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Suns Out, Speedos are On

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For the last couple of weeks we have had a soaking rain here, this morning I woke up, looked out the window to see blue sky and not a single cloud.

This got me excited, I jumped out of bed, coffee pot on, speedos on, shorts on, quick email check and check the server logs to make sure everything is running nice and smooth, then I was out the door.

Just went for a little walk along my beach and had a swim.  The place had an upbeat, positive vibe now that the sun is out again.  The ocean water is a little dirty because of the rain but it was still nice.  These two weeks might be the longest time I have not been in the ocean for years.

Back in the office now, finishing up some work that I had to get finished and then I am going to grab my laptop, maybe an adult beverage and head down and spend some more time on the beach.

Anyone want to join me?

Red Speedo HandstandRed SpeedoRed Speedo Bum


March 28th, 2024

Speedo Beach Cuties

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Over the last couple of week I have shared some pretty amazing experiences that I have had recently.

I do have to admit though…. it isn’t always speedos and blowjob in public places.

Bit of grey weather about, has been super windy as well, so I have been stuck in the office a bit the last week.  The pool I swim at is out of the wind so I have been at the pool every day though.

Fingers crossed for some good weather at some point, so I can get the beach like these guys.

Beach BoysTanning in Black SpeedosSpeedo Beach Boy

March 14th, 2024

Green Speedos

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I have never owned a pair of green speedos.  Kind of odd but I suppose black, blue and red are a lot more common.

With that in mind, I was topping up my collection of ‘swimming’ speedos (ie speedos that I can wear in public to the public pool) and thought I would try a pair of green speedos.

Now I have them in green, blue and black (I actually ruined my first pair of black ones of these cutting out the lining and I ‘slipped’ which was a bummer).

New Green Speedos

Yesterday was a gorgeous, early winters, day here so I headed to one of my secret quiet beach spots for the morning.  The purpose was to test out my new green speedos. 

Full gallery for members, I need to be a little bit discrete.

My Green Speedos


Here are some guys showing off their green speedos as well, I’m going to use these hot speedos guys as motivation, I will be at the pool today (in my new green speedos).

May 5th, 2023

Non Speedo Wearers

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Sunday here in Australia and I just got back from a walk along the beach.  It really is a spectacular day and the beach is the busiest I’ve seen it since last summer (yes, it is winter here in Australia).

The thong bikini bottoms for chicks seems to be a fad that is going to continue (yipppeee) and I did see some chicks bums.  There was a bigger group of people (maybe a dozen) who were hanging out.  All between 25yo and 35yo I’m guessing and I noticed some g-string bikinis being worn.  As I was discretely checking them out, I also noticed at least half of the guys were wearing speedos.

From their boardshort tan lines, these guys don’t look like regular speedo wearers but they were getting in the spirit of being at the beach and stripping down.

I hope straight guys (all guys) wearing speedos is an increasing trend this coming summer.

Amateur Speedo Guys

August 29th, 2021

Beach Day

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Friday here on the Sunshine Coast, and the place is living up to its name, it is sunny.  Not a cloud in the sky.

I was up early this morning and I’m changing my daily routine up.

Usually I would fill my coffee mug and go for a walk for maybe 45 minutes, then drop by the ocean pool and bang out 2kms, then grab a coffee on the way home and start my work day.

Today, I was up early and had a coffee while I worked (in bed for the first hour), then I moved up to the roof because it is a little warmer.  With 4 hours of work done I’m packed up and about to ride my bike a little bit north to a quiet beach and do some more work.  Work on my speedo tan and some paperwork.  I’ll take my Kindle as well and maybe get some reading in.

Nothing naughty planned.  If you’d like to read about one of my more naughty beach experiences, click here.

Warning, it involved me being covered in 5 loads of cum and it all started with two members of this blog asking me exactly where I was going to hang out at the beach.

I will be getting a swim in today…. a late swim.

It was a month ago that I was at the pool late and followed one of the lifeguards and a hot swimmer in to the showers just before closing time.  I wrote about that experience as well, click here to read it.  At the time it was indicated to me that this was a regular thing but since that Friday we’ve had lockdowns and then I was away and it just hasn’t happened but it is on my schedule today.

I’m going to be super horny all day but it will be worth it if these two hot young guys are at the pool.

Hopefully I’ll have some juicy details to share with you guys tomorrow.

By the way: both of those stories are mostly for members only.  It is the financial support (it is $5 to join, that allows me the time to sit down and write about my experiences as well as pay the hosting fees, pay Kip, buy speedo porn movies and keep this blog free of pop up ads and crap like that.  There are over 5,000 readers of this blog daily and 80% of those aren’t members.  It is a shame all the things they are missing out on.  It is only $5.

If you’d like to join but aren’t sure, shoot me an email anytime (  If you are a member, email me anytime as well, I love chatting to members directly and spend an hour or so a day doing just that.

Thanks for your support guys.

Speedo Beach Day

August 27th, 2021

Beautiful Beach Days

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Friday afternoon here in Australia and I am back in the office (I work from home) and ready for a big few days catching up. It is all my own fault for spending a bit too much time at the beach the last two days.

I wore my new blue speedos (if you are a member drop me an email if you are interested in what brand and where to buy them).

Thursday was beautiful and I drove up the coast about 45 minutes to a beach that is generally pretty quiet.  I found an amazing spot and had it all to myself.  I think one old lady walked past later in the day and that was it!!!

Today, I thought I had arranged for a couple of guys to join me.

I wanted to show off my new speedos and was going to share my quiet little beach spot but both guys were all of a sudden not online this morning and only messaged me late in the day with some pathetic excuse.  It is a pain and I’d prefer it if they messaged me early saying they had chickened out of if something had actually come up but it isn’t the first time any of us have had it happen I’m sure.

Despite the lack of company, I had an amazing couple of days.

And now, this weekend I’m going to be working by butt off catching up on things.

Here are some more selfies of mine from the beach (I was hoping someone else could have taken some photos).  Sorry if you aren’t a member and can’t see the photos.  This is why I created the members area, so that I could share more of my speedo selfies.  I want to share them, but I don’t really want them to be 100% public since I am not out to my family and most of my friends and the Evil Speedo Corporation has tried to sue me in the past so don’t really want them knowing exactly what beach I hang out.

I love how my butt looks in these new speedos!!!

February 5th, 2021
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