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Hot Swimmers

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There are two swimming options near where I live here on the Sunshine Coast.

  1. The ocean pool: it is pretty amazing but it gets rough and can be cold and windy when the weather isn’t great. It also gets busy during the day particularly on weekends and school holidays. I usually swim here on nice days and earlier in the morning.
  2. The local aquatic center: it is a big busy public pool complex that I have used a bit this winter as it is heated. This pool is busy in the mornings and afternoons in to evenings when there are swimming squads of all ages (kids to masters).  I go here during the day when it is quiet or on Friday nights (like when I got blown by one of the lifeguards in the showers after everyone had left – click here to read about that).

This morning I was out doing chores and was driving past the aquatic center so I dropped in for a swim.  It was a little bit earlier than I usually swim and some of the swimming squads were just finishing up.

I kind of just chilled out and checked some things on my phone while I was waiting for the masters swimming squad to finish up and as they got out of the pool there were some darn hot looking guys.  Was a mix between guys in their mid 20’s and then guys in their mid 40’s.  I’ve found a lot of the time those groups are full of guys training for triathlons and events like that.

Most of the guys were wearing speedos, two of them were wearing jammers which is great to see.

There was one very hot young guy who was wearing a pair of red AussieBum speedos.  He caught my eye for a brief moment…. was it just random or did he notice the black AussieBum speedos I was wearing?

That has gotten me horny for the day…..

Some more fit swimmers for you guys to enjoy.

September 9th, 2021

Happy Australia Day

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Happy Australia Day everyone.

For my international fans/members, Australia Day marks the anniversary of the First Fleet (of convicts) landing near Sydney in 1788.

The last few years I have celebrated Australia Day in Colorado with Kip (who works for me) on snowboarding trips and Australia Day is always HUGE and AWESOME in ski towns.  Everyone wants to be an Aussie and being an Aussie is great fun.  Kip would often host his annual ‘Speedo Only’ party on January 26th in spirit of the day.

This year us Aussie’s are going back to our roots and are effectively convicts again as we are not allowed to leave Australia without permission, one of the Covid laws that are keeping us safe.  So I’m not in Colorado snowboarding and teaching American guys that wearing speedos is just fine.

As soon as I am given permission, I will be in Colorado where I think they do Australia Day better, here it has become a day of protest and all that politically correct BS.

Grrr – sorry for the rant guys.  Just a great public holiday that some people are trying to ruin.

On a positive note, I am just about to head down to the beach to hang out with some mates.  I have sunscreen, beer and my Aussie flag dork shorts.  Surprisingly I don’t have any Aussie speedos in my collection right now (last pair I gave away at Kip’s Speedo Only Party).  I am wearing my pink AussieBum’s under my dork shorts though.  Maybe, just maybe, they will be shown off later today after some beer confidence.

Australia Day Speedos


January 26th, 2021

My Blue Speedo Selfies

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After my post yesterday, sharing a bunch of speedo selfies of guys wearing blue speedos, at first though… I don’t have any blue speedos.  But then I remembered, of course I do, the AussieBum Portseas.

It was the AussieBum Portsea’s that I was wearing during my first threesome.  It was that threesome that was so amazing that I sat down and wrote about it.  From there, I created this blog.  So yeah, I do have blue speedos.

Click here to read that…. and here are some selfies of me wearing those blue AussieBum’s and some others I’ve taken over the years (sorry, members only).

Blue Speedo Selfies

December 9th, 2020

Busted in the Dunes

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Yesterday I was a little bit hungover, first time in ages for me.  I’ve been super busy, exercising a bunch and I don’t have many friends here on the Sunshine Coast so I haven’t been partying too much.

Monday evening I was just working and then talking to some friends online and all of a sudden it was midnight, I hadn’t eaten dinner and I realized that I was a bit tipsy.  So I went to bed.  Tuesday morning I was a little bit dusty, I’m sure not eating dinner didn’t help.

I had to go down to Brisbane to see some people in the afternoon so on my way down I thought I’d explore a beach which has a bit of a reputation for being a nude hang out.  If you are a member and want to know the location, shoot me an email and I will share it with you.

On the drive down I grabbed some greasy Macca’s (that is McDonald’s for my International readers), I had a 2 ltr bottle of water and found a nice quiet spot in the dunes.

I stripped down to my new red AussieBum speedo and willed my headache to go away.

The greasy burger and water were helping and after a couple of hours I was starting to feel a little bit better and I felt like I had soaked up enough sun so was thinking it was time to leave.  Just as I was thinking this, I heard someone, really close.

I was on my back and I sat up to see a young couple standing like ten meters away.

They were probably late 20’s, she was wearing a black bikini, he was shirtless wearing dork shorts and they had their towels in their hands.

All three of us were like kangaroos in headlights.  We all started apologizing and I muttered that I was just about to leave so they could have some privacy.  The guy said it was OK, it was a big beach and they would find a spot a little further south.

What do you think they were doing in the dunes?

Walking away the chick had a g-string bottom on her bikini which looked amazing (they seem to be common here in Australia now) and she did look over her shoulder and give me a smile (just like this photo, but black bikini).

White Wicked Weasel Bikini

I didn’t think it was quite enough of a hint to be an invitation to join them, and I thought it would be weird if I followed their footsteps… what do you guys think?

On my way back to the car I just wore my red speedo, the beach was completely empty and it felt amazingly free.  I took a quick selfie for you guys too.

Red Speedo Selfie

November 11th, 2020

Maroon Speedos

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It has been a while since I bought any AussieBum’s.

I’ve never been a devoted fan of AussieBum’s for a couple of reasons… firstly, their fit is just a little bit off for me. Not sure what it is; sometimes the butt on them seems to small, then sometimes they are too tight in the front and being nylon (instead of lycra) they aren’t stretchy so if they don’t fit perfect, they don’t fit.

Saying that, one of my favourite speedos of all time are the AussieBum Portsea’s which I was wearing during my first threesome and have had many more experiences in them since (it was that threesome that caused me to start this blog and you can read it here).

But, I have been looking for a Maroon speedo and last time AussieBum had a sale I bought a single pair of their classic nylon speedos.  They are a little bit tight, not sure if their sizing is getting smaller or if this lockdown stuff is making me fatter but I’m going to get them out this week on Wednesday and I will add some pics to my selfie collection.  Check back on Thursday and I’ll share some with you guys.

You are welcome to see all my speedo selfies in the links below.

AussieBum Speedos Maroon

May 31st, 2020

Hot AussieBum Guy

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How is everyone’s weekend going?

Not a lot happening here, bit grey today (Sunday) although I did get up early for a surf with the boys.

This afternoon I’m working on finishing writing up about what Paul the Politician and I got up to.  I should have it for you guys (you members) mid next week.  I’ve also chosen a great movie for Movie of the Week which I’ll publish mid next week I reckon.

While I’ve been working on writing about my time in Canberra with Paul the Politician, I have been incredibly horny (as you can expect).  I turned on Grindr and found this guy whose profile photo is him wearing an AussieBum speedo looking like an AussieBum model.  Darn the guy is hot!!!

We’ve exchanged a few messages this afternoon and we might be able to hookup on Tuesday.  The weather forecast is for a pearler on Tuesday so meeting up in the dunes with an incredibly hot guy wearing AussieBums could be fun.

Here is the pic of him…..

Grindr Speedo Guy

September 23rd, 2019
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