Hot Swimmers

There are two swimming options near where I live here on the Sunshine Coast.

  1. The ocean pool: it is pretty amazing but it gets rough and can be cold and windy when the weather isn’t great. It also gets busy during the day particularly on weekends and school holidays. I usually swim here on nice days and earlier in the morning.
  2. The local aquatic center: it is a big busy public pool complex that I have used a bit this winter as it is heated. This pool is busy in the mornings and afternoons in to evenings when there are swimming squads of all ages (kids to masters).  I go here during the day when it is quiet or on Friday nights (like when I got blown by one of the lifeguards in the showers after everyone had left – click here to read about that).

This morning I was out doing chores and was driving past the aquatic center so I dropped in for a swim.  It was a little bit earlier than I usually swim and some of the swimming squads were just finishing up.

I kind of just chilled out and checked some things on my phone while I was waiting for the masters swimming squad to finish up and as they got out of the pool there were some darn hot looking guys.  Was a mix between guys in their mid 20’s and then guys in their mid 40’s.  I’ve found a lot of the time those groups are full of guys training for triathlons and events like that.

Most of the guys were wearing speedos, two of them were wearing jammers which is great to see.

There was one very hot young guy who was wearing a pair of red AussieBum speedos.  He caught my eye for a brief moment…. was it just random or did he notice the black AussieBum speedos I was wearing?

That has gotten me horny for the day…..

Some more fit swimmers for you guys to enjoy.

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