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Beach Day

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Friday here on the Sunshine Coast, and the place is living up to its name, it is sunny.  Not a cloud in the sky.

I was up early this morning and I’m changing my daily routine up.

Usually I would fill my coffee mug and go for a walk for maybe 45 minutes, then drop by the ocean pool and bang out 2kms, then grab a coffee on the way home and start my work day.

Today, I was up early and had a coffee while I worked (in bed for the first hour), then I moved up to the roof because it is a little warmer.  With 4 hours of work done I’m packed up and about to ride my bike a little bit north to a quiet beach and do some more work.  Work on my speedo tan and some paperwork.  I’ll take my Kindle as well and maybe get some reading in.

Nothing naughty planned.  If you’d like to read about one of my more naughty beach experiences, click here.

Warning, it involved me being covered in 5 loads of cum and it all started with two members of this blog asking me exactly where I was going to hang out at the beach.

I will be getting a swim in today…. a late swim.

It was a month ago that I was at the pool late and followed one of the lifeguards and a hot swimmer in to the showers just before closing time.  I wrote about that experience as well, click here to read it.  At the time it was indicated to me that this was a regular thing but since that Friday we’ve had lockdowns and then I was away and it just hasn’t happened but it is on my schedule today.

I’m going to be super horny all day but it will be worth it if these two hot young guys are at the pool.

Hopefully I’ll have some juicy details to share with you guys tomorrow.

By the way: both of those stories are mostly for members only.  It is the financial support (it is $5 to join, that allows me the time to sit down and write about my experiences as well as pay the hosting fees, pay Kip, buy speedo porn movies and keep this blog free of pop up ads and crap like that.  There are over 5,000 readers of this blog daily and 80% of those aren’t members.  It is a shame all the things they are missing out on.  It is only $5.

If you’d like to join but aren’t sure, shoot me an email anytime (  If you are a member, email me anytime as well, I love chatting to members directly and spend an hour or so a day doing just that.

Thanks for your support guys.

Speedo Beach Day

August 27th, 2021

Late Night

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It is a nice day here and I think I’m going to go to the pool for a quick swim, then down to the beach for a nap.  I’m not that old, I’m just running on a few hours of sleep.

Kip and I were working on some of the payment stuff here yesterday afternoon and 18 hours later it is back working!!!

Keeping things like this site running really does take a lot of time and I suppose that is why not many other people run websites like this one.

Because we were working on things, we disabled joining for the last day but now you are welcome to become a blog member.

Member benefits include:

  • Watching the full Movie of the Week (over 30 minutes)
  • See all of my speedo selfies
  • Read about all of my naughty speedo experiences
  • Email me anytime for a chat (I love chatting with members)
  • Your $5 is supporting keeping this blog running and without popups or crap like that.

When (not if) you decide to join, the payment will come up as ‘Gocah Limited’ on your credit card statement… a nice touch for discretion.

Join NOW!!!


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March 10th, 2021

My Blue Speedo Selfies

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After my post yesterday, sharing a bunch of speedo selfies of guys wearing blue speedos, at first though… I don’t have any blue speedos.  But then I remembered, of course I do, the AussieBum Portseas.

It was the AussieBum Portsea’s that I was wearing during my first threesome.  It was that threesome that was so amazing that I sat down and wrote about it.  From there, I created this blog.  So yeah, I do have blue speedos.

Click here to read that…. and here are some selfies of me wearing those blue AussieBum’s and some others I’ve taken over the years (sorry, members only).

Blue Speedo Selfies

December 9th, 2020

My Orgy Experience

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I really do love the members here and on my site  It is those guys who help me keep things running and it is fun chatting with them because they obviously share my speedo fetish.

Daily I receive lots of emails and I don’t have the time to respond to them all but I have always taken extra time to respond to members and I really enjoy it.

Here is an email I received last night from a new member and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Dave, seriously, it’s been hours and overnight I still am getting incredibly turned on thinking about you being the bottom of the orgy, like I’m 18 again. I don’t know exactly what it is about that story but it has such a huge impact on me. I think it must be you writing it from the bottom perspective and how you were essentially just used and abused mercilessly. The stark contrast of you only wearing a skin tight speedo that needed to be cut apart and the ten guys in suits was also a nice touch.

