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Speedo Beach Cuties

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Over the last couple of week I have shared some pretty amazing experiences that I have had recently.

I do have to admit though…. it isn’t always speedos and blowjob in public places.

Bit of grey weather about, has been super windy as well, so I have been stuck in the office a bit the last week.  The pool I swim at is out of the wind so I have been at the pool every day though.

Fingers crossed for some good weather at some point, so I can get the beach like these guys.

Beach BoysTanning in Black SpeedosSpeedo Beach Boy

March 14th, 2024

Guess who is working on their tan?

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Weather here on the coast is pretty miserable…. the beach is disappearing as well with lots of coastal erosion.

So if you guessed that I am working on my speedo than you would be very wrong.

However, just because I’m stuck in the office making more speedo porn available for you guys, doesn’t mean everyone is.

Can you guys guess who this is?

Speedo SunbakingSunbaking in Speedos

July 17th, 2020

Speedo Tanning

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This is how I want to spend my day…. topping up my speedo tan.  Will the London weather co-operate?

I didn’t go to the pool this morning, I assumed it would be too busy.  I was surprised yesterday that the sun was on the pool so this London swimming might actually top up my speedo tan which I didn’t expect.

There is a little courtyard here, I’m not sure if it gets any sun but I might go hang out in my speedos.  I turned it on but haven’t had a chance to play with Grindr here, maybe I’ll play with it while hanging out in my speedo in the garden……

Speedo Tanning

September 1st, 2018

Smaller Speedo Tan

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Today I’m going to have a break from talking about the Married Guy, if you want to read more, you can jump over to

Kip has just gotten back from California, I mentioned it to you guys here a month or so ago, he was out there for a wedding and had a bit of a road trip.  We were talking this morning on Skype.  Normally we just text, we can both type faster than we can talk and generally we do talk every day even if it isn’t ‘work’ related.  Today Kip video called me because he wanted to show off his speedo tan from his trip out to California.

He said the water was cool but swimable, he was in Santa Barbara.  But the real work on his speedo tan was done hanging out at the pool while his hosts were at work.

Kip has survived a long winter in Colorado and he is stoked to get his speedo tan working.

Rear Access SpeedoSpeedo Too Small for Speedo Tanlines

June 18th, 2017

Alex getting Anal

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How has your weekend been guys?

Last nights rugby was horrible unlike last weekend and my heads feels great, unlike last weekend.

This morning (Sunday) I woke up with Surfer Chick in my bed.  We haven’t seen much of each other lately and we haven’t worked on her anal skills at all since I play with the butt plug.

Alex on the other hand texted me this morning, while I was in bed with Surfer Chick, asking if I’d be so kind as to fuck him this afternoon.  Since Surfer Chick serviced me this morning, Alex is going to get one hell of a pounding this afternoon.  I’m not sure he is up for it.  Anytime Alex has been fucked I’ve been super horny and it hasn’t been a whole lot of strokes.  If it is my 3rd load of the day, he is going to be fucked for a long time.

Do you think he is up for it?

Bum in SpeedoButt in SpeedoSpeedo Tan Mark

Alex hasn’t been at the pool much over winter so his speedo tan is fading, this is pretty much what it looked like in late summer though.  Isn’t that arse just fuckable?

Amazing Speedo Tan

August 15th, 2015

My Speedo Tan

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I can’t believe it has only been 6 weeks since I got back but I am enjoying and trying to make the most of being outside and enjoying the sunshine.

My speedo tan is really taking shape and Tim commented on it last week.  My front side needs some work but my backside it looking great which is probably because of my lap swimming.

If I picked up a guy with the tan like the pic below….. I would know immediately that I’d met a guy that I’d get along with.

GString Tan Lines

March 12th, 2014
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