cock head in my wet mouth. I also deep throated that man rod as he moaned. Liz spoke up and said: “Well Alex, how do you like Gail’s sucking techniques? Oh shit, I forgot to let you guess which chick it was.”

“OH MY GOD GAIL, no chick has ever sucked my cock like you. This is the best blowjob I’ve ever had. Don’t stop, you horny slut.”

That caused me to suck that cock faster and faster as Alex bucked his sexy hips and crotch up causing his cock to drive deep into my mouth. Alex moaned and begged me to suck his dick harder which I did fulfilling my dream of years wanting his juicy dick in my mouth.

After several minutes of tasting his precum and the great smell of his body, I let Rick take my place as he began a rough blowjob wildly downing that hard dick while he used two fingers to fuck Alex’s butt. Gail played along by saying: “Alex how do you like Suzie’s sucking that big cock?”

“Oh fuck yea Gail, she is so awesome just like you. Finger my damn ass Suzie. WOW, where have you chicks been all my life. This is the best blowjob ever.”

Bisexual Blindfold

Joe took over from Rick and really went wild down on that big boner sucking cock like I’d never seen before. The long wait had Joe in pure lust for that hard dick. Alex would have come off the bed if not for his wrists being tied to the bed posts. Gail told Alex that Liz was then sucking his cock.”OH Liz that is you now, OH FUCK YOU REALLY KNOW HOW TO GET A DUDE OFF.”

Joe, a pro cock sucker, licked that cock head, ran that tongue up and down that hot cock shaft and finally drove his throat down that throbbing dick until he felt Alex’s cock head swell. Alex yelled: ” Oh shit, I’m going to come” and within a second he shot his load deep in Joe’s mouth. Fuck, I wanted that load down my throat. Joe came off that cum covered cock and I took my turn sucking that cock clean. But I really wanted Alex to drive his aching cock deep in my ass.

Gail said: “Hey Alex, Liz wants you to rest and recover and then let you drive that recovered cock deep in her pussy.”

As Alex lay there for about an hour, Rick, Joe and I went into another room and had a wild cock sucking session. We finally shot our loads on each other’s face, cleaned up and rejoined the girls in the room with Alex who remained tied up but had a renewed hard dick.

Gail said: “Well Alex you seem ready to fuck Liz’s big pussy. She wants to ride that dick like a wild cowgirl. Are you ready?”

“Fuck yea Liz, just mount big daddy’s hard rod for the ride of your life.”

I mounted my buddy as his cock stood at attention ready to go deep in my ass. I soon felt the tip of his big red cock head open my ass and slowly he slid that wet dick deeper and deeper into my man ass. Soon he was bucking hard drilling my gay ass with that hard dick fulfilling my dream of taking his big dick deep inside me. So turned on Alex moaned and grunted and finally said: “Fuck yea Liz, what a great tight pussy you have. I want to shoot my load deep in that pussy.”

After I rode that big dick for another three or so minutes, I felt  that tool expand and wow I felt a rush of warm cum fill my ass. When he was spent, I slowly pulled my ass off that still hard dick and my two buddies sucked his cock clean.

Alex said: “Oh Liz how did you like my big dick up that pussy?”

While Rick and Joe continued to suck his cock, It was time to take off that blindfold. When Alex saw who was sucking his cock and as I put my ass up to his face with his warm cum running out of my ass onto his chest, Alex with a huge shock on his face said: “What in the fuck hell has happened? You fucking chicks tricked me and let these fucking dudes suck my cock and I fucked Daren’s big ass. What in the hell are you doing to me?”

With a huge grin, I said: “Well buddy, now you must admit that guys give better blowjobs than females. You said so while blindfolded that these were the best cock suckers you have ever had. Now admit I was right all along, buddy.”

Still in shock and with all that semen on his chest, Alex said: “Yea, I admit this was the best blowjobs I’ve ever had and Daren you ass was the best feel on my cock ever. Man, that velvet ass taking my cock was awesome. OK I surrender. Does this mean I’m gay?”

Bi Blindfold

June 7th, 2020
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