Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day everyone.

For my international fans/members, Australia Day marks the anniversary of the First Fleet (of convicts) landing near Sydney in 1788.

The last few years I have celebrated Australia Day in Colorado with Kip (who works for me) on snowboarding trips and Australia Day is always HUGE and AWESOME in ski towns.  Everyone wants to be an Aussie and being an Aussie is great fun.  Kip would often host his annual ‘Speedo Only’ party on January 26th in spirit of the day.

This year us Aussie’s are going back to our roots and are effectively convicts again as we are not allowed to leave Australia without permission, one of the Covid laws that are keeping us safe.  So I’m not in Colorado snowboarding and teaching American guys that wearing speedos is just fine.

As soon as I am given permission, I will be in Colorado where I think they do Australia Day better, here it has become a day of protest and all that politically correct BS.

Grrr – sorry for the rant guys.  Just a great public holiday that some people are trying to ruin.

On a positive note, I am just about to head down to the beach to hang out with some mates.  I have sunscreen, beer and my Aussie flag dork shorts.  Surprisingly I don’t have any Aussie speedos in my collection right now (last pair I gave away at Kip’s Speedo Only Party).  I am wearing my pink AussieBum’s under my dork shorts though.  Maybe, just maybe, they will be shown off later today after some beer confidence.

Australia Day Speedos


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