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My Speedo Tan is Fading

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Another week has gone by and while we had a couple of warm/hot days (32C/90F) the weather has been miserable still.  Definitely not an Aussie summer.  Fingers crossed it changes.

I feel like my speedo tan is fading, I have been getting back to the pool after the whole Xmas/New Years period but it has been cloudy and I’ve had pretty much zero beach time since December which feels like an age ago.  Gotta get my speedo tan back.

For me, I find a guy in a speedo even hotter than a guy who is naked.  Is that weird?

Then, if a guy is naked, I find it was sexier if he has a speedo tan.

I suppose that is why I run this blog and

Here are some naked guys who have great speedo tans…..

Cummy Speedo TanNice Speedo Tan

One of my online friends headed north of where I live up to the Great Barrier Reef this past weeend and he was lucky enough to get some speedo tanning time in.

Speedo Tanning

And here is me, working, and working on my speedo tan a few months ago….

Me Working on my Speedo Tan

February 7th, 2022

Canadian with a speedo tan

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I wonder if this photo is a fake…. how many Canadians do you think have speedo tans?

I’d like to meet this Canadian!!!

Canadian Speedo Tanlines

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April 30th, 2020

Where do porn stars tan?

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I love how when watching gay porn (c’mon, I have to do it for my job) the number of guys who have speedo tan lines.

It turns me on thinking about these studs hanging out in their speedos.

Yesterday I went up a little north of here and was hanging out in my speedo. There were a couple of weird old guys about but they were innocent enough.  But I was wondering, how come when I’m at the beach there are no other younger guys working on their speedo tans? These gay porn stars are so where are they doing it?

Just imagine coming across some gay porn star working on his tan at the beach… just imagine.

Putting photos to my thoughts… check out this guys speedo tan.  Sensational!!!

April 24th, 2020

Speedo Tanning

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This is how I want to spend my day…. topping up my speedo tan.  Will the London weather co-operate?

I didn’t go to the pool this morning, I assumed it would be too busy.  I was surprised yesterday that the sun was on the pool so this London swimming might actually top up my speedo tan which I didn’t expect.

There is a little courtyard here, I’m not sure if it gets any sun but I might go hang out in my speedos.  I turned it on but haven’t had a chance to play with Grindr here, maybe I’ll play with it while hanging out in my speedo in the garden……

Speedo Tanning

September 1st, 2018

Merry Xmas Guys

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Well I’m 2 days late on my Xmas Day post.

I’m really sorry for not posting as much over the last couple of months, my new years resolution is to be posting more.  Just been busy and members will know that I haven’t been neglecting adding more and more movies.

So how was your Xmas?  I ended up driving up to Queensland to have a family Xmas which kinda sucked…. the drive up there sucked and tomorrow I’m driving back.  If it was any other time of year I’d much prefer to take a couple of days driving back and explore some of the really cool little coastal towns but being school holidays it is a zoo and if any accommodation isn’t booked out, I can’t imagine how expensive it will be.

Today family are going on a road trip to Binna Burra, just for a drive and I do have some work to catch up on so I have the house to myself and I’m sitting here with my laptop and the cricket is on.  What I am going to work on today is writing down the story of how 18yo Tom worked up to his first fucking.

It is a good thing I’m here alone.

OK guys, I’ll get back to it.  I’ll have something to share tomorrow.

Check out these cuties both working on their speedo tans, if they need a closer inspection I’m happy to help of course.

Couple Selfie

December 26th, 2016

Speedo Tan

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I noticed this morning that my speedo tan is starting to take shape!!!

Probably more from lap swimming in an outdoor pool than necessarily sunbaking but it is pretty awesome considering I had ZERO speedo tan at the beginning of the month.

I think my arse looks better with the tan lines as well.

Speedo Tan

February 26th, 2014
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