It’s a shame it hasn’t been repeated, for your sake, and for readers like myself. If I could also find a way to join, I would be there in a heartbeat even from the other end of the world. Having two hot triathlon athletes nearby for sexual adventures must be pleasant. I’m sure when Covid times have died down, you’ll be back at it.

Joining your site has increased my wankbank exponentially, I can’t wait to continue exploring the members section.

My experience of being fucked by 10 men that he refers to is something you can read here.

While it doesn’t happen often because of location, I have had some real life speedo fun with a few members over the years.  One experience I wrote about was when I went surfing (in speedos) with a member up at Birdie Beach.  You can read about that here if you are interested.

If you decide to join, I’d love it of course and drop me an email and say g’day.

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July 1st, 2020

Weekend of Speedo Porn

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How is everyone surviving lock down, or coming out of lock down?

I haven’t spoken much about this because I felt it was a little bit political (I don’t talk politics on here either). I had some friends that were 100% all in on shutting down the world and doing exactly what any politician said. And, I had some friends that thought the rules were stupid, inconsistent and therefore would ignore most of what politician said.

I’m not really going to comment on what I thought but here is a selfie I took at the end of March on a section of the Australian coastline that was closed.  I was probably the only person on that beach for maybe 50kms!!!

It was weird.

There were no footprints on the beach… there is always foot prints on the beach but this beach had none since it had been closed for a month or so (footprint in the foto below are from me not getting my phone to stand up while I tried to take the speedo selfie).

CoVID Beach

I have mentioned to you guys that this Corona stuff has made me busy with looking after people with normal online businesses who needed help and it has been nice to help out.

But don’t worry, I’m still here for you guys.

Here is my tentative line up for the next few days…..

  1. New Movie of the Week.  Staring Hawaii Speedo Student and his first professional porn shoot.  He is wearing AussieBum’s and shows us that it isn’t his first time sucking cock.
  2. Waterfall selfies. I have a collection of pics of guys in speedos around waterfalls and I have a gallery of them.  For members, there will be my own waterfall selfies.
  3. I’m nearly finished writing about my first time with Taz and Rachel. I know this has taken ages but it was really hot and then Taz and I hooked up again which I did write about in detail.  Don’t know who Rachel and Taz are?  Click here for a summary.

I have most of those three posts done I just need to test them but it should be a fun weekend for you guys consuming speedo porn.

And if you are thinking of becoming a member please do.  Site looks just the same except you don’t have to read these kind of sales pitches, the movies are 25 minutes long (instead of 3 minutes) and you get to read the cummy finale of my sexual experiences instead of being cut off just as it is getting hot. And if you are a member, I love receiving and replying to your emails which I don’t usually get to with general fan mail.

You can join by credit card or Paypal.  Nothing naughty, gay or porn related comes up on your credit card, it comes up as Focal Trade Limited (I picked something very plain and boring).  And, it is only $5.  Click here, you can join right now.

June 12th, 2020

Blog Design Work

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Over the last month or so I haven’t been as excited about blogging, not a big deal, just a weird mood I suppose.

I do love it and want to get back in to it so the rest of the week Kip and I are going to dedicate some serious time to some updates.  I’m not 100% happy with the layout, which also got screwed up a little bit with a recent update, I want the members area to be a little easier to navigate with all the galleries, particularly the selfie galleries submitted by fans and my own selfies and make some of the member stuff just a little smoother.

Don’t worry, everything is still running smoothly and if you are thinking of joining, it might be a good time because I might be changing the price points.

Of course, is running at 100% and I really enjoy the site myself.  When I want to watch speedo porn, or if I want to put some speedo porn when fuck buddies are coming over I log in to  I designed the site to be something that I like to use and it is pretty smick.

Keep me posted on how you find the updates to the blog and if something is offline for a few hours, swing by – today’s Speedo Photo of the Day is something that you should not have missed.

Speedo Photo of the Day Courtesy of

July 25th, 2019
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